Chapter 547: Capturing Alive

    Chapter 547: Capturing Alive

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    Black Wing avoided the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions as he flew towards the cosmos in a bid to escape the Small World as soon as possible.

    "Trap him with the Inescapable Net Array!" At that moment, Nezha coldly bellowed while looking down from the cosmos.

    "Order received."

    The generals acknowledged the order.

    The eighteen Inescapable Net Arrays were activated fully at once. Back when the fiendish array enveloped the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures, the Inescapable Net Arrays were unable to fully extend their range! Now, the combined net could naturally expand.

    The golden threads criss-crossed as the combination of the eighteen Inescapable Net Arrays made the weaving even denser. It formed a complete golden-threaded cage which trapped Black Wing completely. Furthermore, golden threads began wrapping around his body.

    "Inescapable Net Arrays? Thankfully I was prepared for this!" Black Wing did not hesitate to activate a protective talisman. Immediately a blurry light blanketed his body as he brandished his trident. His every move increased in might as he tore through the golden threads' obstruction and continued his escape.

    "Forget about escaping!"

    Sa Xu cast down his lightning from thousands of kilometers away as he smote Black Wing. Daoist Zou similarly cast his Dharma spells in the form of descending flames.

    Among the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions, a number of them began casting Dharma spells from a distance.


    Casting Dharma spells from a distance through the use of Heaven and Earth powers made them relatively weaker. They were typically aided by divine powers, Dharma treasures, or melee combat to unleash strength that matched a mighty figure. Dharma spells got weaker when cast from a distance, making them unable to hurt Black Wing's body at all. However, they were still effective as a form of obstruction.

    "You won't be able to escape!" Qin Yun's eyes were filled with killing intent. The 360 Stellar Flying Swords formed Water Cage which trapped Black Wing.


    Black Wing brandished his trident as he tore through the obstruction formed by the numerous golden threads before he attempted to tear through Qin Yun's Water Cage. As the water-like sword flashes were torn through, the water constantly swished back into form. Black Wing expended a great deal of strength before he tore through the Water Cage.

    "Peng!" The Misty Rain Sword dealt another blow as it attempted to stop Black Wing.

    The Water Cage trapped Black Wing once again.

    "What?" A gray glow covered Black Wing's body. Under the Inescapable Net Arrays' and Water Cage's obstruction, he found it extremely difficult to forge ahead. He barely moved at thirty percent his maximum speed.

    "I can ignore the difficulty of tearing through the eighteen Inescapable Net Arrays, but why is Qin Yun's sword flash cage even stronger? That's right. He was trapping the three half-step Ancestral Fiends previously with all his strength. He was unable to divert enough strength to trap me." Black Wing instantly came to a realization. Previously, Qin Yun's 360 Stellar Flying Swords covered an area spanning several kilometers to trap the three half-step Ancestral Fiends, so as to prevent any massacres that would 'feed' the Fiendish Heavenly Dao.

    Therefore, Black Wing was able to easily charge through the obstructions.

    Now, the 360 Stellar Flying Swords were completely focused on trapping him in the Water Cage. The hindrance was a lot more potent.

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing, you won't escape!" Qin Yun's eyes were filled with killing intent as he chased from behind.

    This time...

    If he had not discovered the infiltration ahead of time, his entire homeworld might have been destroyed. Several of his fellow men had perished despite his discovery, so Qin Yun was filled with killing rage. He wished to slay Black Wing.

    "As long as I stall for time, he's finished the moment the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions arrive," thought Qin Yun.

    Black Wing was indeed extremely powerful. After he activated his life-preservation item, he was able to withstand the remote Dharma spells through his strength alone. Black Wing was still able to fly at high speeds despite the obstruction of the eighteen Inescapable Net Arrays, Water Cage, and the Misty Rain Sword's barrage of attacks! He also tore through the clouds as he flew towards the cosmos. However, he was still far from exiting the Small World's mesosphere.

    "They are about to reach me." Black Wing looked behind and saw the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions rapidly closing the gap.

    Normally, he was heads and shoulders above the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions when it came to speed.

    But now?

    "I can't escape!" Black Wing came to this realization.

    "It's all because of that Qin Yun." Black Wing shot a glance at Qin Yun who was pursuing from behind in the form of a sword flash. He felt indignant. "If not for his hindrance, I would still have hope of evading the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions with only the eighteen Inescapable Net Arrays and Dharma spells in my way."

    "Patriarch's intelligence was terribly wrong! This Qin Yun matches that of a mighty figure... but he was only treated as a half-step Golden Immortal."

    This mistake was terribly wrong.

    Half-step Golden Immortals were quite common. Generals in the Heavenly Courts with a little standing would at least be half-step Golden Immortals.

