Chapter 549: Execution

    Chapter 549: Execution

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    "Even those two took action," exclaimed Zou.

    The scenes from before were still on Qin Yun's mind. The spearhead and the whisk which appeared from deep within the void... sent quakes through his heart! It could be said that he understood a little of Nezha's moves, but when the two powerhouses took action, Qin Yun could hardly understand what had happened. All he felt was horror. If the blows swept past him, he might have been pulverized there and then.

    "Those two are not to be trifled with. Third Prince's master is Perfected Primordial Unity 1  . He is the avatar cultivated by the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity and Salvation of the Eastern Paradise," exclaimed Sa Xu. "The Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity and Salvation is an ancient existence that had extremely powerful strength even before the Chaos developed into anything."

    "Perfected Primordial Unity is the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity and Salvation's secret. He had only exposed himself during the Daoist-Fiend war," said Zou with a nod.

    Qin Yun smiled. "I heard that many unknown ancient existences took action during the Daoist-Fiend war."

    "These ancient existences focused solely on cultivation and did not participate in any external strifes. However, the Daoist-Fiend war had embroiled all of the Three Realms. Even they could not avoid it, which resulted in these ancient existences taking action. For instance, Ancestral Master Bodhi from Mt. Lingtai was unknown to many Golden Immortal and Buddha mighty figures. But during the Daoist-Fiend war, a single appearance from Ancestral Master Bodhi caused quakes throughout the Three Realms! It was only then that people knew that the monkey from Flowers and Fruit Mountain 2  was his disciple," said Zou with a shake of his head.

    "Even now, there are still a pathetic number of people who have attained the perfected Golden Immortal realm in the Three Realms," said Sa Xu. "From the Jade Void Palace, ignoring the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity, there's only Guangchengzi 3  . As for our Green Touring Palace, the only one who reached the perfected Golden Immortal realm is Eldest Senior Sister."

    "The Eight Scenic Palace lineage doesn't even have a single perfected Golden Immortal," quipped Zou with a laugh.

    Qin Yun nodded.

    There was indeed very few.

    Green Touring Palace's original Eldest Senior Brother, Daoist Myriad Treasures, had become a Buddhist. And now, the Green Touring Palace's Eldest Senior Sister was Unborn Venerable Mother.

    The Eldest Senior Sister was greatly respected by her Green Touring Palace junior brothers and sisters.

    Her avatars preached the Dao in the Three Realms and she was famous.

    She was addressed in many ways such as Unborn Venerable Mother 4  , Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain, Infinite Mother... They were all her.

    As a perfected Golden Immortal, she was give the title of sect master, as well as lord of a Great World. Similarly, the Buddhists' Amita was the lord of the Western Paradise. The Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity and Salvation was lord of the Eastern Paradise.

    Even the Dao Ancestors, Buddhist Ancestor, Goddess Nüwa, and the Fiend Ancestors paid deep respect to perfected Golden Immortals. As their true bodies could not enter Great Worlds, there was no way they could threaten these perfected Golden Immortals. Dealing with them required negotiation! As such, it was common for them to interact as equals.

    "In order to make a breakthrough in cultivation, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity was willing to let an avatar come under the Jade Void Palace. It's quite impressive," said Zou with a sigh. "As for Patriarch Spirit Devouring, it is rumored that he was a Chaos Godfiend. He was a mosquito before the Chaos developed into anything. He was born a mighty figure. During the war of the three Daoist lineages, he already had peak Ancestral Fiend strength. However, he later devoured several Connate Numinous treasures, to the point of even devouring a portion of the cornerstone treasure of the Buddhists. Both the Daoists and Buddhists wish him dead. He had nowhere he could hide... but for some reason, he was nowhere to be found. Later, people learned that he had sought refuge under the Fiend Ancestor's wing. He was cultivating in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss... and finally completed and perfected his own Great Dao. He began the spirit-devouring lineage, which gave birth to a large horde of fiends that wreaked havoc in the Three Realms."

    "It was truly rare to be able to see the both of them clash today," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    As the three of them were discussing, Ancestral Master Zhang arrived.

    "Senior Brother Zou, Senior Brother Sa." Ancestral Master Zhang bowed.


    It wasn't long before Sa Xu and Zou left.

    Grand Dominance City, Qin Manor.

    The sky was already dark. Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang sat under a pavilion.

    "Senior Brother Zhang." Qin Yun frowned. "The fiends already have the fiendish garrison, the Tenebrous Cloud Fiend world, in the Effulgent dominion. Yet, they attempted to construct a garrison here in our Great Chang world. It's already odd to build two garrisons, but why would they happen to choose our homeworld? It makes the situation even odder!"

    "There must be some other conspiracy." Ancestral Master Zhang nodded. "In fact, back when Empyrean Lord Kuifu attempted to occupy our Great Chang world, I was already puzzled. However, we have long investigated the Great Chang world. Senior cave abodes? Treasure? With our strength, we would have long discovered any of those in the Great Chang world."

    "Yes. I have also cast the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm and checked the entire Great Chang world. Even a grain of sand or drop of water cannot escape my probes." Qin Yun shook his head. "Our Great Chang world's history consists only of seniors who were ordinary Skyimmortals and Skygods. There have never been any impressive existences. Whatever they left behind is not worth the fiends paying such a tremendous price."

