Chapter 546: Array Cracked. Escape!

    Chapter 546: Array Cracked. Escape!

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    The massive fiendish array enveloped the continent that housed the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures!

    Immortal Sa Xu and Daoist Zou, as well as the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions, were barricaded outside the array as they attacked it with all their strength.

    And inside the array, there was only Qin Yun who was stalling for time!

    "I cultivated the Lightning Dharma for more than a thousand years in the Lightning Beast Manor. My realm increased tremendously. Over the years since I left the Lightning Beast Manor, I consumed the three Connate Lightning Fruits." Ancestral Master Zhang looked from afar as he felt regret. "I'm about seventy or eighty percent confident regarding the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma's ninth firmament Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation. However, I always believed that there was sufficient time and hoped to be a hundred percent confident. So I wasn't in a rush to gather treasures to cultivate my Godfiend avatars."

    "And now, there's no way I can breakthrough when my twelve Lightning Godfiends are imperfect."

    "I can only watch helplessly as Qin Yun fights desperately with the fiends. I can do nothing but seek reinforcements." Ancestral Master Zhang blamed himself.

    For so many years, he had been protecting the Great Chang world. He had turned back the powers of darkness several times.

    But now, all he could do was be a onlooker! He was not a match for any of the five half-step Ancestral Fiends.


    "Qin Yun, die!" Black Wing flapped his wings and streaked across hundreds of kilometers in a blink of an eye. He charged Qin Yun with the trident he wielded.

    "Do you have what it takes?"

    Qin Yun released his flying sword from afar as well.


    The Misty Rain Sword's speed was far greater than Black Wing's. It instantly crossed several hundred kilometers like a dazzling burning meteor that soared at Black Wing.

    "Begone!" Black Wing brandished his trident as the void collapsed from its upheavals. Despite being repressed by the world he was in and the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm... he still retained terrifying might. When his trident struck the Misty Rain Sword, it resulted in an intense explosion. The Misty Rain Sword flew backward but rapidly stabilized in midair once again.

    Black Wing's ferocious might raged as he struck the Misty Rain Sword. The only thing he suffered was a slower speed, but he immediately followed up with another charge.

    "As expected of the head of the Bojia clan's eleven Fiend Supremacies. Despite being repressed by the Great Chang world, he's still stronger than me." Qin Yun instantly knew this when he crossed swords with Black Wing.


    Qin Yun controlled his flying sword with all his might.

    The Misty Rain Sword cast various mystical strikes while dealing with Black Wing.

    Black Wing had a powerful body and immense strength. He was also terrifyingly fast. Just his speed advantage... allowed him to bully weaker Golden Immortals and Buddhas. After all, not all mighty figures were good at combat. Some enjoyed calligraphy, talisman amulets, or pill refinements. They were naturally weaker in the aspect of fighting.

    Qin Yun was a sword immortal. His Misty Rain Sword could fly 15,000 kilometers in seconds! When he cast his sword arts, the power he delivered underwent a powerful impulse, allowing him to fight Black Wing.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    The flying sword unleashed its barrage of attacks on Black Wing.

    They were either strange and unpredictable, ordinary, or extremely fast.

    With the synergy of numerous moves, Qin Yun was barely able to fight Black Wing, but even so, he was still completely at the disadvantage.

    Black Wing did not need to protect his body as he attacked with all his might. Even if Qin Yun's flying sword struck Black Wing's body, it only caused sparks. It failed to injure him.

    "I can't stop him." Qin Yun's expression changed slightly. He glanced far away where the 360 Stellar Flying Swords trapped the three half-step Ancestral Fiends. If he had all the Stellar Flying Swords work together with his Misty Rain Sword... perhaps the combat situation with the weakened Black Wing would be better.

    However, the trio needed to be trapped.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Black Wing charged over as the trident phased into numerous shadows as they fended off the Misty Rain Sword.

    "I can't block him. All I can do is to try my best to stall him." Qin Yun immediately commanded the Misty Rain Sword to change its move with his mind. The flying sword transformed into a wisp of smoke as it hindered Black Wing. The mist appeared unreal as it could not be pinpointed.

    This was a move that were filled with spatial attainments out of Qin Yun's six major moves. It's name was-Smokelike Rain!

    The sword move was like the void!

    Empty, vast, all-encompassing...

    Regardless how intense an enemy attack, they would feel like they were attacking empty space, yet end up being hindered in various aspects.

    "How long has he been cultivating? How is he able to figure out so many Golden Immortal level sword moves?" Black Wing frowned slightly as he paid Qin Yun's attack no mind. Although the Misty Rain Sword hindered him, it was unable to stop his advancement.


    And elsewhere.

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were attacking the array formation which encompassed the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures with formidable might!

