Chapter 563: Tearing Open the Heavens!

    Chapter 563: Tearing Open the Heavens!

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    Meng Huan looked at Qin Yiyi and immediately made a guess. "She must be Dad's and Eldest Mom's daughter?"

    Back when Qin Yun lived in the Jade Tripod Sect with Yi Xiao, he had briefly mentioned his daughter, Qin Yiyi.

    "Who is he?" Qin Yiyi looked at Meng Huan feeling puzzled. "Am I not the only child of Dad and Mom? Why do I have a sibling? Did Dad have an affair behind my mother's back and end up with this son?"

    "Yiyi," said Qin Yun.

    "Dad," replied Qin Yiyi obediently.

    "He is your elder brother, Meng Huan."

    "Dad, you have never mentioned that I have a brother," said Qin Yiyi. She had a knot in her heart. After all, she always believed that she was her parents' only child. Yet, a brother had suddenly appeared in her life. On the surface, she looked curious as she pressed, "Why is Brother Meng Huan's surname Meng?"

    Meng Huan's heart tightened.

    Qin Yun smiled at his children and said, "Years ago, I was given an opportunity by the Buddhists. I dreamed for a hundred years and was reincarnated into another world. In that world, my name was Meng Yiqiu! Huan'er was my son from that world."

    "Meng Yiqiu?" Qin Yiyi seemed enlightened as she immediately bowed at Meng Huan. "Greetings Brother, I'm Yiyi."

    "Sister Yiyi, don't stand on ceremony," said Meng Huan immediately.

    Noticing that the siblings were establishing a respectful relationship, Qin Yun nodded slightly. "From this day forth, both of you are to temporarily live in the Great Chang world. Just treat it as a meditation retreat here in the Great Chang world."

    "Dad, if I can't return to my sect for a prolonged period of time..." Meng Huan said somewhat worried.

    "Don't worry. I will inform your Sect Master Jade Tripod," said Qin Yun.

    Meng Huan heaved a sigh of relief, feeling quite happy. He finally had the chance to visit his father's homeworld, and he could spend time with his father.

    "Huan'er, Yiyi." Qin Yun flipped his hand and two green lotus seeds appeared. "Each of you take one."

    With that said, the two lotus seeds flew toward Meng Huan and Qin Yiyi.

    Meng Huan and Qin Yiyi were somewhat puzzled, but they had absolute trust in their father. They did not hesitate to pick up the lotus seeds and consume them. Unbeknownst to them... these were two of the three lotus seeds which were specially bestowed by the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure after he learned what astounding deeds Qin Yun was about to undertake.

    Yi Xiao had already taken hers, so all that was left were the two for his children.

    "Oh?" Meng Huan and Qin Yiyi revealed looks of shock.

    They felt a mysterious vital power seep into their Essence Souls the moment they consumed the seeds. The energy went into the deepest depths of their Essence Souls as its vital force had an impact on them.

    "It seems my Essence Soul has strengthened quite considerably after consuming this lotus seed," said Meng Huan.

    "Me too." Qin Yiyi wore a look of delight.

    Qin Yun knew that the benefits the lotus seeds brought to the Essence Souls of his children were more potent because his children's Essence Souls were weaker. In fact, the most important function of the lotus seed was to protect their lives.

    "Han Lin." Qin Yun looked at Han Lin. "Do you plan to stay in the Great Chang world or go elsewhere?"

    Qin Yiyi immediately turned her head to stare at Han Lin.

    Han Lin immediately said reverently, "I'll naturally accompany Sis Yiyi."

    "Good." Qin Yun nodded in approbation. "You can choose any three of my Qin Manor's cultivation manuals."

    "Thank you, Uncle," said Han Lin politely.


    After settling his children in, Qin Yun no longer had any worries. As for his homeworld? No one in the Three Realms would dare threaten his family.

    "Brother Yun, be careful." Yi Xiao looked at her husband, for she knew what astounding deeds he was about to accomplish.

    "Xiaoxiao, just wait for my return here," said Qin Yun with a smile. "I'll take off now!"

    With that said, he vanished.


    In the Daoist sacred land, Green Touring Palace, the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure sat high on a bed of clouds. His gaze penetrated the endless spatial obstructions as he watched from afar.

    "This disciple of mine sure is gutsy. His actions will stir a huge wave through the Three Realms! He might even change the situation of the entire Three Realms." The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure watched with pride. Who was the one tipping the balance of the Three Realms? It was his disciple!


    Tenebrous Fiend world was the nest of the fiends in the Effulgent Great World.

    The strongest here was Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud, who matched that of a mighty figure. His subordinates were all half-step Ancestral Fiends, as well as a group of extremely powerful ninth firmament Skyfiends. Of course, there were even more ordinary Skyfiends.

    This was a nest. Here, Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud wielded control over the various situations in the Effulgent dominion. He could even deploy reinforcements elsewhere and over a prolonged battle, there were countless Small Worlds in the Effulgent dominion which had been completely occupied by the fiends, turning them into fiendish worlds.

