Chapter 552: Ferocious Might

    Chapter 552: Ferocious Might

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    In the void inside the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss.

    Red light coruscated amid a massive black cloud. In the middle of the red light was a silver disk.

    "Hahaha, the Great Yin Disk. I've finally obtained it." A rapturous laughter sounded from the black clouds. "The Great Yin Disk is perfect for my Chaos Godfiend body. With it aiding me, my strength can, at least, increase by fifty percent!"

    "I'll first refine it for myself to get used to it. I'll have to use it in three days."

    He already had a Connate Numinous treasure.

    However, he had long coveted the Great Yin Disk as it suited him best. As a domain-type Connate Numinous treasure, it was very useful in both frontal assaults and escaping. Even Patriarch Bojia of the nine major clans of the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss valued it deeply. He had only managed to get the Great Yin Disk from Bojia thanks to the opportunity placed before him.

    In a blink of an eye, three days had passed.

    The black cloud rapidly materialized to form a black-robed man.

    "A mere Great Chang world?" The black-robed looked across distant space and at the Effulgent dominion's Great Chang world.

    Although he had chosen not to make a breakthrough, he had long gained insights into a Great Dao! He naturally could spy on other dominions from afar.


    In the space beyond the Great Chang world in the Effulgent dominion.


    A terrifying blast erupted as the starry space was blasted apart to make room for a passageway that was sealed by the void. The black-robed man walked out from within it.

    "Brother Star Destruction, I'm leaving it to you." Bojia's voice sounded in his ear.

    "Rest assured. Leave it to me. You just need to wait to receive the Stellar Stone." The black-robed man was extremely confident as he took a step and crossed through the Small World's boundary.

    "The void is sealed everywhere? Oh, I have been discovered?" The black-robed man's brows pricked up. "What's the point in spending so much effort to set up an array?"

    Beneath him.

    Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang had set up the eight massive arrays together, so they were instantly notified. They saw layers of light appear above the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures. The barriers were of different colors-gold, green, purple, earthly yellow... The eight massive arrays fused perfectly and completely protected the continent where the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures were situated and five hundred kilometers of the sea around it.

    The Four Seas' dragons had long moved into the confines of the array formation after being informed by Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang.

    At that moment, countless humans and demons looked up. Even the Four Seas' dragons were looking up into the sky.


    Qin Yun, who was leisurely engaging in calligraphy with Yi Xiao, could not help but look up and have a change of expression.

    He instantly saw a black-robed man standing more than ten thousand kilometers in the sky. As he looked down, he suddenly waved his hand, "Begone."

    A palm strike cleaved down.

    A red beam flew out and split the void in half wherever it passed. After it flew more than five thousand kilometers, it struck the array formation that protected the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures. It resulted in a terrifying resonance, one that left Qin Yun's pupils constricted.

    "He's powerful!" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    A casual strike from him had strength that far exceeded Fiend Supremacy Black Wing. It was a strength on a completely different level.

    "It's him. Supremacy Star Destruction?" Qin Yun's expression changed slightly. "The fiends actually sent him?"

    He had spared no expense to prepare the eight massive arrays. Even if ten Black Wings came, there was no way to crack them open! However, Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang did not feel completely at ease, because they knew that the fiends had a terrifying existence-Supremacy Star Destruction!

    He was the strongest expert in the Three Realms beneath that of mighty figures.

    He was a monster.

    As a Chaos Godfiend, he was born to devour stars. He was talented from birth, and together with the spirit-devouring lineage's Dharmic formulations, he became even more terrifying. By devouring innumerable lives, he had forged himself into a terrifying existence.

    He was an existence even the Buddhists and Heavenly Courts could not do a thing to.

    Their worst fears were being realized!

    He was really here!

    "Supremacy Star Destruction?" In Divine Firmament Chapter, Ancestral Master Zhang's avatar stood in midair as he looked up. His expression changed. "Even he has come. What secret does my Great Chang world have? Why are the fiends sparing no expense to occupy it?"

    "Junior Brother Qin," said Ancestral Master Zhang's avatar via voice transmission as he looked in Qin Yun's direction. "I will immediately make a breakthrough. You should head to the array formation first to preside over it and try to stop him."

    "Alright, leave it to me."

    Inside Grand Dominance City, Qin Yun immediately nodded solemnly. He sent a voice transmission, "Senior Brother Zhang, do your breakthrough with ease. The eight massive arrays should be able to hold him back for some time. Besides, I don't believe the Heavenly Courts and the Buddhists would sit idle."

    "Xiaoxiao, follow me to meet him," said Qin Yun.

    Yi Xiao nodded; however, her eyes betrayed her worry. "Can you stop him?"

    "We likely won't be able to stop him for long by our powers alone. However, the Heavenly Courts and Buddhists will not sit idle." As Qin Yun spoke, he took a step across the void with his wife in hand. They came above the sea thousands of kilometers away. This was also where the sea neighbored the continent. It was considered quite close to Supremacy Star Destruction, but Qin Yun remained inside the array while Supremacy Star Destruction was outside.