    "Third Prince." Horn said via voice transmission. "Qin Yun has destroyed a critical component of the array formation located at an island. The fiendish array has weakened. If we were to use the Stellar Disk, there's chance of us rapidly cracking the array. Shall we use it? If this drags on, Qin Yun might be in danger. If a Green Touring Palace disciple who matches a mighty figure were to perish as a result, Green Touring Palace might not let this matter pass."

    In space, Nezha looked down calmly. He immediately sent a voice transmission, "Heed my order. Use the Stellar Disk and quickly crack the array."

    "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!"...

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions acknowledged the order.

    The Stellar Disk was a valuable treasure refined by the Heavenly Courts. It was a one-time item which had a value of an ordinary Connate Numinous treasure. Even the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions did not dare to make the call of using it. Since the Third Prince had given the order, there was nothing the higher-ups could do even if they nagged about it.


    Horn waved his hand as a circular disk flew out. It floated in midair as it emitted dazzling light.

    It was even more glaring than the sun.

    Constellation patterns appeared above the disk!

    Immediately, the constellation patterns released terrifying stellar forces!

    "Crack." The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions immediately used the Stellar Disk's powers to attack the array formation at full strength.

    The array formation was not complete and a critical component had been destroyed by Qin Yun. Now, with the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions using the Stellar Disk, the array formation began rumbling and quaking as though it was about to collapse at any moment.

    "Oh no."

    The trio who had been trapped by the 360 Stellar Flying Swords had a change in expression.

    "Fiend Supremacy, the array formation won't last much longer. It's about to crack."

    "We lost." The three half-step Ancestral Fiends turned flustered and indignant.

    "Why is it so fast?" Black Wing was alarmed.

    "It's about to crack?"

    "The array formation was not completed to begin with. Just now, Qin Yun had destroyed a critical component of the array formation in an island. It caused the array formation to weaken. The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions had also used a particular treasure, increasing their attacking strength too." The three half-step Ancestral Fiends were somewhat panicking.


    With a resounding boom, the massive black barrier finally dissipated!


    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions charged inside as they headed straight for Black Wing. As for Immortal Sa Xu and Daoist Zou, they went straight for the three half-step Ancestral Fiends. Sa Xu controlled the Lightning Dharma remotely as the Lightning Dharma descended down upon the three half-step Ancestral Fiends thousands of kilometers away.

    The trio had been using their Dharma treasures to withstand the 360 Stellar Flying Swords, but now, there was the addition of lightning.

    "Time to leave."

    The trio had grotesque expressions.

    "Fiend Supremacy, you must get Patriarch to receive us."

    "You must receive us."

    The three of them immediately released all their life-preservation items and did not hesitate to self-destruct. If Qin Yun, Sa Xu, and company killed them, they would definitely wipe out their souls. If that happened, it would be many times more difficult to be received.


    When Qin Yun saw the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions, Senior Brothers Sa Xu and Zou, he could not help but beam. They were about to win.

    He stood above Grand Dominance City as the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes radiated out. The domain also encompassed all of Grand Dominance City beneath him.

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing."

    As the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions flew over, those good at Dharma spells had begun casting them from thousands of kilometers away.

    The Dharma spells descended upon Black Wing, but his powerful body managed to withstand the blows.

    "Darn it." Black Wing waved his hand as a black leaf flew out. It transformed into venomous snakes as they slithered towards Qin Yun's flying sword. At the instant Qin Yun's flying sword was stalled, Black Wing immediately brandished his trident which expanded to ten thousand feet in size. With a mighty thrust, he stabbed at the boundary of the domain.

    "I have to kill you before I leave!" Black Wing's eyes were filled with murderous rage. Although the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were approaching, Black Wing was confident of his speed. He could easily shirk off the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions.

    "Begone!" Black Wing stabbed at the domain's barrier with full strength.

    Qin Yun's expression changed as well. The Misty Rain Sword had been trapped, making it impossible to aid him in time.


    The great divine power, the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Robes' domain barrier was depressed by ten feet under the trident's mighty blow, but it remained intact.

    Despite a few mighty strikes, the barrier remained impenetrable.

    "What?" Black Wing was alarmed.


    With a thought, Qin Yun dispersed all the 360 Stellar Flying Swords which were thousands of kilometers away.

    Following that, 360 Stellar Flying Swords formed once again around him.

    "Time to leave." Black Wing did not hesitate to flee. His eyes were filled with indignation. "I can only use 70% of my strength. If I was able to use my full power, I would definitely have cracked that domain's barrier and capture him."


    The Misty Rain Sword attacked like a dazzling meteor. It was so fast that Black Wing had to raise his trident to defend against it. However, his speed was affected. Immediately, the 360 Stellar Flying Swords enveloped him.

    Instantly, they formed Water Cage.

    Qin Yun's most powerful move when it came to trapping enemies-Water Cage!

    "Qin Yun, stall him!" The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions were rushing over as they anxiously sent voice transmissions. "We must not let this Fiend Supremacy escape."

    "Leave it to me!" said Qin Yun via voice transmission.
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