    "Brother Fire Puppet! Brother Fire Puppet!" shouted General Roc Fiend urgently from outside a palace.

    "Roc Fiend, why are you looking for me with such urgency?" Old Fiend Fire Puppet walked out from his seclusion.

    Roc Fiend said immediately, "Brother Fire Puppet, something huge has happened!"

    "What is it?" Old Fiend Fire Puppet was puzzled. "Is there a need to be in such panic?"

    "Supremacy Star Destruction is dead!" said Roc Fiend immediately. "He was killed by Qin Yun."

    "What?" Fire Puppet was astonished. "Where did you get the news from? Supremacy Star Destruction is someone even the Heavenly Courts' twenty-eight Lunar Mansions can't even do a thing against with their combined strength. Even the 108 Heavenly Constellation Earthly Wraith's combined strength is useless. Qin Yun killed him? Back then, although Qin Yun was slightly stronger than us and his talent was sufficiently high, he was nothing compared to Supremacy Star Destruction."

    "I just heard the news. It's definitely genuine news," said Roc Fiend immediately.



    A terrifying blast erupted.

    "What happened?" Fire Puppet and Roc Fiend turned their heads. They were both late-stage Skyfiends. They saw the void more than five thousand kilometers away. A passageway had opened up from the void, and out of it walked a youth. He carried a dark green sword behind him.

    His invisible oppressive force could not help but horrify all of the Skyfiends in the Tenebrous Fiend world.


    Many Skyfiends were appalled.

    At that moment, Qin Yun was like a divine sword that had descended into this world, one that could render the world asunder. Just one look at him left the Skyfiends horrified. This had to do with Qin Yun's terrifying Sword Dao aura, as well as his aura that was one with the Connate Cardinal treasure, Qingping Sword!

    "Qin Yun?" Fire Puppet and Roc Fiend could not believe their eyes when they saw him.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, might I know what you are doing here? Please share it with me." Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud flew across the sky as he said loudly. However, he was feeling extremely unease.

    Even Supremacy Star Destruction was destroyed in three strikes.

    What little did a mere Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud like him matter?


    Qin Yun did not say a word as a misty drizzle encompassed the entirety of the Tenebrous Fiend world. Ever since the Sword Dao in his Intrinsic Flying Sword was elevated to the pinnacle Great Dao level and became a Merit Numinous treasure, the Misty Rain domain it still possessed had become even more powerful. It had a wider range, one that could encompass a region of fifty thousand kilometers.

    "Destroy!" Qin Yun said softly.

    The countless raindrops transformed into Sword Qi as they pummeled the world!

    Sword Qi tore through countless fiends-each one of them tainted with immense sins-in the world, destroying their bodies. Roc Fiend and Fire Puppet died on the spot after being penetrated by the terrifying Sword Qi. Qin Yun's will had blanketed all the Skyfiends and had also swept through the two of them. He also recognized them to be the two Skyfiends he had been pursuing years ago; however, he thought nothing of it.

    With a mere thought, he had vanquished nearly all the fiends in a world!

    "Qin Yun, what do you think you are doing? Do you know what you are doing?" Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud roared angrily upon seeing what had just happened. "There's still time for you to quit. We fiends can write off the death of all these Skyfiends! But if you continue, you are tearing open the heavens!"

    "Tearing open the heavens?" Qin Yun shot him a glance.

    His Intrinsic Flying Sword, Misty Rain Sword, had already torn through the void and appeared beside Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud.

    Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud was equivalent to a mighty figure after all, so he had extremely powerful life-preservation means. To use the Misty Rain domain to kill him? It would require quite a bit of time. Qin Yun had no time to waste.


    The Misty Rain Sword instantly appeared beside him as Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud felt the space around him collapsing. He had no means of escaping.

    "This is going to be huge! Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud muttered. "This is really going to be huge!"

    As the Misty Rain Sword unleashed its assault, space rapidly collapsed in the direction of the sword tip. It caused Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud, who possessed extremely powerful life-preservation means, to be compressed! He was constantly shrinking from the compression... until he was just a tiny point. With a poof, he turned to dust, leaving behind his armaments.

    With the Qingping Sword on his back, Qin Yun extended his hand and the Misty Rain Sword tore through the void and returned into his palm.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun noticed something.

    He felt eyes watching from various spots.

    Mighty figures all across the Three Realms were watching, especially the Ancestral Fiends in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss. They were the most infuriated ones.

    "As expected." Qin Yun muttered before waving his hand. The Misty Rain Sword tore through a spatial passageway, linking him to a fiendish nest in a distant dominion. With one step, Qin Yun passed through the spatial passageway and arrived in another fiendish nest.

    "Why is he so daring!?"

    "Why does this Qin Yun dare to do this!?"

    All the ancient existences in the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss were infuriated and anxious. They knew very well what Qin Yun was doing.
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