Chapter 560: Merit

    Chapter 560: Merit

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    Qin Yun looked at the scene before him and said softly, "I have cultivated for several millennia, and all the merit I have earned previously is only a percent or two of what I'm now facing."

    The main reason was that the Qin Yun was not the only one involved in killing those with graver sins such as Fiend King Zhuhou and Fiend Supremacy Black Wing. He was responsible for restraining them. The capturing and killing was done by the Heavenly troops. If not, he would have long obtained a Merit Gilded Glow.


    The merit was so boundless it appeared like a rainstorm or the sea.

    If he was an ordinary Skyimmortal or Bodhisattva, all he could do was receive the immense merit.

    And now, having grasped a pinnacle Great Dao, Qin Yun's control over space-time, karma, and merit was extremely powerful. He had a deeper understanding of the universe's space-time and Samsara's karma. Thinking back to how Amita once reincarnated Qin Yun's soul into another world for the dream of a hundred years, he could now do it himself if he wanted to.

    "I have already undergone the tribulations, turning into an Itinerant Immortal! No matter how much merit I have, there's no way to reverse the effects of the Itinerant Immortal tribulations. In that case..." Qin Yun extended his hand as the three-inch flying sword appeared above his palm. It was none other than the Intrinsic Flying Sword. "Go on in!"

    Qin Yun directed with his mind.

    Immediately, all the merit surging towards him was easily diverted, injecting itself into the Intrinsic Flying Sword.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword kept absorbing the merit like a bottomless hole. Slowly, it also began transforming.


    The Arhats and Heavenly generals above were astonished by this scene.

    "What, he injected the merit into his flying sword?"

    "He has become an Itinerant Immortal. He is already committed to suffering a tribulation every thousand years. Each tribulation will be stronger than the last. The Itinerant Immortal tribulations are different from ordinary Heavenly Tribulations. Merit does not weaken it at all. By injecting the merit into his Connate Numinous treasure flying sword, it can increase his flying sword's might and his own strength. It would also give him greater confidence in surviving the Itinerant Immortal tribulations. This is quite a solution."

    "Earning Merit Gilded Glow isn't difficult, but to produce a Merit Numinous treasure? That is many times more difficult."

    "There are some Buddhas and Golden Immortals who travel the Three Realms and accumulate merit to gain Merit Gilded Glow, but how many Merit Numinous treasures are there?"

    "He is the one who killed Star Destruction! Star Destruction probably had greater sin than all the sixteen Fiend Kings of the spirit-devouring lineage combined! Ten or so ordinary Ancestral Fiends... combined together probably have less sin than Star Destruction! From my point of view, the merit earned from killing Star Destruction is enough to refine one Merit Numinous treasure."

    All of them engaged in a flurry of discussion above, but in fact, all of them felt envious. None of them had Merit Numinous treasures.

    And below them.

    Qin Yun watched the Intrinsic Flying Sword in his hand transform as he felt the changes it underwent.

    As the merit poured into it, there was finally a qualitative change.


    The Misty Rain Sword trembled gently as it hummed. Even the sword itself began to emit Merit Gilded Glow.

    "Connate Merit Numinous treasure, done!" Qin Yun's eyes lit up.

    Merit Numinous treasures gained immense light shone down from providence.

    With a Merit Numinous treasure, he would be augmented by the light from providence, and be beloved by the Heaven and Earth. While using a Merit Numinous treasure, help would be provided by the world itself! He would be able to draw upon even greater amounts of the Heaven and Earth powers. He might have only been able to use ten percent of the Heaven and Earth powers in the beginning, but he could now use thirty to forty percent thanks to his Merit Numinous treasure. Its might naturally increased exponentially. The number of Merit Numinous treasures were also far fewer than Connate Numinous treasures. They were also a lot more precious.

    "Eh? He's still injecting more merit after his flying sword became a Merit Numinous treasure? Isn't that a waste?"

    "He could have infused it into a second treasure such as the Great Yin Disk or Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain."

    "It's already a Merit Numinous treasure. Injecting more merit only improves it nominally."

    The various Arhats and Heavenly generals could not help but comment.

    Moments later.

    The golden glow that was shining over the world dissipated.

    Qin Yun looked at the three-inch flying sword in his hand in satisfaction.

    This was his Intrinsic Flying Sword. Most of his capabilities stemmed from it. He naturally needed to nurture his Intrinsic Flying Sword as much as possible!

    "The amount of merit received from killing Star Destruction is so immense that just half of it is enough to convert my Intrinsic Flying Sword to a Connate Merit Numinous treasure. It has increased the flying sword's strength severalfold. The remaining half was also injected into the Intrinsic Flying Sword, but the increase in strength is much lower. It only strengthened it by ten percent," thought Qin Yun. "However, my ability to transcend the Itinerant Immortal tribulations in the future will rely on my Intrinsic Flying Sword! Therefore, the stronger my flying sword, the better."

    Following that, the flying sword fused into his body, allowing his Essence Soul to continue nurturing it.


    A bunch of treasures flew from afar to Qin Yun's side.

    They were the the things Star Destruction used to own. The pair of red stony arms, the Connate Numinous treasures, the Great Yin Disk and the Sky Scraping Heaven Sealing Chain, as well as other items. These treasures made several Arhats and Heavenly generals envious. After all, most of them did not even have one Connate Numinous treasure.

