Chapter 570: Ends of the Three Realms

    Chapter 570: Ends of the Three Realms

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    Ninth floor of the Myriad Dharma Repository.

    It was very quiet in here, with Qin Yun being the only person inside reading.

    "The records my Green Touring Palace has of the Three Realms' Connate Numinous treasures are considered very complete," Qin Yun mused while reading. "There are probably only a very small number which have gone unrecorded."

    Intelligence regarding Connate Numinous treasures was very important. He had to understand them ahead of time.

    If not, he might accidentally offend someone he could not afford to.

    "The Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor's Golden Jade Ring is truly powerful. Ordinary pinnacle Golden Immortals could succumb to him if they were not careful. If I were using my Intrinsic Flying Sword, I'd probably have to put it away!" Qin Yun read the description in the book and turned wistful. "Thankfully, Master lent me the Qingping Sword, giving me greater confidence."

    The Golden Jade Ring and Qingping Sword were Connate Cardinal treasures. Not anyone could use such Connate Cardinal treasures. Even ordinary Golden Immortals and Buddhas would not be able to deliver the full strength of a Connate Cardinal treasure even if they happened to chance upon one.

    Qin Yun had grasped a pinnacle Great Dao, allowing him to fully produce the Qingping Sword's might.

    When in Small Worlds, Qin Yun was absolutely invincible.

    But among the various mighty figures, Qin Yun had to be careful. After all, the various kinds of Connate Numinous treasures were all different. Even Yang Jian and Monkey Sun had to be careful about suffering a loss. Qin Yun did not have a body as powerful as those two and so had to be even more careful. Therefore, at the mighty figure level, it was actually more unlikely one would engage in combat. There was the fear that they could lose their lives and turn all their years of cultivation to naught.

    After all, who knew if the enemy had a Connate Numinous treasure that was meant to counter them? Perhaps, someone could specially borrow a powerful Connate Numinous treasure in order to take them down.

    "Connate Wonders... Oh? At the ends of the Three Realms, inside the Chaos?" Qin Yun flipped through a book which introduced the various kinds of Connate Wonders and the general location where they could be found.

    "The Chaos is boundless. Back when Pangu split apart the heaven and earth, he brandished his Pangu Ax to split apart the Chaos, but all he did was divide a region amid the Chaos, giving birth to the Three Realms. At the ends of the Three Realms is Chaos." Qin Yun nodded slightly. "Danger lurks throughout the endless Chaos. For instance, some ancient Chaos Godfiends still remain inside the Chaos. However, the Chaos is also full of opportunities! Connate Wonders, Connate Numinous treasures... many of them were born in the Chaos. If one was lucky while inside, perhaps one could obtain a Connate Numinous treasure.

    "However, according to the book records, over all this time, the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor, and some Chaos Godfiends, would frequently travel the Chaos. Hoping to find Connate Wonders and Connate Numinous treasures in the regions relatively closer to the Three Realms is unlikely. However, if one goes too far out, even perfected Golden Immortals can get lost and never return. Only the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor dare to probe deep into the Chaos.

    "Getting lost?

    "Once one is too far in, they would fail to sense the existence of the Three Realms. Without any sense of direction, to the point of hardly being able to grasp the flow of time, how would one be able to return once they are lost in the Chaos?" Qin Yun was secretly alarmed.


    After reading through many reports, Qin Yun finally came to the five manuals placed in the middle of the Myriad Dharma Repository's ninth floor.

    The Five Elemental Sword Sutra, the Infinite Mother Scrolls, the Cavern of Mystery Sutra, the Jade Luminaries Sword Sutra, and the Supreme Pure One's Twelve Volumes.

    "The Five Elemental Sword Sutra was created by Eldest Senior Brother. What I learned previously only allowed me to attain a Great Dao! But what is placed here is the portion that leads to the perfected Great Dao. The Infinite Mother Scrolls were created by Eldest Senior Sister. The remaining Cavern of Mystery Sutra, Jade Luminaries Sword Sutra, and Supreme Pure One's Twelve Volumes were created by Master... All of these are at the perfected Great Dao level." Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    This was what heritage was.

    Manuals of perfected Great Dao were impossible to find outside.

    Yet, there were five here!

    "Immortal Vanquishing Hall should be where Master's highest attainments are." Qin Yun was in no rush. He planned to enter seclusion in the Immortal Vanquishing Hall after his Essence Soul broke through to receive the paramount heritage of the Green Touring Palace.

    Following that, Qin Yun first began reading the Jade Luminaries Sword Sutra.

    Just this read took him a longer time than reading his five manuals from before.

    Just memorization was naturally fast, but he could not help but imagine and make connections as he was reading. As ideas came to him, he found himself engrossed in it for a day and night.

    "So this is a perfected Great Dao."

    "The advice from others always helps one to overcome one's shortcomings."

    "Once I resolve the matters of the Great Chang world, I'll be able to enter seclusion in peace to figure this out." Qin Yun held back his cultivation and put down the manual.

    "I have to quickly raise my insights into the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart. Master clearly doesn't like my wasting of time," Qin Yun pondered. "I have to raise it as soon as possible, and the best way... is to find a treasure that can aid my cultivation of the Heavenly Cycle Great Dao."

    Heavenly Cycle Great Dao.

    It was similarly a Great Dao that led to a perfected Great Dao! For instance, the ancient demon's Celestial Thearch and Emperor Polestar had cultivated in the Heavenly Cycle Great Dao, making them existences at the perfected Golden Immortal level.