    "Brother Yun, look," said Yi Xiao immediately.

    Qin Yun's eyes lit up for he had already seen it.

    Eighteen figures had appeared in the cosmos. They were none other than the Buddhists' eighteen Arhats!

    "The Buddhists' eighteen Arhats are already here!" Yi Xiao revealed a look of glee. "Their combined strength will be able to hold back Supremacy Star Destruction."

    "The Heavenly Courts and Buddhists have always gone to great lengths to capture Supremacy Star Destruction," said Qin Yun with a node. "Supremacy Star Destruction cultivates the spirit-devouring art and has chosen to remain in the Skyfiend realm. In Small Worlds, the Heavenly Courts and Buddhists are unable to do a thing to him. He can devour countless beings in a world, allowing his strength to accumulate to a terrifying state. His strength can even match that of pinnacle Ancestral Fiends, but his sins far exceed most Ancestral Fiends. In all of the Three Realms, his sins rank in the top ten, and even possibly in the top five. The Heavenly Courts and Buddhists will naturally do their best to finally be rid of him."

    And at that moment, the black-robed man looked skyward at the eighteen Buddhist Arhats leisurely and chuckled. "Haha, you Buddhists sure are fast. Unfortunately, all of you have never been able to take me down despite your continued efforts. My sins are heinous, and killing me will gain you great merit and increase the light that shines down from providence! You eighteen Arhats started off being slightly stronger than me, but now, it's me who is stronger. Haha, what a joke."

    "Star Destruction." The eighteen Arhats were infuriated. Leading them was Arhat Taming Dragon who bellowed, "The circulation of the Heavenly Dao results in karma. For you to wreak havoc so wantonly, the Heavens will take you down even if we don't."

    "Take me down? How?" The black-robed smiled. "Compared to you Buddhists, the Heavenly Courts are slow, but it seems they have finally arrived."


    In space, a group of obstreperous figures appeared. They numbered more than a hundred.

    A number of them matched mighty figures, and a large number of them had the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal.

    "Hehehe." The black-robed man looked up as he sighed. "The 36 Heavenly Constellations and the 72 Earthly Wraiths are all here. It's said that the strongest array formation for Small Worlds in the Three Realms is the Heavenly Constellation Earthly Wraith Formation set up by the 108 of you. I've fought you before, but unfortunately, I'm in no mood to fight you again."

    "Star Destruction, you are to leave quickly. We can still spare you, or we will have to go all out in battle!" The 108 Heavenly Constellation Earthly Wraiths all wore cold expressions.

    "All out?"

    The black-robed man smiled as he flipped his hand, producing a silver disk.


    The silver disk immediately exploded with radiant light as it invoked the powers of the distant and ancient Great Yin Star. The dense and horrifying Great Yin powers instantly spread in every direction as they enveloped the entire Great Chang world. However, the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures were protected by array formations, preventing any infiltration from external forces.

    "Power of Great Yin?"

    "The Connate Numinous treasure, Great Yin Disk?" Everyone's expression changed.

    "Come. If you have the guts, you eighteen Arhats and the 36 Heavenly Constellations and 72 Earthly Wraiths can all enter my Great Yin domain to fight me," said the black-robed man with a laugh.

    High in the sky, the eighteen Arhats and the 108 Heavenly Constellation Earthly Wraiths wore ugly expressions.

    "How did the Great Yin Disk land in his hands? Wasn't that Connate Numinous treasure a possession of Patriarch Bojia?"

    "His black cloud body gains tremendous advantages with the Great Yin Disk, granting him immense strength. Not only are we no match for him, but his spirit-devouring art makes his two arms extremely terrifying. Even we will suffer under him."

    The eighteen Arhats and the 108 Heavenly Constellation Earthly Wraith hesitated.

    Experts of the spirit-devouring lineage...

    At the half-step Ancestral Fiend realm, they had jaws which could devour Connate Numinous treasures.

    As for Supremacy Star Destruction, he had devoured the lives of so many for years, riddling him with heinous sins. His jaws were even more terrifying. Connate Numinous treasures? Array formations? He could crack all of them.

    "Haha, are you afraid? Are you all afraid?" The black-robed man laughed out loud. He had fought them all before, and now with the Great Yin Disk, he held a greater advantage over his former adversaries!

    At that moment in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss, many Ancestral Fiends were watching the Great Chang world remotely. They too knew of the commotion happening.

    "Isn't the Great Yin Disk Bojia's? Why is it in Star Destruction's hands?"

    "Star Destruction is even more powerful with the Great Yin Disk. In Small Worlds, no one in the Three Realms can hold him back. No one is even his match."

    "The Heavenly Courts and Buddhists can only watch helplessly. If they were to send the eighteen Arhats or 108 Heavenly Constellation Earthly Wraiths in, it's possible that a few of them might perish. It will pain their hearts tremendously."

    The various Ancestral Fiends watched with interest.

    Supremacy Star Destruction was on their side; thus, the Ancestral Fiends were naturally delighted to see the Heavenly Courts and Buddhists suffering a setback.


    Qin Yun and his wife watched with changed expressions from above the East Sea.
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