Chapter 564: The Mighty Figures Watch the Battle

    Chapter 564: The Mighty Figures Watch the Battle

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    Qin Yun tore through the spatial passageway and arrived in the fiendish nest of another dominion.

    Simultaneously, Qin Yun felt rich merit begin to descend upon him.

    Such acts were destined to reward him with immense merit. However, it would only be rewarded slowly over time as the Small Worlds he took back needed time to be reoccupied.

    "All the merit will be infused into my Intrinsic Flying Sword. The more merit, the better," thought Qin Yun.

    The greater the merit, the stronger his flying sword would be.

    Meanwhile, Qin Yun also sensed the various fiendish nests in the numerous dominions. "The Three Realms are vast, and due to the way space is laid out, there are sixty dominions. The Heavenly Courts, Daoists, Buddhists, ancient demons, Chaos Godfiends, fiends, dragons, and the magi each occupy a number of dominions.

    Time in these sixty dominions ran at different speeds. They were even in different spatial dimensions.

    For example, even Yellow-robed Supremacy and Ancestral Master Zhang, who had strength that matched mighty figures, were still unable to cross dominions using their own strength before they attained their Great Dao. They had to rely on the powers of a sacred land like the Green Touring Palace to do so.

    Of the sixty dominions, some had strong governance, while others had weaker governance.

    For example, in dominions with ancient Chaos Godfiends ruling over a Great World, their perfected Golden Immortal strength naturally met no challenges to their rule.

    However, if a dominion did not have a number of Skygod and Skyimmortal experts who matched mighty figures or half-step Golden Immortals, and large numbers of ninth firmament Skyimmortals and Skygods under them, the governing body of its Small Worlds would be insufficient. The Heavenly Courts, Daoists, Buddhists, and various factions, including the fiends, would begin to slowly occupy the various Small Worlds. Although a Small World was small, numerous ones added together would have an amount of lives that far exceeded a Great World.

    "Sixty dominions. Ten of them are completely occupied by the fiends. They also have garrisons in twenty-six dominions. In these twenty-six dominions, there are countless fiends who occupy innumerable Small Worlds. My Effulgent dominion is one of the twenty-six dominions," thought Qin Yun.


    Qin Yun walked out from the spatial passageway and appeared in another Small World.


    This Small World was the Wind Fiend world of the Falling Willow dominion.

    Fiend Supremacy Saka was cultivating in seclusion. He had two curved grotesque horns and his body was layered with pale green scaled armor. He cultivated his body, making it extremely powerful. He was also adept at divine powers and saber arts. He was one of the strongest Fiend Supremacies who presided over the fiendish nests. He was even more powerful than Fiend Supremacy Black Wing who Qin Yun had previously dealt with.

    This was also the reason why Qin Yun chose his to be the second fiendish nest he destroyed. This was because the Fiend Supremacies would begin to escape as time passed.

    "Saka, quickly escape back to the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss. Quick!" A voice sounded in Fiend Supremacy Saka's mind.

    Saka opened his eyes with a frown. "What's happening? What's the rush?"

    Following that, a fluctuation instantly enveloped the entire Wind Fiend world, sealing off the space completely.

    "It's over!" The voice sighed and did not say another word.

    Qin Yun was too fast!

    Qin Yun had wiped out countless fiends in the Tenebrous Fiend world with a mere thought and killed Fiend Supremacy Tenebrous Cloud with one strike before coming here!

    "Boom!" Saka tore out of his seclusion chamber and instantly saw a young man carrying a dark green sword on his back high up in the sky. The young man looked over with a cold glare.

    "Qin Yun!" The color in Saka's face drained.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Misty drizzles enveloped the entire Wind Fiend world. The raindrops were tiny and very gentle.

    The numerous Skyfiends in the various caves looked up curiously. A number of them had drastic changes in expressions when they saw Qin Yun from afar. As for Saka, he was turning tepid. He cultivated his body, so he would even dare fight five Golden Immortals and Buddhas in battle. Even pinnacle Golden Immortals would take quite a while to kill him, but Qin Yun?

    He was a sword immortal!

    "Destroy!" Qin Yun looked down as the countless raindrops turned into swords, stabbing through all the fiends who were guilty of heinous sins. All of them were vanquished.

    Only the fiendish cultivators with few sins and mortals survived in the Wind Fiend world.


    The Misty Rain Sword tore through the void and instantly arrived next to Saka.

    The void began collapsing in the direction of the sword tip!

    In the void, Saka felt space collapsing around him as it kept compressing. When he was compressed to the size of a finger, the collapsing void finally buckled, and Saka's pale green scaled armor shattered as his body was covered with green blood. Yet, he managed to survive the attack.


    The Misty Rain Sword transformed into a thread as it instantly tore through Saka's body, only to return for another penetration. Saka held a gigantic scimitar in hand as he tried his best to fend off the attack. But he missed every single time. The gap between them was just too huge. The Intrinsic Connate Merit Numinous treasure, the Misty Rain Sword, was just too fast!

    It penetrated him again and again!

    In nearly a blink of an eye, he had been penetrated an additional eight times.

    Saka widened his eyes as his body began to crumble, eventually turning to ashes.

    "Although Star Destruction was strong and had a powerful body, in terms of body cultivation, you were stronger than him. I actually needed nine strikes to kill you." Qin Yun beckoned with his hand as the Misty Rain Sword instantly tore through the void and returned. The treasures left behind by Saka and the Wind Fiend world's three half-step Ancestral Fiends, as well as numerous fiends, all tore through space in copious amounts to arrive at Qin Yun's side. With a wave of his hand, he put all of them away.

