Chapter 545: Fiend Supremacy Black Wing and Qin Yun

    Chapter 545: Fiend Supremacy Black Wing and Qin Yun

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    At that moment, some Great Chang world Golden Immortals, upper echelons of the Heavenly Courts, the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss, as well as Patriarch Bojia and other Ancestral Fiends were watching the situation in the Great Chang world remotely.

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions swooped down as they rushed towards the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures.


    Immortal Sa Xu had already flown to the periphery of the massive array formation enveloping the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures. With a beckon of his hand, lightning smote down from the heavens and struck the array formation.

    The black barrier enclosed the entire continent.

    "Rumble!" Regardless of the lightning's mighty smites, the barrier remained unperturbed.

    "Junior Brother Sa, this array formation was formed from the combination of several array formations. Furthermore, judging by the mystical charms it contains, it must have been personally refined by an Ancestral Fiend. For them to set it up here, it's precisely meant to initiate the construction of a new fiendish garrison in the Great Chang world. They mean for it to fend off the Heavenly troops! We alone would not pose much of a threat to it," Daoist Zou flew over rapidly as he said via voice transmission.

    "It looks very powerful, but it has a fatal flaw." Sa Xu had already released thirty-six array flags which were hovering high in the sky. They were conjuring terrifying lightning to constantly smite the black barrier.

    "The flaw is that they have yet to convert the Great Chang world to a Fiendish Dao world! The present world still rejects the Fiendish Dao, so the array formations aren't able to use the Heaven and Earth powers. Just keeping the array powered draws upon the array formation's energies itself. It's unable to get replenishment from the Heaven and Earth powers... Once the array formation's energies are depleted, the array formation will naturally crumble," replied Sa Xu via voice transmission.

    Daoist Zou's eyes lit up as he nodded with a smile. "Yes, without the replenishment of the Heaven and Earth powers, the more intense our attacks, the more demanding it'll be on the array formation's energy reserves."

    Daoist Zou had also arrived.

    He threw six talisman amulets out that floated in the sky, erupting into terrifying flames. They were dark red in color, with might that appeared capable of evaporating the seas. They constantly wicked away at the black barrier.

    Immediately following that-

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions arrived!


    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were in formation as they collectively produced a faint, massive twenty-eight constellation phantom around them. Their terrifying strike even caused the void to collapse before it landed on the black barrier. The barrier trembled slightly, but it still managed to withstand the strike.

    "Attack! This array formation isn't being replenished by the Heaven and Earth powers, so it can't last long," bellowed Horn from the twenty-eight mansions.



    The Lunar Mansions worked collectively as they unleashed a barrage of attacks with terrifying might.


    "Darn it."

    Black Wing shot a glance at the external world and saw Immortal Sa Xu, Daoist Zou, and the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions attacking the array formations with their various means from outside.

    "If this world had been transformed successfully, the array formation would have been able to keep absorbing the Heaven and Earth powers... It would have greatly enhance the chances of successfully fending off attacks. But now, the array formation is being drained without any replenishments in sight." Black Wing looked anxiously towards the three half-step Ancestral Fiends.

    One of the three was setting up an array formation.

    "Is it okay?" Black Wing urged.

    "It's done." The man with a snake's tail had finally set up the formation that he immediately activated.


    The array formation which was set up finally triggered the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss's Heavenly Dao.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    Black distorted Heavenly Dao began permeating outwards with the array formation as core. It did not pass through a world passageway, but purely from induction! It was only possible for the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss's Heavenly Dao to do so.

    The black distorted Heavenly Dao spread and, in a blink of an eye, covered about fifteen hundred meters before it was completely repressed by the Great Chang world's Heavenly Dao, stopping its advancement.

    "There's no way to establish a stable, large-scale world passageway anymore." Black Wing took note of the situation. "The only way is to trigger the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss's Fiendish Heavenly Dao. Unfortunately, it only spans fifteen hundred meters."

    An overly small range made the expansion slow as well.

    "Begin transforming the Great Chang world." Black Wing gave the order. "If the transformation succeeds, the array formation will be able to invoke the Heaven and Earth powers, doubling its strength! We will then have a fifty percent chance of fending off the Heavenly troops."

    "But the sins..." The three half-step Ancestral Fiends were somewhat hesitant.

    They were not from the spirit-devouring or blood of sea lineages. They were still afraid of the repercussions of committing too many sins! Although half-step Ancestral Fiends could commit many sins without problems, allowing them to massacre millions of ordinary mortals, the death of too many would still exceed the limits of what they could bear... It was likely life-threatening! The graver the sins, the more harsh the Heavenly Punishment was. They could withstand some light Heavenly Punishment, but if the Heavenly Punishment was too harsh, even they might be obliterated instantly.

    As for the population of the Great Chang world? There was just too many!

    "Slaughter a million first. Later, we will use slower means. Let's hope we can convert the Great Chang world in a day," instructed Black Wing.

    "It's a pity Fiend King Xiao is dead. With his massacring abilities, he would probably be able to massacre the entirety of the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures in ten minutes, allowing the world to be completely transformed." The three half-step Ancestral Fiends were somewhat helpless, for the situation they were in was turning from bad to worse. They had come under orders. If they did not use all their strength, Patriarch Bojia might destroy them himself! They had no choice but to risk their lives.