    "Connate Numinous treasures contain a Great Dao in them and are most suitable as study material." The information regarding the Connate Numinous treasures in the Three Realms surfaced in Qin Yun's mind. "And the most suitable one for me is the Connate Numinous treasure, the Eighteen Flying Stars."

    The Eighteen Flying Stars was refined by the ancient demons' Heavenly Courts with the help of Connate Wonders.

    The Ancient Heavenly Courts was most famous for its Stellar Heavenly Cycle Array, and the Eighteen Flying Stars was considered a simplified basic version.

    "The Eighteen Flying Stars has exchanged owners several times after the Ancient Heavenly Courts was destroyed. Now, they are in the hands of Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous of Mount Green Top's Purple Cave." Qin Yun nodded slightly. "Time to meet him."


    Heavenly realm. Mt. Green Top, Purple Cave.

    Outside the cave abode.

    A youth was kneeling there with his face pale. His breathing was weak but he continued persisting.

    A Dao Child was sweeping at the entrance, causing a rustling sound. He swept the area patiently and when he came to the youth's side, he said, "It's best you return. Don't continue kneeling. It's useless no matter how long you kneel."

    "I will keep kneeling. I will make Perfect Sovereign see my sincerity. Even if I die from kneeling, I'll continue kneeling," said the youth weakly through his pale lips.

    "It's useless even if you kneel to your death. Numerous people in the Three Realms wish to be my master's disciple. You think Master will take you in as a disciple just because you are kneeling here? Dream on." The Dao Child shook his head. "You were able to strive and get all the way here and Senior Brother gave you a chance. But clearly, your talents are lacking. You do not qualify to enter my Purple Cave. It's best you return to where you came from."

    With that said, the Dao Child continued sweeping the grounds.

    Not far away, a young girl could not help but run over with a water flask. She immediately said, "Young Master, drink some water. You have been kneeling for three months without a sip of water. You are deliberately not using your Dharmic powers to support you. You won't last long."

    "Go away." The youth waved his hand.

    "Young Master!" The girl turned anxious as teardrops rolled down her cheeks.

    "Steeling himself without the use of Dharmic powers?" The sweeping Dao Child shook his head as he sighed. "I have seen so much all these years. It's useless."

    "Young Master, let's not wait here. Let's find other Exalted Immortals," said the girl anxiously. "I'm sure one of them will be willing to take you in as a disciple."

    "Perfect Sovereign is a pinnacle mighty figure of the Three Realms. Only by becoming his disciple will I have a chance of seeking revenge!" said the youth through clenched teeth. "If not, it will all just be a waste of time."

    "Young Master." The girl was burning with anxiety.

    The youth waved his hand. "Leave." With that said, he glared angrily at the girl.

    All the girl could do was stand to the side with the water flask in hand.

    Her young master was a cultivation genius, attaining a Connate Golden Core at the age of sixteen. It was not difficult for him to attain an Essence Soul and he had a chance of becoming a Skyimmortal. However, his enemy was just too terrifying. Ordinary Skyimmortals were like ants in front of him. He went through great difficulty before arriving at Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous's cave abode.

    Silence returned to the cave abode's periphery.

    The youth continued kneeling as the girl watched silently from afar. As for the Dao Child, he continued sweeping the grounds slowly.


    A figure appeared out of the void.

    It was a youth carrying a dark green sword on his back. His sudden appearance was noticed by the kneeling youth, the girl, and the sweeping Dao Child.

    "Greetings, Senior." The Dao Child immediately walked over and bowed.

    "I'll be troubling you to pass a message to Dao Brother Pristine Void," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Just say that Qin Yun is here to pay him a visit."

    Dao Brother Pristine Void?

    The Dao Child was alarmed! With the standing his master, Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous, had in the Three Realms, few people had the right to address him as Dao Brother Pristine Void.

    "Dao Brother Pristine Void?" The kneeling youth could not help but look at Qin Yun. "Who is he? He seems to be rather acquainted with Perfect Sovereign?"

    From the side, the girl silently moved to the kneeling youth's side and gestured with her eyes.

    The youth understood that his maidservant was urging him to cozy up to this powerful figure. Perhaps, the person in front of him was a mighty figure in the Three Realms.

    And at that moment, Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous had already been made aware of what was happening outside Purple Cave. He took the initiative to walk out of his chamber.

    "Master." When the Dao Child saw his master approaching, he immediately reported, "There's a man named Qin Yun outside..."

    However, Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous did not seem to listen to his report as he gave the direct order, "Quick, open the doors. I wish to welcome Brother Qin myself."

    Immediately, all his disciples frantically rushed to open the doors.

    "Qin Yun?"

    "Sword Immortal Qin who swept through the twenty-six dominions of the Three Realms?"

    "I heard that the Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor lent his Connate Cardinal treasure, the Qingping Sword, to Sword Immortal Qin!" These personal disciples of Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous were well-informed. They engaged in secret voice transmission discussions while opening the doors.


    Following that, the entire door to Purple Cave opened.

    Disciples stood to the sides, with the strongest few disciples following behind Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous.

    "Hahaha..." Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous laughed as he walked out. His Daoist robes fluttered in the wind and when he came near, he immediately gave a deep bow, "Brother Qin, please accept my respects!"

    "Dao Brother Pristine Void, I can't accept that." Qin Yun immediately went forward to help him up.

    "I'm thanking you on behalf of all life in the Three Realms' twenty-six dominions. You have to accept it." Perfect Sovereign Pristine Void Virtuous smiled as he stood up. "Come, follow me in to have a chat." With that said, he held onto Qin Yun's left arm and warmly invited him in.

    The youth kneeling not far away immediately got up and took a few steps forward before plopping down to the ground, kneeling. He shouted, "Senior!"
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