Chapter 544: Forces From All Over Gathering

    Chapter 544: Forces From All Over Gathering

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    Green Touring Palace.

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing has led subordinates in an attempt to occupy the Great Chang world. The Great Chang world is Junior Brother Qin's and Junior Brother Divine Firmament's homeworld."

    "Junior Brother Divine Firmament is seeking help everywhere."

    "Sigh, we can't help even if we want to. Fiend Supremacy Black Wing is as strong as a mighty figure. Our bit of strength isn't sufficient for us to join the foray."

    Numerous Green Touring Palace disciples were engaging in a flurry of discussion.

    Now, Ancestral Master Zhang's second Essence Soul was frantically seeking help from everyone in Green Touring Palace. Time was tight. He naturally went everywhere to seek help and tried his best to pass the information to various powerhouses in Green Touring Palace.

    And in a yard.

    Sa Xu, who was cultivating, also received Ancestral Master Zhang's distress call.

    "Junior Brother Qin? Junior Brother Zhang?" With a mere thought, Sa Xu had departed Green Touring Palace.


    A blurry light descended as Sa Xu arrived in the starry space beyond the Great Chang world. The Heavenly troops had yet to arrive.

    "Oh?" Sa Xu looked down and instantly saw everything that was happening in the Great Chang world. The void was in a sealed state across the world, and there were layers of array formations encompassing the continent which housed the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures! Dense stellar light had descended everywhere.

    "The void is sealed everywhere?" Sa Xu frowned slightly. He immediately transformed into a bolt of lightning as he plunged straight down.


    He flew extremely fast as he swooped down towards the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures.

    As he flew, Sa Xu also monitored the situation.

    He saw that Black Wing had a half-step Ancestral Fiend in tow as they proceeded at tremendous speeds to help another half-step Ancestral Fiend.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!" More than 200 Stellar Flying Swords surrounded a half-step Ancestral Fiend as they attacked him. He wore gray robes, but he had eight arms. He was producing hand seals and controlling an array formation to defend against the two hundred plus Stellar Flying Swords with greatly difficulty.

    This half-step Ancestral Fiend's name was Palatial Lord Cave Vassal.

    Palatial Lord Cave Vassal was good at array formations, and was rather famous among fiends. At that moment, he was controlling 1536 wooden talismans to form a perfect defense.

    "Darn it. I'm good at array formations, but my array formation can't access any of the Heaven and Earth powers. I'm repressed by the world as well as the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm. I can't even use half my strength." Palatial Lord Cave Vassal was gripped by anxiety. "I can defend myself against mighty figures usually, but I only have 30-40% of my strength left now..."

    "We've only had a day to set up this array formation in the Great Chang world! And we have already been discovered by Qin Yun?"

    "Is he that free that he can just check his entire homeworld for no good reason?" Palatial Lord Cave Vassal was furious and anxious. Qin Yun's early discovery of them had messed up their plans.

    Under normal circumstances, even if Qin Yun had a domain-type divine power like the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm, he would not cast it to check over his family clan every other day. Immortals did not like being spied upon since there were always times they did not wish for others to see what they were doing.

    This time, it was Qin Yun's cultivation and testing of his move that allowed him to luckily detect them ahead of time.

    "Cave Vassal. Be careful of his flying sword." Black Wing sent an anxious karmic voice transmission.

    Cave Vassal turned his head to look over.

    A stream of light had appeared at the horizon before appearing right in front of him in a flash.

    "His flying sword is here." Cave Vassal turned even more nervous. He had already seen Qin Yun casting his flying sword previously.


    The terrifying flying sword launched its assault.

    "It's here, it's here." Cave Vassal controlled his array formation with full strength, but was unable to produce even half his normal strength. He was already faltering after being repressed by more than two hundred Stellar Flying Swords. Now, with a boom, just the Misty Rain Sword's first strike was enough to blow through the array formation he controlled.

    "Boom!" Ripples of light flashed across Cave Vassal's body as he blocked the Misty Rain Sword once again.

    "Fiend Supremacy, help me! Help me!" Cave Vassal pleaded for help through a karmic voice transmission in his anxiety.

    He was only at the half-step Ancestral Fiend level, and that was because of his array formations. With his array formations drastically weakening, he was unable to defend against Qin Yun's flying sword... How many blows could his other life-preservation means withstand?

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Every time the flying sword attacked, it would expend objects that protected Cave Vassal.

    Just seven strikes-each with the strength of a mighty figure-was enough to drain Cave Vassal's of all his treasures as he wallowed into despair.

    "No!" Cave Vassal let out a furious roar as his face was covered in scales. Following that, he exploded.

    He had chosen to self-destruct at the final moment.

    Death by self-destruction!

    He hoped that he could reincarnate with a wisp of his soul.