    However, even though a few great demons among the Heavenly generals had greedy thoughts, none of them dared to try and snatch them from Qin Yun.

    Who would dare offend a peerless sword immortal like Qin Yun?

    If they were weak, obtaining a Connate Numinous treasure would only attract tragedy. And Qin Yun's strength made it such that no one would dare have any thoughts on his treasures even if he possessed more than ten times the treasures than he had now.

    "Whoosh." Qin Yun waved his hands and stored away the treasures before taking a step towards the cosmos.


    In space, the Arhats and Heavenly generals went forward to congratulate Qin Yun when they saw him arrive in the space outside the Small World.

    "Congratulations, Sword Immortal Qin, for your attainment of a Golden Immortal Dao fruit and for slaying Star Destruction."

    "Congratulations, Sword Immortal Qin for grasping a pinnacle Great Dao."

    There was a swath of well-wishes.

    Qin Yun surveyed his surroundings and immediately said, "I thank all of you for coming to save my Great Chang world."

    "We did not help at all."

    "Sword Immortal Qin, it was all you when it came to killing the enemy."

    Every one of them was very polite.

    Soon, everyone made way for Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian. Beside him was the black dog.

    "All of you can return." Yang Jian turned around and instructed.

    The various Arhats and Heavenly generals bowed smilingly. Following that, they triggered the distant Heavenly realm's powers and departed to their respective Western Paradise Mt. Numinous and the Heavenly Courts.

    "Qin Yun." Yang Jian went forward.

    "Perfect Sovereign, I'm sorry I ignored your goodwill." Qin Yun bowed.

    Yang Jian looked at Qin Yun. "If you had listened to me and given up the Great Chang world by escaping early, you would have more time for cultivation. You would similarly have been able to figure out a pinnacle Great Dao and create your own sword immortal Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation, or even a Golden Immortal sword immortal Dharmic formulation... The creation of a new lineage is a huge accomplishment, making it not impossible for you to become a overlord of a Great World. And now, you have been reduced to an Itinerant Immortal who can't live for more than ten thousand years. Do you regret it?"

    Qin Yun looked down.

    He looked at all life in the Great Chang world, with countless people rejoicing over their survival of the calamity.

    Upon seeing this scene, Qin Yun smiled. "If I escaped, that would have been my biggest regret in life. Now, all I feel is joy."

    Yang Jian nodded and smiled faintly.

    By the side, the Howling Celestial Dog was alarmed.

    Its owner had always been a loner. He would even ignore the Jade Emperor at times; yet, he viewed Qin Yun in a different light?

    "Quickly improve your Essence Soul. You only have ten thousand plus years of cultivation time," said Yang Jian before turning to leave.

    Qin Yun watched as Yang Jian left with the Howling Celestial Dog. Without a word, he returned to the Great Chang world.


    Great Chang world.

    Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, and Ancestral Master Zhang were in midair as they looked down at the world. There were celebrations happening everywhere.

    The villages were beating gongs and sounding drums, singing and laughing. Children were running everywhere. There was a joyous vibe in the cities as well. The rich scions were throwing bronze coins on the streets, causing countless people to rush to grab the money. The cultivation sects had taken out their immortal brews as they drank happily and held celebrations for the survival of the calamity.

    "From this moment forth, my Great Chang world will not need to worry." Ancestral Master Zhang laughed out heartily when he saw all of this. He turned toward Qin Yun. "Countless people in the Great Chang world are thanking you. However, they will likely not know who it was that saved the Great Chang world. Only a number of cultivators know the truth."

    "Why be concerned about that?" said Qin Yun casually. "All I know is that I'm feeling joy now."

    Ancestral Master Zhang was taken aback as he immediately laughed as well. "Yes, joy. Immense joy."

    As he laughed loudly, Ancestral Master Zhang departed.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao returned to Grand Dominance City and came to a familiar Youpo Noodles store.

    "Come on, let's go in and eat some Youpo Noodles," said Qin Yun.

    "You have full say today." Yi Xiao followed Qin Yun in while smiling.

    The store was bustling with activity.

    "That great fiendish demon's hand was bigger than the biggest mountain I have ever seen. Its arm was like a pillar of the heavens. How big was its main body?"

    "Well, didn't it still get destroyed by immortals and buddhas?"

    "Who said that it was definitely destroyed? Perhaps it was subdued and is now a guardian for an immortal or buddha abode."

    The customers were all talking about the calamity.

    The moment Qin Yun and his wife entered, the store assistant came forward to welcome them. He smiled and said, "Customer, feel free to order what you want. My boss has said that it's his treat today."

    "Alright. I'll be thanking your boss. Give me a bowl of Youpo Noodles," said Qin Yun with a smile. "And give me a basket of meat buns."

    "Give me a bowl of Clear Soup Noodles," said Yi Xiao.

    The couple sat down.

    As they ate, they listened to the customers lavishing praises while listening to the joyous laughter of children running around outside.

    "How delicious." Qin Yun slurped down half the bowl of Youpo Noodles and finished a meat bun in two bites. He was in a great mood.

    Yi Xiao sat by the side, watching her husband smilingly.

    "Disciple, quickly come see me." A voice resounded in Qin Yun's ears.

    "Master." Qin Yun was astonished.
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