    "The rest of the Fiend Supremacies of the twenty-four fiendish nests have fled back to the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss... Oh? There's still one who hasn't fled?" With a thought, Qin Yun sensed all the other fiendish nests. He immediately released his Misty Rain Sword and tore open another spatial passageway. Qin Yun entered with a single step.


    "Quick! Return to the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss immediately."

    "Qin Yun might come at any moment."

    The other fiendish nests had been in operation for eons, but they were forced to abandon every single one of them.

    None of the Fiend Supremacies had the confidence to face the peerless sword immortal who had slain Star Destruction. All of them used the powers of the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss and returned by crossing the dominion barriers! As for the half-step Ancestral Fiends and other powerful ninth firmament Skyfiends, all of them used their various means to escape with Major Void Transference. Some managed to gain the help of Fiend Supremacy avatars to activate array formations that drew upon the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss' powers to return. Some also fled through the void.

    "Quickly flee!"

    "Those who are slow at escaping are doomed."

    "Such a pity for this Small World. We paid such a huge price to build it, but now, we have to abandon it."

    "We didn't even have the time to dismantle it."

    All the Skyfiends fled. None of them stayed behind to dismantle the array formations. After all, they were set up to be fixed in place. They never thought of making them mobile, so dismantling what had been set up would be very difficult.


    Qin Yun came to the world with the third fiendish nest.

    He instantly noticed a female Fiend Supremacy in seclusion in a hall.

    "She didn't escape?" Qin Yun was surprised.

    "Sayi! Sayi!"

    Ancestral Fiends sent voice transmissions, as their angry bellows resonated within the seclusion chamber. However, Sayi ignored them.

    "Fiend Supremacy Sayi must be cultivating in seclusion. As she was too eager for success, she suffered a deviation and was forced to enter a death seclusion that means make or break for her. There's no way to awaken her now." The Ancestral Fiends quickly came to this conclusion.

    Fiends cultivated in more evil and maniacal means. It also resulted in more rapid increases in strength.


    It also made the process prone to error. Once they could not control their immense strength, it was very common to die on the spot from renegade Dharmic powers. It was also common for them to enter death seclusion! After they did so, they were completely cut off from the external world. If there was no breakthrough, she would not even resist if an attacker came to kill her.

    "In death seclusion because of a deviation?" Qin Yun had a guess.


    Immediately, Qin Yun began killing fiends. Many fiends had escaped from this world. The weaker ones were slow, but all the ones that had heinous sins were killed.

    Sayi was similarly killed by Qin Yun with a single strike. She died in death seclusion so easily.

    Twenty-six dominions... twenty-six fiendish nests. Qin Yun killed a total of three Fiend Supremacies! All the other Fiend Supremacies managed to escape.


    While Qin Yun destroyed the fiendish nests, the Ancestral Fiends were sending down commands to get the Fiend Supremacies and Skyfiends to evacuate. They were also in an urgent meeting to discuss countermeasures.

    "We have to think of a way to stop him. We can't let him continue."

    "Unless these twenty-six dominions have a garrison to support them, there's no way to defend against the Daoists and Buddhists. The countless Small Worlds we occupy will be very quickly snatched back by them. All these years... we fiends have managed to infiltrate numerous Small Worlds, strengthening the Fiendish Heavenly Dao. If we were to lose so many Small Worlds at one go, the Fiendish Heavenly Dao would be greatly weakened."

    "Yes, the hard work we have put in all these years has allowed us to occupy that many Small Worlds in the twenty-six dominions. This is the very foundation of us fiends!"

    "But what can we do? The dominions everywhere have been destroyed. The powerful Skyfiends are being pursued. Without a batch of pinnacle Skyfiends, those weak Skyfiends are not able to defend that many Small Worlds."

    "Darn it."

    "Our various garrisons were built arduously. Even Star Destruction wouldn't have been able to destroy one in a year or so. But Qin Yun... his Itinerant Immortal Dharmic powers are stuck at the pinnacle Skyimmortal realm, but his strength is far higher than Star Destruction's! He can even forcibly tear open space and arrive deep in a Small World's core. Our array formations have turned into nothing but decoration."

    The Ancestral Fiends were all griped with anxiety.

    The twenty-six fiendish nests were indeed built to be impregnable. They were even more powerful than the eight arrays that defended the Great Chang world! After all, the Great Chang world's eight arrays were bought by Qin Yun. In comparison, the twenty-six nests were set up by the combined efforts of the fiends themselves. There was even some help from the Fiend Ancestor.

    However, Qin Yun could forcibly penetrate space and enter deep into a Small World. The array formations turned into nothing but jokes.

    "We have no solution."

    "No one can stop Qin Yun in a Small World."

    "Let's await the Fiend Ancestor's orders."


    The various factions in the Three Realms were watching Qin Yun's operation. Many mighty figures were rejoicing.

    Many of them had experienced the Daoist-Fiend war, and now, seeing the Three Realms' best Itinerant Immortal, Qin Yun, destroy the fiend nests one after another, turning the hard work of the fiends to naught, all of them were overjoyed. Even the Heavenly Courts' Jade Emperor, Emperor Polestar, and other existences were watching.

    They were all excited. This was definitely a huge victory against the fiends!

    "Hahaha, nice. Nice." In Green Touring Palace, the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure roared with laughter while sitting on a bed of clouds. He was extremely delighted as he sent a voice transmission, "Elderly Lord, Primordial Beginning, Gautama, and Nüwa, what do you think of this disciple of mine?"
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