Chapter 565: Fiend Ancestor Appears

    Chapter 565: Fiend Ancestor Appears

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    In Eight Scenic Palace, a white-haired and white-browed Grand Supreme Elderly Lord smiled as he watched all of this. He said, "This young guy named Qin Yun is indeed not bad. The strategic actions that took the fiends years to put in motion allowed them to occupy countless Small Worlds in the twenty-six dominions. Now, this Qin Yun has swept through so many fiendish nests, reducing all the painstaking work the fiends have put in to nothing. The fiends are probably hopping mad."

    "The Fiendish Heavenly Dao has infiltrated numerous Small Worlds. By taking back these Small Worlds, the Fiendish Heavenly Dao will also weaken as a result." In Nüwa Palace, Goddess Nüwa stood there watching remotely. She too said with a smile, "Black Lotus is probably turning anxious."

    "Definitely." In the Western Paradise's Mt. Numinous, Buddhist Ancestor Gautama sat on a Buddhist lotus as he smiled. "Black Lotus will not watch this happen without doing anything. He will definitely take action soon."

    "Black Lotus has powerful means. Numinous Treasure, your disciple might not be able to stay true to himself in front of him," said the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning with a laugh.

    The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure retorted, "If this disciple of mine has gone this far, he is naturally able to stay true to himself."

    "Black Lotus is the Fiend Ancestor, the originator of the Fiendish Dao," added the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning. "It's only normal if your disciple flinches. As his master, you should understand the difficulties a disciple will face."

    "Hmph!" The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure grunted coldly. "Just watch!"


    Qin Yun continued sweeping through the fiendish nests one by one.

    Mighty figures from every area were watching the developments. The fiendish mighty figures were the most anxious. The strength of the Fiendish Dao was intricately tied to them. Anyone would wish for their side to remain strong. Now, what Qin Yun was doing was leaving a massive impact on the fiends. After the countless worlds in the twenty-six dominions were snatched back, the Fiendish Heavenly Dao would weaken as a result. That was one aspect.

    The second aspect was that, with the countless Small Worlds in the twenty-six dominions, there was the possibility of producing countless Skyfiends. It was even possible that an Ancestral Fiend could be produced.

    But once these countless Small Worlds were taken back, the fiends would experience a drastic drop in fiendish cultivators at the lower echelons. The lower echelons determined the future upper echelons.

    "Quick, quick. Quick escape!"

    "Quickly activate the array formation."

    In a fiendish nest world, large numbers of Skyfiends were fleeing in panic. There were also Skyfiends standing in an array formation trying anxiously to activate the array formations.


    The world quaked as the Skyfiends turned to look. In the distance, a young man with a sword on his back walked out from a spatial passageway into the distance. He was none other than Qin Yun.

    "It's Qin Yun."

    "We are doomed." The Skyfiends revealed looks of despair.

    A misty drizzle appeared everywhere as it scattered across the entire world. Soon, these raindrops transformed into countless flying sword, killing all the fiends with heinous sins.

    Qin Yun stood in midair as merit kept descending upon him. Qin Yun would redirect the merit and infuse it into his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun suddenly sensed something as he looked up.

    In the cosmos.

    A towering female figure appeared. The neighboring planets beside her were not even the size of her feet. She was dressed in white and had purple hair. She was sitting on a gigantic boulder, smiling.

    She sat there looking down at Qin Yun from the cosmos.

    Behind the white-dressed woman, there was a boundless shadowy figure. The shadowy figure contained endless horrors, darkness, and banefulness. Just one glance was enough to make Qin Yun avert his eyes.

    "Fiend Ancestor." Qin Yun immediately knew who she was.

    Fiend Ancestor.

    The originator of the Fiendish Dao!

    "Legend has it that the Fiend Ancestor has cultivated three avatars. They are the female body, the male body, and the destruction body." Qin Yun knew this. "The one that appeared this time is the female body. I've heard that the Fiend Ancestor's female body has endless charms that can mesmerize one's Dao heart. But I'm in a Small World, so no matter what potent divine powers or Dharmic powers she has... they will be greatly weakened once they enter a Small World."

    Qin Yun understood this point.

