Chapter 548: Clashing Across The Void

    Chapter 548: Clashing Across The Void

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    "Senior Brother Sa, Senior Brother Zou." Qin Yun immediately bowed in gratitude. "Thank you for helping, Senior Brothers."

    "It's nothing." Daoist Zou was dressed in red robes. "In fact, there were other fellow disciples who wanted to rush here. But with the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions here, the rest did not feel the need to come."

    Qin Yun also understood.

    The combined strength of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions made having more of his senior brothers and sisters relatively useless.

    "Junior Brother Qin, your breakthroughs in strength sure are fast," said Sa Xu with a smile. "Back in the Lightning Beast Manor, you were only a half-step Golden Immortal. Now, you have also reached the level of a mighty figure."

    Zou smiled as well. "Junior Brother Qin sure is amazing. In the entire Three Realms, be it the Daoists, Buddhists, Heavenly Courts, or the fiends, all of them will remember your name! An expert that matches that of mighty figures is very rare in the Three Realms. Our Green Touring Palace is considered to have the most disciples among the three Daoist lineages, but even so, we do not even have a hundred experts that match a mighty figure."

    "Not only that," Sa Xu added. "His reveal has allowed the Heavenly Courts to capture Fiend Supremacy Black Wing alive. The fiends must be grinding their teeth in hate with regards to this. The fiendish experts that match the strength of mighty figures are also around a hundred. Now, one of their best has fallen."

    "It was the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions who captured him in the end. All I did was to stall for time," said Qin Yun.

    Despite saying so, Qin Yun knew that the reveal of his strength destined him to be famous throughout the Three Realms!

    Green Touring Palace did not have more than a hundred Golden Immortals. Similarly, the number of experts who matched mighty figures did not exceed a hundred.

    And in the Three Realms...

    By combining the Chaos Godfiends, ancient demons, the three Daoist lineages, Buddhists, Heavenly Courts, dragons, and the Magus Gate, including the fiends, there were only several hundred experts who matched the strength of mighty figures! Anyone of them held high positions and were absolute backbones of their chosen groups! Qin Yun was now one of them.

    "Look." Sa Xu looked into the distant cosmos. "The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions are about to leave the Great Chang world and enter the cosmos with Fiend Supremacy Black Wing in tow. Once they leave a Small World, it's possible for Ancestral Fiends to attack. It's easy for trouble to happen."

    "Will Ancestral Fiends really take action themselves?" Qin Yun looked over as well.

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing is a lot stronger than ordinary Fiend Supremacies. The fiends will definitely not abandon him so easily," said Zou.

    The trio stood side by side in midair as they watched from afar.

    They could see that Nezha had flown to the periphery of the Small World with the hundred thousand Heavenly troops. He was personally receiving the prisoner.

    "The Third Prince is indeed impressive." Qin Yun could feel a sense of repression even from a distance.

    Flames billowed around Nezha as the void distorted. The Red Armillary Sash that draped his body fluttered gradually. He held a spear in his left hand and wielded a golden loop in his right. Qin Yun and company knew that the golden loop was Nezha's strongest Connate Numinous treasure!

    The Connate Merit Numinous treasure, Universe Ring!

    Nezha was the second best combat general of the Heavenly Courts. But when it came to slaying evil, he was number one in the Heavenly Courts.

    Third Prince's eyes were cold as he monitored his surroundings carefully.

    "Third Prince." At the instant the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions flew out of the Small World, Horn handed the bound Black Wing to Third Prince.

    However, Third Prince did not receive it.

    Instead, he suddenly turned his head to look to the side.

    "What audacity!"

    Third Prince roared angrily as he threw out his Universe Ring suddenly!


    The Universe Ring shot out and wreaked destruction across the cosmic space it passed through, to the point of destroying space itself. The void itself was layered and its internal structure was mystical. The usual shattering of the void usually only affected the most superficial layer, and void seals were actually just on the most shallow layer. Using that layer was enough to stop Skyimmortals and Skyfiends, and even ordinary Golden Immortals and Buddhas.

    But against the most horrifying overlords in the Three Realms, and even entities like the Dao Ancestors or Buddhist Ancestor, the shallow void seals were naturally nothing worth mentioning.