    "Kill!" The three half-step Ancestral Fiends surveyed the area as a terrifying blast swept in every direction. Immediately, buildings collapsed as lives were ended. After the infiltrating Fiendish Heavenly Dao absorbed the vital forces, it rapidly expanded to a range of five kilometers.

    However, a massive Water Cage enclosed the area, trapping them within.

    "All of you deserve death!" Qin Yun's voice resounded angrily.

    The 360 Stellar Flying Swords cast Water Cage, sealing the area completely. Qin Yun even used his boundless stellar forces to move the nearby humans away. People were alarmed and baffled when they began flying.

    "Fiend Supremacy, we can't tear through the sword flash. We aren't able to kill the humans outside." The three half-step Ancestral Fiends looked at Black Wing.


    Black Wing held a trident in hand as he charged forward with a flap of his wings.


    When he charged forward, Black Wing instantly felt the obstructive forces of Water Cage. Water flows constantly fended him off. Although his might was indomitable, allowing him to cause wanton destruction, a blade cleaving water would only make it flow. Every spot he damaged was rapidly restored! Black Wing could only ferociously charge out of the Water Cage.

    "My Water Cage can't trap him." Qin Yun instantly understood. "However, it's sufficient to trap the three half-step Ancestral Fiends."

    "What a potent enemy-trapping move." Black Wing surveyed his surroundings. All life in a five kilometer radius had been moved away by Qin Yun. Any further attempts to kill and feed the Fiendish Heavenly Dao were made impossible.

    "Fiend Supremacy, we are trapped inside here. Even our Dharma treasures can't help usescape. Furthermore, there are no humans to massacre in the vicinity. What do we do?" The trio turned anxious.

    "Leave it to me."

    Black Wing's eyes were filled with murderous intent as he flapped his wings and flew straight towards Grand Dominance City.

    The trio easily remained unharmed through their collective efforts, but they were just unable to tear out of the Water Cage's confinement.


    Qin Yun trapped the half-step Ancestral Fiends with his 360 Stellar Flying Swords. At the same time, he summoned his Misty Rain Sword back. However, it flew past Grand Dominance City and headed to an island situated at the mouth of a river in the East Sea.

    "Destroy!" The Misty Rain Sword was attacking the island with full strength.

    "Although these fiends have set up these array formations, I discovered them ahead of time. The array formations they set up aren't perfect. It's difficult attacking from the outside, but it's relatively easy if I cause destruction on the inside." Qin Yun knew this well. Furthermore, he had swept across more than half the Great Chang world while testing his move. He long knew where all the array flags and disks were located.

    "Boom!" The island was victim to the flying sword's fervent attacks, and in just three explosive attacks, the island blasted apart, destroying the array disk within. It caused the black barrier that enveloped the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures to tremble slightly. Clearly, it was affected by the blow.

    In the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss's Bojia Palace, Patriarch Bojia was watching everything that was happening in the Great Chang world remotely. He knitted his brows. "No good."

    "Black Wing, you have to do your best to intercept Qin Yun." Bojia sent a distant voice transmission.

    The patriarch's voice sounded in Black Wing's ears.


    Black Wing was also feeling very anxious. If the array formations had been set up perfectly, they would have been layered atop each other. A perfect fusion would make it flawless both inside and out. Attacks would be useless against it! But now, with the array formations only partially set up, many of the supplementary array formations inside had yet to be set up.

    It was also much easier to attack from the inside.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, you have to be careful." A deep and powerful voice sounded in Qin Yun's ears. "All you need to do is trap the three half-step Ancestral Fiends and prevent them from transforming the world! That would be a tremendous contribution to our cause! You must not defend against Black Wing forcefully. He is extremely powerful."

    "Protect yourself well. As long as you successfully endure through this, we will definitely win."

    Two voice transmissions were sent to Qin Yun.

    He knew that the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were sending him voice transmissions.

    "Junior Brother Qin, don't be rash. Fiend Supremacy Black Wing is extremely powerful. Even I am not his match." Sa Xu also advised him in an anxious voice transmission. "Make sure to be careful."

    "Thank you, Senior Brother Sa." Qin Yun replied as he summoned his Misty Rain Sword back to him quickly.

    "He's here."

    He saw at a glance the distant Black Wing staring at him with eyes burning with killing intent.

    "It's all because of this Qin Yun. He spoiled our plans! As long as I finish him, there's still hope that we can occupy the Great Chang world." Black Wing's rage burned.

    "These fiends." Qin Yun's eyes were filled with killing intent as well. This group of fiends had caused the deaths of numerous fellow men. If he had not made an early discovery, the billions of lives in his entire homeworld might have been wiped out. Just the thought of it gave ammunition to his wrathful anger.

    At that moment, the Ancestral Fiends of the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss, the divine generals of the Heavenly Courts, and Immortal Sa Xu, Daoist Zou, the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions, who were in charge of attacking the array formation, as well as Third Prince Nezha, were watching him.

    They knew very well that the battle between Black Wing and Qin Yun was crucial.

    If Qin Yun was killed or captured...

    The Great Chang world would be rapidly transformed into a fiendish world. The fiends would then have hopes of successfully constructing a garrison.
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