Chapter 543: Qin Yuns Sixth Sword Move

    Chapter 543: Qin Yun's Sixth Sword Move

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    Black Wing flapped his wings as he tore through the sky, moving at a speed much faster than any Dharma treasure of half-step Golden Immortals. Ordinary Skyfiends would even fail to make out his location.

    He was constantly watching Fiend King Xiao. "Now that the Fiendish Heavenly Dao has infiltrated, Fiend King Xiao is enveloped by it. He is no longer met with the suppression by the Heaven and Earth powers and will be able to deliver his usual strength. Even if he's no match for Qin Yun, it should be easy for him to stay alive."


    Five thousand kilometers away, Xiao was equally confident facing Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword as well. With a wave of his hand, twelve blood-colored curved blades flew out. Each of them seemed like a blood-colored crescent as they flew through the air with a disenchanted beauty. They mystically flew towards the Misty Rain Sword in a concerted effort to intercept it.

    "Kill." As he hovered above Grand Dominance City, Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword remotely.

    The Misty Rain Sword flashed through the blades.

    The void warped as faint illusions formed.

    Amid the illusions, a wisp of misty rain tore through the blockade formed by the twelve blood-colored crescents. It stabbed into Xiao's chest, causing him to widen his eyes. His Dharma treasure had failed in its blockade as he looked down at his chest. Although his flesh, blood, tendons, and bones were extremely resilient, a gaping hole had been torn through his body. However, it was rapidly healing.

    "I can't even block it? Not even one strike?" Xiao found it unbelievable.

    "Oh no."

    Black Wing, who was flying in Qin Yun's direction, had a drastic change in expression. He had a keen eye and he instantly noticed the terrifying might of Qin Yun's strike. "This is definitely a move at the level of mighty figures. Furthermore, it contains the profound charm of space-time."

    Indeed, after Qin Yun exited seclusion from the Myriad Dharma Pool, he had been cultivating in his homeworld, working mainly on researching moves with the space-time aspect imbued in them.

    It resulted in his sixth sword move!

    He had figured out five moves in the Myriad Dharma Pool, and this was the sixth move. It was at the Golden Immortal level just like the five moves, but it had a different inclination.

    The sixth sword move-Evanescent Illusion-contained the profoundness of space-time. It was at present, the fastest attack Qin Yun had!

    It was so fast that Xiao, a half-step Ancestral Fiend, failed to defend against it.

    "His strength is way higher than Fiend King Xiao's. A mistake. We made a mistake!" Black Wing was alarmed. "He's not a half-step Golden Immortal. He has the strength of a mighty figure!"

    "I can't allow him to kill Fiend King Xiao! Fiend King Xiao is extremely important to our cause of converting the Great Chang world into a Fiendish Dao world." Black Wing instantly flapped his wings as he did a bend and changed his trajectory. He flew towards Xiao as he sent a voice transmission. "Fiend King Xiao, hold on. I'll come to help you now. Hold on until I arrive."

    Five thousand kilometers away, Xiao had already pulled his twelve blood-colored crescents back to surround him. He held a black fiend figurine as black shadows enveloped him. It completely blanketed his body as he focused on defense! The strike from before had frightened him. However, he still felt relieved after hearing Black Wing's voice transmission. "Fiend Supremacy, don't worry. This Qin Yun's flying sword is powerful, but I can still last a few seconds-"


    The flying sword delivered another attack as the twelve revolving blood-colored crescents tried their best to hinder its approach. However, the flying sword still tore through them as though they were in different spatial dimensions.

    The flying sword stabbed into the black shadow, and just this strike alone caused the black shadow to tremble and turn faint.

    "Why do I still fail to withstand it?" Xiao was alarmed.



    Every strike was Evanescent Illusion. Three strikes were sufficient for the black shadow to dissipate as Xiao was once again stabbed.

    This move was clearly most effective against Xiao. Qin Yun's other five moves were slower, and once they were blocked by the twelve blood-colored crescents, it would probably buy Xiao time. He had to be fast! He had to kill Xiao before Black Wing arrived.

    One strike followed another.

    Xiao failed to defend each strike as his body was penetrated each and every time. Either his chest was stabbed or his head exploded. He was able to rapidly heal from these injuries, but doing so drained his stamina quickly. After a few strikes, he found it difficult to heal again. He immediately consumed a blood-colored pill to restore his stamina.

    Qin Yun continued his relentless assault.

    After several strikes, another blood-colored pill was consumed.

