Chapter 557: Qin Yun Battles Star Destruction

    Chapter 557: Qin Yun Battles Star Destruction

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    Standing in midair, Qin Yun felt an unprecedented sense of wellness. He had immense Dharmic powers! His Essence Soul was powerful!

    His mental processes were a lot faster as well.

    Previously, when he cast overly complicated sword moves from the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart, Qin Yun had to consume pills to force his Essence Soul's mental facilities to speed up. And now, his Essence Soul was a lot more powerful than before. His mental processes were a hundred times faster. It also meant that a year of cultivation in seclusion was equivalent to a hundred years in the past!

    The speed at which he could figure things out was naturally different due to the disparity that stemmed from life's natural order.

    For instance, the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor were many times faster than the ordinary Golden Immortal or Buddha when it came to contemplating the Heavenly Dao and nature or the inference of mystical processes.

    "The feeling of a powerful Essence Soul sure is delightful." Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword from afar. He looked at the two red arms which extended from the huge black clouds. "In my ten thousand years as an Itinerant Immortal, I should live my life happily. My first opponent as an Itinerant Immortal shall be this fiend, Star Destruction. Destroying him will be a blast!"


    Although Qin Yun was filled with killing intent, the Misty Rain Sword appeared inconspicuous. It did not seem to pose any threat.


    From the massive black cloud five thousand kilometers away, the red glowing face looked down. It instantly noticed the Misty Rain Sword flying towards it. "This Qin Yun has become an Itinerant Immortal. His Dharmic powers have greatly increased, so the might of his flying sword should have increased tremendously as well. However, does he really think I'm an idiot who would be arrogant and careless?"

    With this thought in mind, the two red arms moved immediately. The five-thousand-kilometer long arms appeared to move slowly, but they were, in fact, as fast as the Misty Rain Sword. The Connate Numinous treasure, the Great Yin Disk, also released its lustrous glow, as rich Great Yin forces began hindering the Misty Rain Sword.

    One of the gigantic red stony palms even grabbed at it.

    The move appeared crude, but the palm was just too huge. The Misty Rain Sword was surprisingly unable to avoid it.

    "He's actually that wary and careful?" A cold glint flashed in Qin Yun's eyes. "It looks like there's no way for me to sneak up to him."


    He gave a command with a thought.

    "Whoosh!" The region surrounding the Misty Rain Sword began to produce thin misty rain. The rain droplets scattered everywhere, completely repulsing the Great Yin forces. When the raindrops pelted the two gigantic arms, each drop influenced the arms' speed with its immense weight.

    It was the domain that the Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure effused.

    Misty Rain domain!

    This Misty Rain domain was very weak when powered by Qin Yun's originally lacking Dharmic powers. It was even weaker than the Heavenly Cycle Stellar Realm's domain at the phenomenal success stage! But now, with his increased Dharmic powers, his Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure could naturally release its true might. The might had increased sharply, and the potency of the Misty Rain domain was even stronger than the Connate Numinous treasure, the Great Yin Disk.

    This was the formidable aspect of Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasures!

    "What? It actually managed to suppress my Great Yin forces?" Star Destruction was alarmed.


    The Misty Rain Sword also suddenly unleashed its terrifying speed.

    The void distorted as it seemed to turn surreal.

    The Misty Rain Sword flashed across space!

    The gigantic palm tried grabbing at it, but despite collapsing the void, it missed.


    The other gigantic palm swept across the void ferociously as a flying sword appeared amid the void, sweeping the blade aside. It was sent flying far away.

    "It has been blocked?" Qin Yun was surprised as he immediately changed tactics. "Kill!"

    The Misty Rain Sword flashed, immediately releasing a blinding light.

    "Do you think you can stop me with a mere flying sword?" Accompanied by a resounding roar, the two gigantic palms swiped across the sky and grabbed at the Misty Rain Sword.


    The Misty Rain Sword clashed with a palm in midair, but only used the momentum it received from the clash to fly higher into the black clouds. However, the other palm blocked it.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The flying sword clashed with the two palms, constantly producing resonating booms in midair.

    "As expected of a sword immortal. You can become this strong with just a powerful Connate Numinous treasure flying sword. Your strength can already match the combined forces of the twenty-eight Lunar Mansions. Unfortunately, that's still useless!" A black chain that effused boundless frost auras flew down from the black cloud as it went straight for the Misty Rain Sword.

    "It's the Connate Numinous treasure, Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain?" A fierce glint flashed in Qin Yun's eyes.

    He was already well-read on the intelligence about Star Destruction.

