Chapter 567: Massive Merit

    Chapter 567: Massive Merit

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    Effulgent Great World, Thousand Saber Fiend Sect.

    Palatial Lord Kuishi was hiding there.

    "I nearly shared the same fate of being slain by Qin Yun as the numerous Skyfiends in the Tenebrous Fiend world." Kuishi was feeling a lingering fear. "Years ago, I attempted to assassinate him, so he will definitely not show me mercy. Thankfully, I was careful enough. Once I knew he killed Supremacy Star Destruction, I fled, afraid that he would seek revenge on me in the Tenebrous Fiend world.

    "He's crazier than I imagined and his ambition is even greater. Even the Fiend Ancestor's appearance was useless. Just one operation, and he has wiped out the fiendish garrisons in the twenty-six dominions. He has destroyed many years of our hard work.

    "As for me... He probably thinks of me like an ant, something he can crush without thought. He probably doesn't even care about me," thought Kuishi.


    A voice sounded in Kuishi's ears.

    She left the room and saw a pudgy elder appear in midair. Beside him were several Skyfiends.

    "Master." Kuishi immediately flew over and bowed reverently.

    "Come, return with me," said the pudgy elder.

    "Yes." Kuishi asked again, "Are we all returning?"

    "The various Small Worlds in the Effulgent dominion won't hold. We shall return for now," said the elder. Then, he led Kuishi and several Skyfiends back to a dominion ruled by the fiends.


    In a fiendish nest world covered in sand, Qin Yun stood high in the sky as hazy drizzles descended upon the land.

    Countless Sword Qi flew about wantonly, obliterating all the fiends with heinous sins.

    "This is the final fiendish garrison. All the Skyfiends have fled, leaving behind ordinary Fiendcelestials." Qin Yun looked up and his gaze penetrated the void. He saw massive numbers of Skyfiends fleeing across the void!

    "Do you think you can run?"

    Qin Yun waved his hand.

    Wisps of Sword Qi shot out. Each wisp of Sword Qi tore through the void and rapidly traversed the vast distance. Arriving in space, they slew the Skyfiends one by one.

    After the Sword Qi killed the enemy, the wisps would bring back all the spoils of war.

    "Now, the fiends are desperately trying to rescue the Skyfiends in the twenty-six dominions." Qin Yun could look across the Three Realms with a mere thought. He could see many Ancestral Fiends appearing to rescue half-step Ancestral Fiends and the powerful late-stage Skyfiend experts. After all, they were Skyfiends who were born out of the countless worlds in the twenty-six dominions over a long period of time.

    It was even possible that a number of the countless Skyfiends would one day become Ancestral Fiends!

    The fiends naturally had to rescue them!

    "The Daoists, Buddhists, Heavenly Courts, and various factions have begun taking action to kill the fiends." Qin Yun smiled. "However, I'm still the best when it comes to killing these Skyfiends."

    He waved his hand.

    The Misty Rain Sword tore open a spatial passageway and connected to a distant Small World. Qin Yun directly arrived in that Small World through the passageway.

    This Small World was ruled by a ninth firmament Skyfiend.

    "Wait, in a while Patriarch will be here and he will bring us back to the fiendish dominion." A ninth firmament Skyfiend was leading his Skyfiend subordinates as he waited.

    "Brother, how long have we got to wait?"

    "Patriarch is rescuing the half-step Ancestral Fiends first. One by one," said the ninth firmament Skyfiend "Soon, it will be our turn."

    "Are we going to just abandon everything? Are we giving up on all the Small Worlds we rule?"

    "We have to! If we continue staying here, we'll be seeing Qin Yun tear open a spatial passageway and appear here before we know it. When that happens, we will no longer be able to flee."

    "Will Qin Yun come here now?"

    "Don't worry. There are so many Small Worlds in the twenty-six dominions. Qin Yun is just one man. Such a coincidence won't happen."

    Just as the ninth firmament Skyfiend finished his sentence, they saw a spatial passageway tear open in midair as Qin Yun walked out.

    "Qin Yun!"

    "It's him!"

    The color in the Skyfiends' faces drained. The ninth firmament Skyfiend leading them wore a look of despair. He was going to perish, just like that, after a life full of power!

    Qin Yun looked down and with a wave of his hand, countless raindrops turned into sharp swords that bore down on the group of Skyfiends.

    "Killing all these Skyfiends with grievous sins can firstly prevent them from continuously wreaking havoc, and secondly, there's immense merit gained in doing so. For the present me, the more merit I have, the better." As Qin Yun slew the Skyfiends, merit was constantly descending upon him as he transferred all the merit into his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    "However, there's just too many Skyfiends.

    "Among the the twenty-six dominions, even if I only kill all the late-stage Skyfiends, there are just too many of them." Qin Yun stepped through the spatial passageway once again as he headed for another Small World with late-stage Skyfiends.


    Twenty-six dominions.

    To rule over countless fiendish Small Worlds in a stable fashion was a difficult task.

    For example, apart from the fiendish garrison where the supreme fiendish leader resided, there were a large number of Small Worlds occupied by late-stage Skyfiends... They had numerous mid-stage Skyfiends who could rule over the Small Worlds... As for early-stage Skyfiends and those at the Fiendcelestial realm... just a handful of ordinary Fiendcelestials was sufficient to rule in those worlds with thin Heaven and Earth spiritual energies.