    "Self-destruction?" Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword continued sweeping across the violent explosion, destroying Cave Vassal's soul as much as possible. However, he had yet to attain a Golden Immortal Dao fruit, so his insights into the soul were not profound enough. He was unable to completely annihilate the remnant soul. Furthermore, Cave Vassal had engaged in self-destruction ahead of time. There was still a minute possibility that he could be received and awakened.

    If a real mighty figure were to take action, they would be able to completely destroy a soul, leaving one's True Spirit for reincarnation. A True Spirit reincarnation made it impossible to be received.

    "I've finally killed a half-step Ancestral Fiend," thought Qin Yun.

    Back in the Jade Screen world, he had only assisted in his kill of Fiend King Zhuhou. Mighty Miracle God and the Heavenly troops had played a very important role.

    This time, he had done so independently. It was also because he was in his homeworld. The worldly repression prevented his opponent from using even half his strength.

    "Next one."

    The two hundred plus Stellar Flying Swords and the Misty Rain Sword flew straight for the next half-step Ancestral Fiend.

    "Patriarch's intelligence is wrong. Qin Yun is not a half-step Golden Immortal. He is as strong as a mighty figure." Black Wing flew with a half-step Ancestral Fiend. He was helpless as well. What could he do when one of them could be killed with just eight strikes?


    "Junior Brother Qin has also reached the level of a mighty figure?" Sa Xu watched everything happening beneath him as he flew at a tremendous speed.

    After Sa Xu flew another five thousand kilometers-

    Black Wing had rescued the remaining three half-step Ancestral Fiends. After all, these half-step Ancestral Fiends were pretty well equipped with life-preservation means. Unlike than Palatial Lord Cave Vassal, whose strength was repressed, as well as Fiend King Xiao, whose protective Dharma treasures were rather ordinary, the other three half-step Ancestral Fiends managed to last until Black Wing's arrival. Black Wing flew very quickly, so he gave Qin Yun little time.


    Outside the Great Chang world, another figure flew down. He was a man in red robes.

    "Junior Brother Sa," the red-robed man said smilingly with a voice transmission. "You came too."

    "Senior Brother Zou." Sa Xu was flying as a bolt of lightning as he replied with a voice transmission. "Let's be quick. Fiend Supremacy Black Wing and company have long set up a massive array. It encompasses the continent that houses the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures. It looks difficult to crack."

    "I believe other fellow disciples will soon arrive." The red-robed man nodded.

    Among the three Daoist factions, the Green Touring Palace had the largest number of disciples. It also had the most disciples that could match mighty figures, far surpassing that of the Jade Void Palace and Eight Scenic Palace. The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure was famous for imparting knowledge to all people without discrimination. He had numerous disciples, and when a particular disciple sought help, the other disciples would arrive one after another.


    Space beyond the Great Chang world quaked as dense regiments of Heavenly troops appeared obstreperously. Leading them was a handsome youth draped in the Red Armillary Sash. He stood barefoot in the void as he extended his right hand. A spear encompassed in flames appeared in his hand as he looked coldly at the world beneath him. He observed everything in the Great Chang world.

    Behind him were the twelve Lunar Mansions! All of them matched mighty figures, and they were proficient in various aspects. An array formation collectively set up by the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions could match that of a pinnacle Golden Immortal.

    And behind them were the hundred-thousand-strong Heavenly troops! They were split into different details. Each detail was led by a general. There were a few generals who matched that of mighty figures. One of them was Mighty Miracle God.

    "Set up eighteen Inescapable Net Arrays!" Nezha gave the order. "Seal the Great Chang world!"

    "Order received."

    The hundred-thousand-strong Heavenly troops immediately set up the arrays. The Inescapable Net Arrays could combine with each other, and had their strength enhanced when it reached the sixth, twelfth, and eighteenth mark.

    Under ordinary circumstances, sending a hundred thousand Heavenly troops was already an act of extremely immense scale. Having any more Heavenly troops at the Skyimmortal realm turned meaningless.

    "Twenty-eight Lunar Mansions, quickly capture Fiend Supremacy Black Wing!" Nezha gave the order.

    "Order received."

    After the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions responded, they transformed into twenty-eight beams of stellar light as they rapidly charged into the Great Chang world.

    "The Heavenly troops are here." Immortal Sa Xu and Daoist Zou, who had arrived in the Great Chang world before them, were delighted.

    Black Wing, who had just saved the third half-step Ancestral Fiend, looked up as his expression changed slightly. "The Heavenly troops are here. Furthermore, they are led by the Third Prince himself. There's also the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions. They really think highly of me."

    "It's the Heavenly troops!" Ancestral Master Zhang, who was hovering above the Divine Firmament Chapter, and Qin Yun, who was above Grand Dominance City, could not help but be delighted. Strong reinforcements had arrived!
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