    Several strikes later, a third blood-colored pill was consumed!

    "Fiend Supremacy, I can't hold out much longer." Xiao was gripped by anxiety.

    "Do you not have other means? Why can't you hold out for such a short period of time?" Black Wing was fuming with anxiety. What could he do when they were separated by such a great distance? Although he was fast, allowing him to traverse the 5000 kilometers in seconds, Qin Yun was an expert at the mighty figure level. He could deliver more than ten thousand ordinary attacks in the same span of time. Even for a potent attack like Evanescent Illusion, he could deliver more than a hundred in those few seconds.

    Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

    The flying sword was very fast.

    Each strike only drained Qin Yun of some of his psyche strength since it was at the Golden Immortal level.

    The fourth pill was soon followed by the fifth.

    Xiao's body was constantly being penetrated as he began to turn incorporeal. His blood-colored body turned faint as he looked into Qin Yun's direction and said with a nasty expression. "Qin Yun, you are ruthless. However, I will never die if my blood sea is not destroyed! Wait and see. I will definitely avenge today."

    "Don't worry. There will come a day when I destroy your blood sea and obliterate you." Qin Yun's voice resounded through the world by using the stellar forces as a medium.

    "Hahaha, I'll be waiting."

    Following Xiao's rapturous laugh, his body finally dissipated into nothingness.

    However, Qin Yun knew very well that the true bodies of sea of blood lineage Fiend Kings were blood seas! The bodies that appeared outside were just a condensed avatar. Although the loss incurred by an avatar's destruction were huge, they could recover slowly with time. It did not damage their foundations at all. This was also the reason why sea of blood lineage experts were virtually unkillable.

    As the blood sea was their actual bodies, they expended all their treasures on their blood seas. In contrast, they did not put as much effort into their avatars.

    Things like life-preservation treasures?

    Or Dharma treasures for combat?

    They did not invest much in them! They were prepared to lose their avatars to begin with. Therefore, spirit-devouring lineage Fiend Kings were known to have ordinary strength, but they remained immortal if their blood sea wasn't destroyed... The destruction they wreaked in the Three Realms was in no way inferior to the spirit-devouring lineage.

    Just the destruction of an avatar was not enough to appease Qin Yun's anger. The death of his fellow men in a short span of time had infuriated Qin Yun greatly. He was determined to seek revenge by killing Xiao.


    The Misty Rain Sword streaked out in another trajectory as it shot towards the stable world passageway.

    The Fiendish Heavenly Dao was pouring in through that, and as the Misty Rain Sword unleashed its assault, the Fiendish Heavenly Dao unleashed its wrath on it by repressing it with its Heaven and Earth powers. Lightning bolts smote down on it, but... they failed to obstruct the Misty Rain Sword in any way. The Fiendish Heavenly Dao of a Small World? Even a half-step Golden Immortal could withstand it easily, much less Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    "Boom." The Intrinsic Flying Sword struck the world passageway, and although it was an array formation personally refined by an Ancestral Fiend, making it extremely stable, Qin Yun's full-strength strike was still able to make the world passageway tremble.

    "No!" Black Wing had a nasty expression. Although he flew quickly, he could only watch helplessly. Qin Yun destroyed the world passageway with just three strikes.


    The world passageway began to collapse as the array formation beneath it, the thing that stabilized it, exploded.

    The Fiendish Heavenly Dao which had spread out for hundreds of kilometers rapidly contracted and returned to its original Small World. The area was soon covered by the Great Chang world's Heavenly Dao as Heaven and Earth spiritual energies permeated the area once more.

    However, the area had turned into a land of death. There was no one left alive.

    "Next." Qin Yun's killing intent raged. The Misty Rain Sword Intent immediately drew out a trajectory as it shot towards the next nearest half-step Ancestral Fiend. However, Qin Yun knew that the other four half-step Ancestral Fiends were here with their real bodies. They definitely spent greater efforts on their life-preservation means. Even though they were repressed by the Heaven and Earth powers, it was unlikely that they would be easily slain.

    But they still had to be killed. Their survival meant danger for the Great Chang world.

    "You still want to kill more?" Black Wing's face was grotesque as he flapped his wings in continued pursuit.

    His flying speed was greater than several Golden Immortals and Buddhas, but he was slower than the Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure. As the strongest of the Bojia clan's eleven Fiend Supremacies, he lived up to his name. However, being slower than the Misty Rain Sword did not change anything. All he could do was follow behind the Misty Rain Sword.
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