    Ancestral Master Zhang nodded slightly.

    The two of them fell silent.

    This was their homeworld...

    They naturally would protect it with all they had. They could now feel that the fiends were coveting the Great Chang world. However, why? They could not find the real reason.

    "Qin Yun, I will be seeking some treasures in the coming days to perfect my Godfiend avatars," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "Following that, I will use the twelve Godfiend avatars to set up an array formation for my attempt to break through to the ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm."

    "You have created the final three firmament Dharmic formulations for your Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma?" Qin Yun revealed a look of joy. If Ancestral Master Zhang broke through, his strength would be equivalent to Senior Brother Sa Xu's. It would also aid him greatly in his fight against the fiends.

    "I'm seventy or eighty percent confident," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "I actually planned on being a hundred percent confident before I attempted the breakthrough, but I can't waste time! The fiends might have failed this time, but I'm afraid it won't be long before they come again."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    To pay such a huge price... to the point of losing Fiend Supremacy Black Wing, the fiends would definitely not rest.

    "Yes, we have to prepare well." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Alright. I'll make a move first." Ancestral Master Zhang immediately stood up and bade farewell.

    Qin Yun watched Ancestral Master Zhang leave as he stood there silently for a moment.


    He arrived high in the sky with a single step.

    Qin Yun stood high in the sky as he swept his surroundings from afar. Even though it was night, he could still see all the village buildings, cities, and countless people leading their ordinary lives.

    "Just short," said Qin Yun silently. "We were just short of having our homeworld annihilated."

    Just the thought of it left a lingering fear in him.

    Against powerful immortals and fiends, especially experts who were nearing that of mighty figures, a world's sentient beings were truly frail. They could be destroyed with a mere flip of the hand! Even Qin Yun himself could destroy all of the Great Chang's nineteen Prefecture just by releasing his divine power.

    This was also why many immortals and fiends treated mortals as ants. The difference was just too great.


    Heavenly Courts.

    Black Wing was quickly escorted to Fiend Slaying Platform by a platoon of Heavenly troops.

    "Fiend Supremacy Black Wing has been brought here for sentencing," said the general in charge of the escort.

    "Brother Gongsun, leave him to me." There were soldiers at Fiend Slaying Platform as well. A silver-armored Heavenly General smiled as he walked over.


    General Gongsun pushed the bound Black Wing, who stumbled towards the silver-armored Heavenly General before being grabbed by him.

    "Fiend Slaying Platform?" Black Wing could not help but tremble when he looked at the Fiend Slaying Platform which effused a bloodthirsty and foul aura.

    The Heavenly Courts had places like the Immortal Slaying Platform, Demon Slaying Platform, and Dragon Slaying Platform, etc.

    However, the outcome wasn't usually that ruthless.

    For instance, execution at the Immortal Slaying Platform would leave one's soul intact. Some would suffer misery in three incarnations. Others would be reincarnated into animals, while others would suffer separations from their love for a thousand incarnations.

    But even so, once the punishment was completed, they would be received and awakened, allowing them to rejoin the ranks as an immortal.

    What made the Fiend Slaying Platform most ruthless was that the soul would be completely destroyed, leaving nothing but one's True Spirit for reincarnation. A True Spirit reincarnation made it impossible to be received. To awaken one's memories again? The possibility was even lower than having something good fall into one's lap.

    Previously, Black Wing had the hopes of being rescued, so he chose not to self-destruct. This was because once he self-destructed, the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor would disregard their status to forcefully destroy his soul wisp as it was undergoing reincarnation! After all, there were only about a hundred fiends who matched that of mighty figures. By the same logic, if it was a dying Daoist or Buddhist expert who matched a mighty figure in strength, the Fiend Ancestor would also destroy them while disregarding his status. In the end, it would still leave a wisp of True Spirit for reincarnation.


    Before the fiends rose in prominence, many mighty figures would take the initiative to reincarnate. They would hone themselves by experiencing their mortalities so as to temper their Dao hearts.

    But now, as long as one reached the strength of a mighty figure, they would not dare reincarnate. This was because it would prompt the Dao Ancestors, Buddhist Ancestor, or Fiend Ancestor into action.

    Both sides clearly left no room for negotiation.

    "Go over!" sounded an angry bellow.

    Black Wing was disorientated...

    Black Wing was pressed onto the Fiend Slaying Platform as he faintly felt the tumultuous might from the Fiend Slaying Platform around him.

    "Execute him!" The immortal official in charge of the execution shouted the order.


    The huge cleaver fell down.

    Containing the Fiend Slaying Platform's horrific might, the cleaver cleaved down, causing blood to splatter. Black Wing's head rolled to the side, but his soul had been completely pulverized.


    Tenebrous Fiend Abyss.

    Bojia Palace.

    The four-faced and eight-armed Patriarch Bojia was sitting high on his throne. He looked in the direction of the Heavenly Courts across the obstruction of endless space. The other spots in the Heavenly Courts prevented spying, but the Fiend Slaying Platform did not cloak itself from spying!

    Patriarch Bojia watched this scene in dead silence.
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