Chapter 542: World Transformation

    Chapter 542: World Transformation

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    Over at the Heavenly Courts, the time it took from the detection of the Great Chang world's commotion to the informing of the Jade Emperor and his subsequent orders of sending Heavenly troops down to the lower realm... ran a little slow.

    Meanwhile, in the Great Chang world.

    Boundless stellar light descended across it.

    Qin Yun stood high above Grand Dominance City. He had also recognized Fiend Supremacy Black Wing who was famous throughout the Three Realms. He could not help but frown as he said via voice transmission, "Senior Brother Zhang, the six fiends that came are led by Fiend Supremacy Black Wing. The array formations they have set up are even more formidable. Quickly seek reinforcements from Green Touring Palace. I will do my best to restrain them."

    "Leave the matter of requesting backup from Green Touring Palace to me," answered Ancestral Master Zhang immediately. His second Essence Soul was constantly situated in Green Touring Palace, so he was naturally most suited to call for backup.

    Qin Yun had already condensed 360 Stellar Flying Swords around him.


    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    The 360 Stellar Flying Swords split into five different directions, with seventy-two flying swords sent in each direction to assault each of the five half-step Ancestral Fiends.

    However, all five of them were rather far from Qin Yun. Even the nearest one was three thousand kilometers away. His flying swords, fast as they were, would still take quite some time!


    The Great Chang world's Heavenly Dao fully exerted its fury on these fiends.


    As bolts of lightning smote down, they would naturally dissipate when they came about ten feet away from Black Wing. They completely failed to touch his body.

    Standing on a mountaintop, Black Wing frowned slightly. "This Small World's Heavenly Dao completely discriminates against us. It prevents us from even stirring a sliver of the Heaven and Earth might! Not only are we unable to use it, it even fully suppresses us. It has reduced my strength by 20%. The Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm represses me further, causing my strength to drop another 10%... As for those five half-step Ancestral Fiends, those that are mostly good at array formations and Dharma spells have had even more obvious decreases in strength."

    When experts traded blows, they usually did so using the Heaven and Earth might!

    Even when fighting in melee combat, they would also use some of the Heaven and Earth might. As for array formations and Dharma spells... most of them relied on the Heaven and Earth might! For instance, casting Dharma spells in places devoid of Heaven and Earth spiritual energies would not produce much strength at all. They could only be maintained with one's internal Dharmic powers. Black Wing and company were experiencing something worse. Not only were they unable to use it, they were even repressed. Every portion of Dharmic powers they expended meant one portion less for them. They could only use pills to replenish their Dharmic powers.

    The entire Small World's Heavenly Dao was suppressing them at full force.

    Black Wing cultivated his body, so the effect on his strength was trivial.

    "Fiend King Xiao, I'll first stall him. You are to open a world passageway and try to convert this world as quickly as possible," said Black Wing via a long-distance karmic voice transmission.

    "Leave it to me," replied Fiend King Xiao.

    "Alright." Black Wing immediately spread a pair of black wings as he flapped them.


    A black shadow phased away as he flew in the direction of Grand Dominance City.

    "So fast!"

    Qin Yun saw this scene clearly though the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm. "Despite being suppressed by the Heaven and Earth, as well as the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, his strength has only been reduced by 30%. His speed is still that terrifying? He's faster than my Stellar Flying Swords."

    The 360 Stellar Flying Swords could travel 7500 kilometers in seconds!

    But as for Black Wing, he could travel 9000 kilometers in the same amount of time! This was with his strength impaired, or he could travel 10,000 kilometers in the same amount of time.

    Flying speed... was something that became increasingly harder to improve the faster it was.

    Under ordinary circumstances, Dharma treasures were faster. For a body to be faster than Stellar Flying Swords? It was obvious how terrifying he was. When it came to flying speed, Black Wing was definitely heads and shoulders above ordinary Golden Immortals and Buddhas.

    "I'm much slower than him even if I engage in Sword Kinesis Flight." Qin Yun's expression changed drastically as he looked far into the distance at Fiend King Xiao. "He is opening up a world passageway?"


    Fiend King Xiao was dressed in gray robes as he stood above a city. He powered the world passageway array formation beneath the city with his surging Dharmic powers. It was an array formation refined personally by an Ancestral Fiend. It reached the limits of what a small-sized world could withstand. It allowed third firmament Skyfiends to pass through at most.


    Immediately, a black spatial vortex that linked to a passageway formed.

    "Descend, Fiendish Heavenly Dao!" Just the mere conjuring of Fiend King Xiao's Dharmic powers was enough to allow a Fiendish Dao world's Heavenly Dao to enter the tunnel.