    Star Destruction was famous across the Three Realms. His most powerful weapon was the two arms he cultivated with the spirit-devouring art! It was his pair of arms that gave him such might. Therefore, he needed a supplementary Connate Numinous treasure. He originally only had one, the Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain.

    It was a Connate Numinous treasure that was born before the Chaos developed. It was extraordinarily powerful.



    In space, the Buddhists' eighteen Arhats and Heavenly Courts' 108 Heavenly Constellation Earthly Wraith were alarmed.

    "The domain this Qin Yun released is able to repress the Great Yin domain?"

    "His flying sword is very powerful as well. Star Destruction's two spirit-devouring arms can't do a thing to it. He even has to use his Connate Numinous treasure, the Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain, to deal with Qin Yun."

    "Although it's a pity that Qin Yun has become an Itinerant Immortal, his Dharmic powers have increased tremendously. Just with that flying sword alone, he can match a pinnacle Golden Immortal in strength. But why is he this powerful? Even if he's a sword immortal, he shouldn't be this powerful."

    "His flying sword is extraordinary! It's either an Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure or a top-grade Connate Numinous treasure."

    "Top-grade Connate Numinous treasures are very rare. I'm guessing it's likely an Intrinsic Connate Numinous treasure."

    "Sword immortals sure incur envy. With their Intrinsic Flying Swords, they can fight someone a level higher than them."

    "Their Essence Souls and flying swords are one. Their Dharmic powers are overly sharp, so there are pros and cons. For instance, the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage's sword immortals have Essence Souls in the form of swords... It's unorthodox! Qin Yun's Essence Soul is in human form, so it follows the orthodox path. However, the fusion of spirit and body is even harder, which is evident from his failure, turning him into an Itinerant Immortal. If the Dharmic powers were milder, the fusion of spirit and body would be much easier. The Heavenly Dao circulates, and things are fair."

    "But regardless, there is finally someone in the Three Realms who can match Star Destruction in Small Worlds."

    "Unfortunately, he can only live for ten thousand years."

    These Arhats and Heavenly generals were discussing.

    By the side, Yang Jian was looking down. He seemed to see his former self in Qin Yun after how he sacrificed his cultivation path for his homeworld.

    "He does resemble my past self."

    "However, I was luckier," said Yang Jian silently. By the side, his Howling Celestial Dog looked up at its master. He obediently accompanied his master, and would do so forever.



    The Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain plunged down as the two gigantic arms joined it to attack the Misty Rain Sword.

    "Kill!" Qin Yun's eyes were bloodshot.

    The misty rain that scattered everywhere suddenly began forming flying swords with each tiny raindrop. Dense flying swords filled the area, with each minute raindrop flying sword being powerful. Now that Qin Yun's Essence Soul was even stronger, his mental processes were faster. He could cast even more sword arts in tandem.

    "Water Cage!"

    The dense misty rain flying swords split into three portions instantaneously. They formed three tumultuous flying sword rivers that swept towards the Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain and the two red arms.

    "What?" Supremacy Star Destruction was alarmed.

    Although the Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain was good at capturing the enemy or binding weapons, it was instantly stalled by the obstreperous misty rain flying sword's envelopment. Before, it could even tear out of Water Cage instantly.

    Now, the Water Cage's might had similarly surged in strength.

    "Begone!" The two arms were extremely powerful. Even though large amounts of misty rain flying swords were inundating them, they were still able to forcibly hurl forward.


    The Water Cage was unable to stop the two arms.

    However, it was able to drastically slow them down.

    "That's enough." Qin Yun's eyes lit up. "Kill."

    The void distorted as it seemed to turn surreal.

    The Misty Rain Sword phased away at an astounding speed. This time, the two stony arms that had been slowed down could no longer stop Qin Yun's flying sword.

    "I can't stop it." In the black cloud, the red glowing face revealed a look of shock. Following that, his expression turned grotesque. "However, I'm not those run-of-the-mill spirit-devouring lineage cultivators. Their bodies are weak, but I'm a Chaos Godfiend. I was born to devour stars to strength my body. This flying sword won't be able to kill me!"

    "This array formation won't last much longer. Once I destroy this array formation, I'll immediately kill your Essence Soul."

    "An Itinerant Immortal like you can be squashed to death with one palm strike of mine!"

    Supremacy Star Destruction completely ignored Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword. His red arms grabbed downwards as they continued their assault on the array formation which protected the Great Chang's nineteen Prefectures.

    As for Qin Yun, he stood in midair as he watched the two gigantic arms strike the array formation's barrier. His expression could not help but change. "He wants to crack the array to destroy my Essence Soul?"

    Sword immortals could destroy all Dharma with a single sword. Their flying swords were powerful, but their bodies were their biggest weakness!
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