    One rung after another, the ladder of command was meticulously planned, allowing reinforcements to be provided at any time.

    As such, the fiends were able to fend off the infiltrations of the Daoists, Buddhists, and the Heavenly Courts!

    But now... Qin Yun had directly destroyed the strongest twenty-six fiendish garrisons! Following that, he pursued the late-stage Skyfiends. Having lost the reinforcements of the upper echelons, the countless fiendish Small Worlds naturally could not be defended when the large number of Daoist and Buddhist experts stormed them. Some even abandoned the Small Worlds upon receiving the orders from the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss and began fleeing for their lives.

    All of this was because of Qin Yun!

    The Fiend Ancestor had attempted to stop him, but he had failed.


    "Hahaha, nicely done Sword Immortal Qin. All we can do is wait in space and stop those Ancestral Fiends and kill some Skyfiends. This Sword Immortal Qin is able to the enter Small Worlds to slay Skyfiends and is faster than us. Gongming, the kills your junior brother has garnered in a day is probably many times the number of kills you've gotten your entire life." A barefooted immortal smiled while walking amid the cosmos. Beside him was a golden-robed man with a long beard.

    The golden-robed man sighed. "This junior brother is obviously stronger than me. If he had not brought forward his tribulations to save his homeworld and ended up an Itinerant Immortal, he probably would have had a chance of reaching the perfected Golden Immortal realm in the future."

    "It's truly quite a pity. Oh, an Ancestral Fiend has appeared. Let's go," said the barefooted immortal.

    The duo vanished instantly.


    One mighty figure after another from the Three Realms helped out. Many of the dragons, magi, ancient demons, and Chaos Godfiends had taken action. Clearly, when it was time to deal with the fiends, the various factions were unified.

    In just an hour, the Three Realms restored its calm.

    Qin Yun also returned to his homeworld, the Great Chang world.

    "Brother Yun." Yi Xiao had long been waiting. Only when she saw Qin Yun return with the Qingping Sword on his back did she smile.

    "Has it ended?" Yi Xiao immediately poured some tea for Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun sat down and drank the tea, nodding. "It's over. The fiends are trying to save the Skyfiends with all they have. Even Patriarch Blood Sea's nine avatars appeared! The Fiend Ancestor's destruction body even clashed once with Buddhist Ancestor Gautama. However, they were too far from me... They stopped fighting after just a single clash.

    "The half-step Ancestral Fiends in the twenty-six dominions were the first to be rescued. While I was sweeping through the fiendish garrisons, the Ancestral Fiends took action to rescue the fiends! About ninety percent were rescued, but there were ten percent killed," said Qin Yun. "As for late-stage Skyfiends, about half of them were rescued. Mighty figures had managed to kill quite a number. I killed a few. Although I was the only one who could enter Small Worlds in pursuit."

    Yi Xiao nodded slightly. She could see the endless merit descending upon Qin Yun. She also knew that Qin Yun was redirecting it all to his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    "Since the rise of the fiends," said Yi Xiao. "Immense effort was made to occupy so many Small Worlds in the twenty-six dominions. Now that they have been taken back, this merit should far exceed what you gained from killing Star Destruction, right?"

    "If you count from when I started the operation, the merit I received is about twice the amount I received from killing Star Destruction," said Qin Yun with a smile. "However, this merit still continues to descend upon me. Every Small World regained is tied to my efforts, so I will receive a portion of the merit! As for the cultivators who reoccupy the Small Worlds, they will also obtain a portion of the merit."

    Yi Xiao nodded.

    Countless Small Worlds...

    Experts needed to be deployed to occupy them, and allow the Three Realms' Heavenly Dao to permeate them once more. That required an immense number of people!

    Qin Yun naturally could not do it alone.

    However, because of Qin Yun, the fiends had taken the initiative to flee from the countless Small Worlds! Therefore, he was crucial in all of this. Every Small World regained would provide him with immense merit.

    "Brother Yun, will gaining such immense merit give your Intrinsic Flying Sword a chance at becoming a Merit Cardinal treasure?" asked Yi Xiao.

    Merit Cardinal treasures were a legend!

    Qin Yun had influenced twenty-six dominions, allowing countless Small Worlds to be reoccupied by the Three Realms' Heavenly Dao. It influenced the situation of the Three Realms, which naturally meant immense merit.

    But as for a Merit Cardinal treasure?

    Qin Yun lacked the confidence.

    "No idea. It will take another one or two years before all the Small Worlds are taken back," said Qin Yun. "When that happens, I'll know if my Misty Rain Sword has a chance of becoming a Merit Cardinal treasure."

    "If it succeeds in becoming a Merit Cardinal treasure, you have have a little more chance at transcending the Itinerant Immortal tribulation." Yi Xiao held Qin Yun's hand. She was always worried for the impending Itinerant Immortal tribulations.

    Qin Yun smiled.

    "Brother Yun, after you are done with this, shouldn't you be attempting to make an Essence Soul breakthrough?" asked Yi Xiao. "If your Essence Soul were to reach the pinnacle Golden Immortal level, your cultivation will be ten times faster than it is now. However, your true body will no longer be able to enter Small Worlds. Would we need to move?"
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