    Through the world passageway, another Heavenly Dao from another Fiendish Dao world seeped into the Great Chang world, only to be resisted by its Heavenly Dao.

    The Heavenly Dao of both Small Worlds began clashing.


    Through the large world passageway, the Fiendish Heavenly Dao flowed in at full strength. As the external Heavenly Dao barely entered fifty kilometers of the Great Chang world, it darkened every spot within that fifty kilometers as copious amounts of fiendish auras enveloped the area.

    "The infiltration of Fiendish Heavenly Dao?" Qin Yun's expression changed drastically. "Go!"

    He shot out his most important Intrinsic Flying Sword from his side.


    The Misty Rain Sword went straight for Fiend King Xiao.

    And Black Wing, who was rushing towards him, was astonished. "What a fast flying sword. It's faster than me. Could that flying sword be a Connate Numinous treasure?"

    The Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure, Misty Rain Sword, was naturally not too fast if Qin Yun engaged Sword Kinesis Flight with it. It was only equivalent to ordinary mighty figures, but if the sword flew alone... its speed would be much faster. It could fly 15,000 kilometers in seconds!

    "Fiend King Xiao, be careful. Qin Yun's flying sword is probably a Connate Numinous treasure." Black Wing sent a karmic voice transmission. Meanwhile, he flew frantically towards Grand Dominance City.


    "His flying sword is a Connate Numinous treasure?" Fiend King Xiao spied from afar and he also saw the terrifying stream of light heading for him. It was astoundingly fast. "He's only an Essence Soul sword immortal. Even if it's a Connate Numinous treasure, how much of its power can he deliver?"

    Fiend King Xiao looked down. "This world will ultimately become a world for the Fiendish Dao."


    He smiled as he struck downwards with his palm. Whoosh-

    A palm phantom tens of kilometers in size appeared above the city. Following that, he pressed it down beneath him, appalling the numerous people in the city. But with a bam-

    Countless buildings in the city below were reduced to dust as all the humans and livestock were obliterated. A huge palm tens of kilometers wide was left imprinted on the land.

    The death of numerous beings would return vital energy back to the Heaven and Earth.

    However... it returned to the Fiendish Heavenly Dao which was encompassing the region. After absorbing this energy, the Fiendish Heavenly Dao managed to encroach upon even more of the Great Chang world. It began expanding out to 150 kilometers.

    "Fiend King Xiao, you are courting death!" An angry bellow resounded throughout the world.

    Qin Yun had seen everything clearly through his Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm.

    However, he was unable to stop a half-step Ancestral Fiend with just stellar forces.

    Among the five half-step Ancestral Fiends... the most famous one was Fiend King Xiao.

    "Hahaha, courting death? As a Fiend King of the sea of blood lineage, it takes more than just anyone to kill me." Fiend King Xiao scoffed in contempt.

    Fiend King Xiao was the most special one among the five half-step Ancestral Fiends because he was a Fiend King of the sea of blood lineage. He was also specially chosen by Patriarch Bojia to transform the world. The transformation of worlds usually went very slowly and was time-consuming. As a sea of blood lineage expert who was unafraid of committing sins, he was a lot faster.

    The spirit-devouring lineage and sea of blood lineage were known as fiends among fiends.

    The spirit-devouring lineage had the most terrifying 'jaws.' The half-step Ancestral Fiends of this lineage could even devour Connate Numinous treasures. Their frontal strength was extremely powerful.

    The sea of blood lineage's frontal strength was considered ordinary, but they were known as virtually unkillable.

    Therefore, it was relatively risk-free for Fiend Kings from the sea of blood lineage to take action.

    "Fiend King Xiao."

    Standing above Grand Dominance City, Qin Yun's eyes turned red.

    Although he knew that Black Wing had led five subordinates and that many of the array formations were mysterious and terrifying, making it a tremendous catastrophe for the Great Chang world, to witness Fiend King Xiao obliterate a city of his fellow men was intolerably infuriating for Qin Yun.

    He controlled his Misty Rain Sword with all his strength as it went straight for Fiend King Xiao.

    "You came?" Fiend King Xiao shot a glance over.


    To cover 15,000 kilometers in seconds, the Misty Rain Sword appeared across the horizon as a dazzling stream of light.

    Just after it appeared at the horizon, it appeared right in front of him!

    It was extremely fast!

    "That's pretty fast, but what use is speed alone?" Fiend King Xiao thought nothing of it. "What can a mere half-step Golden Immortal do to me?"
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