    And at that moment, the Third Prince's strike with his Universe Ring reached deep into the void. There, two streams of light had already arrived!


    There was a blood-colored stream of light and a white stream of light.

    The blood-colored stream of light struck the Universe Ring before it revealed its actual form. It was a blood-colored spearhead. Its surface was covered with large numbers of blood patterns. It appeared to have life of its own. When the blood-colored spearhead collided with the Universe Ring, the spearhead bent and even wound around the Universe Ring in an extremely flexible manner.

    The other white stream of light headed straight for Black Wing!

    "You can forget about that." Third Prince wielded his spear.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    At that instant, Third Prince delivered several strikes with his spear. Each strike had a terrifying might, but he stumbled backwards from the white light's assault.

    The white stream of light also revealed itself. It was a spearhead made of white bone.

    "Shameless," Third Prince bellowed angrily.

    "Hahaha..." A sharp voice rang out that resounded through the cosmos. It made the hundred-thousand-strong Heavenly troops hug their heads in pain. The twenty-eight Lunar Mansions also has nasty expressions as they carefully retreated back into the Small World's confines. "It's Patriarch Spirit Devouring."

    "It's Patriarch Spirit Devouring!" The bound Black Wing revealed a look of glee. "I knew it. I'm saved."

    Qin Yun, Sa Xu, and Zou were in midair. They were not affected due to the Small World's insulation. However, they felt uncomfortable from hearing the laughter. It left them feeling unsettled and short-tempered.

    "Patriarch Spirit Devouring." Zou's expression was nasty.

    "It's him?" Qin Yun's and Sa Xu's expressions changed as well.

    Patriarch Spirit Devouring was the patriarch who established the spirit-devouring lineage.

    The most sinister lineages of the fiends were the spirit-devouring lineage and sea of blood lineage. And since Patriarch Spirit Devouring was the one who established the lineage, one could only imagine how grave his sins were. It could be said that... across the Three Realms, the ones with the gravest of sins were the patriarchs of the two lineages. In terms of strength, Patriarch Spirit Devouring was a perfected Ancestral Fiend. No one could do a thing to him if the Dao Ancestors, Buddhist Ancestor, or Goddess Nüwa did not take action.

    He was here personally!

    It was no wonder he could suppress the second strongest combat general of the Heavenly Courts, Nezha!

    "It would be too late even if Daoist mighty figures wished to help," Zou said anxiously when he saw this play out.

    "A powerful mighty figure has taken action." Ancestral Master Zhang was flying towards Qin Yun while he looked at the scene in the starry cosmos.


    And in the starry cosmos.

    "Hmph." Although Nezha's eyes were filled with rage, he did not panic at all.

    At that instant, the Third Prince was sent retreating while the sharp laughter resounded everywhere. Since the red-colored spearhead was binding the Universe Ring, the white-boned spearhead made a clear path for Black Wing.


    A whisk appeared from the void. Thousands of threads from the whisk enveloped the white-boned spearhead and intercepted it. The spearhead was extremely sharp as it constantly tore through the whisk's threads, but the threads were innumerable. The spearhead was finally stopped.

    "Primordial Unity!" The sharp voice resounded through the void with evident rage.

    "Daoist Wen. What's the meaning of you bullying juniors?" A genial voice sounded.

    "You were already hiding here?" the sharp voice continued.

    If Primordial Unity had not gotten there ahead of time, there would be no way he could intercept in time.

    "I long guessed that you fiends are shameless, so I waited here a long time ago," the genial voice said.

    "Nice, very nice!"

    The sharp voice was indignant as it resounded everywhere. The white-boned spearhead and the blood-colored spearhead rapidly departed.

    Nezha immediately bowed, "Thank you, Master."


    The whisk also vanished from the void.

    It was only then that Nezha went forward. He held the bound Black Wing and gave him a disdainful glance.

    "No, no-" It was only then did Black Wing's eyes show a look of despair.

    "We shall return to the Heavenly Courts." Nezha held Black Wing as he gave the instruction. He then connected the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions and the hundred-thousand-strong Heavenly troops to the Heavenly Courts through the Heavenly Courts' powers.

    The void fluctuated as it enveloped the Heavenly troops.


    The obstreperous Heavenly troops vanished as they teleported to the Heavenly Courts.

    Qin Yun and company stood there, astounded.
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