    With his present strength, he did not dare enter the cosmos to fight the Fiend Ancestor's true body.

    "Qin Yun." The woman's white clothes fluttered as her fair, bare-footed toes could be seen clearly. She smiled as she looked at Qin Yun, a smile that made Qin Yun feel uncomfortable.

    "Are you willing to stop?" said the Fiend Ancestor's female body with a smile. "Should you have any conditions, you may present them now."

    "Fiend Ancestor." Qin Yun continued looking up. "Don't waste your efforts."

    The Fiend Ancestor shook her head. "Qin Yun, you have gained insights into a pinnacle Great Dao and you should know that the Heavenly Dao is split into Yin and Yang. There is darkness if there is light. The Three Realms were originally a swath of Chaos. It was Pangu who split the Heaven and Earth apart, allowing Yin and Yang to separate. The Three Realms have countless beings, but similarly, they have their boundless grievances, sins, and corruption... These energies combine to form the Fiendish Dao. Only if all life in the Three Realms is vanquished, returning everything to Chaos, would the Fiendish Dao cease to exist. If not... the Fiendish Dao will forever exist within the Three Realms!"

    Qin Yun's expression changed slightly.

    "The more living beings there are in the Three Realms, the stronger we fiends will naturally become. That is the general trend!" Fiend Ancestor smiled. Even if you can destroy these fiendish garrisons in a short amount of time, temporarily snatching back all these Small Worlds, as long as there are countless beings who harbor feelings of greed, envy, hate, and other such notions, we fiends will keep growing stronger. We fiends will eventually snatch back all these Small Worlds one day.

    "What you are doing is only influencing a moment in time," said the Fiend Ancestor. "It does not do any damage to the foundations of us fiends. Are you willing to risk everything to offend us fiends with a moment of suppression? Do you know the outcome?

    "Fiends believe in revenge for the smallest grievance. Aren't you worried about your family and loved ones after you die in about ten thousand years?" Fiend Ancestor smiled faintly.

    "Hmph, so the Fiend Ancestor is actually this shameless." Qin Yun's eyes were filled with coldness.

    "You can use the excuse of your family and loved ones to tell your master and others that I forced you," said Fiend Ancestor. "Cowering back because of your family and loved ones is something the Three Realms will definitely understand. Besides, as long as you stop... I can swear that even if you reincarnate, I will not destroy your soul energy in Samsara. You will completely be able to be received in your new incarnation."

    Samsara was extremely mysterious.

    Even mighty figures could not interfere in it.

    However, the Dao Ancestors and Fiend Ancestor was capable of doing so. They could infuse some energies in, so the moment mighty figures perished, the opposing side would immediately embark on a mission to destroy them, leaving only a True Spirit for reincarnation.

    Now, the Fiend Ancestor had promised not to take action... Qin Yun could not help but ruminate on the idea.

    Reincarnation? If he was received and awakened, he could redo things again?

    He could make another attempt at creating a sword immortal Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation or even a Golden Immortal Dharmic formulation?

    "Fiend Ancestor, you are extremely powerful. A swear does not bind you," said Qin Yun.

    "I can announce to the entire Three Realms that if you stop now, I will allow you to peacefully reincarnate. Furthermore, I will absolutely not do a thing to your family and loved ones," said Fiend Ancestor with a smile. "Once all the Three Realms knows of that, I will have to do as I say because of my standing. You can also tell your fellow disciples that you did it because of your family and your own cultivation path... leaving you no choice but to retreat. I believe your master and others will understand you. With your talent of so quickly attaining a pinnacle Great Dao, the moment you attain a Great Dao implies that in a million or ten million years of cultivation, it would not be difficult for you to become a perfected Golden Immortal. Once you become a perfected Golden Immortal, you would easily be the lord of a Great World. You would truly be invincible your entire life."

    Fiend Ancestor looked at Qin Yun and added, "Besides, you have been investigating all this time about the secret of the Great Chang world, right? Bojia would not dare defy me. As long as you stop, I will get him to obediently tell you of the Great Chang world's secret."

    "Think carefully," said the Fiend Ancestor. "Either you choose a path of no return, or you choose a path that is good for the both of us."
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