    In contrast, few could actually match mighty figures!

    Every dominion, including the various Daoist lineages, the Buddhists, the Heavenly Courts, the demons, as well as the fiends, only had a limited number of entities that matched mighty figures! In the Heavenly Courts, Western Paradise's Mt. Numinous, Tenebrous Fiend Abyss and other places, there were many experts, but the overall number remained very tiny. Those that could match mighty figures... joined the Heavenly Courts such as the vanguard general, Mighty Miracle God, or the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions. They were all of higher ranks.

    "Qin Yun's strength actually matches that of a mighty figure. His flying sword arts are actually that powerful. Even if I fight him one-on-one, I can at best repress him," Black Wing thought vexedly.

    Many ideas appeared in his mind.

    Finally, the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions came close.

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing, you won't escape!"

    "Capture him immediately!"

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions roared angrily.

    "Hahaha, do you have what it takes?" Black Wing turned even more deranged.

    "Take him down!" Followed by Horn's order, the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions collectively attacked. Their combined strength matched that of a pinnacle Golden Immortal's.

    Instantly, Black Wing was trapped and he could not proceed another step.


    Qin Yun summoned his flying sword back and dispelled Water Cage. He stood far away as he watched.

    "He won't be able to escape." Qin Yun knew that.

    At the instant the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions caught up to Black Wing, Black Wing's fate of being captured was sealed.

    "Ah, ah, ah..."

    Black Wing brandished his trident as he desperately struggled, unleashing several desperate moves.

    However, the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions remained extremely calm. They collectively attacked, trapping Black Wing completely under a barrage of blows.


    Finally, a black chain successfully wound around Black Wing's arm. It produced an opening in Black Wing's trident defense. More chains took advantage of the situation as they rapidly wrapped around Black Wing to trap him.

    As the heavy chains wound around him, they released their powers to seal Black Wing of his Dharmic powers.

    His trident also fell to the side.


    In the starry cosmos, Nezha, who had been watching coldly, finally smiled when he saw Black Wing captured. Following that, he looked at Qin Yun.

    The Third Prince knew very well that Qin Yun was critical in their capture of Fiend Supremacy Black Wing!

    Without Qin Yun's restraints and obstruction, the possibility of capturing Black Wing would have been very low.


    "Hahaha." Horn immediately extended his hand as he grabbed one end of the chain that bound Black Wing.

    The trapped Black Wing swept his gaze viciously at the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions around him. Then, he glared angrily at Qin Yun who flew over from afar. He growled, "Qin Yun, you hid well. Despite being an expert with the strength of a mighty figure, you managed to keep such a low profile. I have nothing to say about succumbing under your hand, but remember... I will definitely exact revenge on this humiliation you dealt me."

    "You still wish to take revenge?"

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing, don't worry. Once we arrive in the Heavenly Courts, we have a myriad of means to kill you."

    "You can forget about it."

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions said such things one after another.

    Qin Yun flew over and saw the trapped Black Wing and his ferocious gaze. He said coldly, "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing, you deserve this!"

    "I'm a fiend. Why would I be afraid of any repercussions?" Black Wing remained deranged.

    "Shut up." A white-dressed woman among the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions immediately sealed Black Wing's mouth with her Dharmic powers, preventing him from saying another word.

    "Qin Yun."

    "Junior Brother Qin."

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions all smiled. Many of them were Green Touring Palace disciples as well.

    "It's all thanks to you," said Horn with a smile. "If not for you, the Great Chang world would have rapidly transformed into a fiendish world. Especially if that sea of blood lineage Fiend King's avatar had not been killed. If he succeeded, it's hard to say if we would have been able to tear through that massive array."

    "That Fiend King Xiao naturally had to be killed. Even though I took action the moment I made the discovery, nearly a million people were still killed by him." Qin Yun shook his head. A half-step Ancestral Fiend did not care about the sins accrued and wantonly massacred. It had just been too quick. Even the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures would not have taken long to be completely wiped out. Just the thought left Qin Yun breaking out into a cold sweat.

    Therefore, he did not spare any expenses to kill Fiend King Xiao. Black Wing had also tried to stop him with all he had, but thankfully, the Misty Rain Sword was faster. The Evanescent Illusion he came up with was able to kill Fiend King Xiao's avatar in just a few strikes.

    Qin Yun still hoped to destroy Fiend King Xiao's blood sea one day.

    "Junior Brother Qin, we are on a mission, so we won't say anything more. I'll treat you to drinks when we return to the Green Touring Palace."

    The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions also bade farewell.

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    He watched as the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions rapidly flew towards space with Black Wing in tow.

    At that moment, Immortal Sa Xu and Daoist Zou flew leisurely to Qin Yun's side as they watched this scene with a smile.
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