Chapter 572: Samsara Dew

    Chapter 572: Samsara Dew

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    Outside Purple Cave.

    The kneeling youth was still pondering. "Why did Sword Immortal Qin smile at me? What profound meaning does his smile have?"


    The youth sensed something as he looked up.

    "Dao Brother Pristine Void, there's no need to send me off." Amid laughter, Sword Immortal Qin with the dark green sword on his back flew straight out of the deep recesses of the cave abode. He then vanished after flying high into the sky.

    "He's gone?"

    The youth was taken aback. "He's leaving just like that?"

    He even had thoughts that Sword Immortal Qin had plans for him.

    "How can it be that simple to become a mighty figure's disciple?" said the Dao Child with a laugh. "I already told you to leave. Kneeling here to your death won't work."

    The youth turned somewhat hesitant, but he shortly clenched his teeth and continued kneeling.


    After Qin Yun left Purple Cave, he visited one mighty figure after another. First, he sought out Connate Wonders which could be used in conjunction with the Chaos Pure Gold to nourish his Misty Rain Sword. Second, he sought out the cultivation enhancement item, Samsara Dew. After all, he only had about ten thousand years of cultivation time; every year of cultivation needed to be done at high efficiency.

    He did not seek to match the cultivation speed inside the Myriad Dharma Pool, but he needed to try his best to get as close as he could.

    And in the entire Three Realms, the best cultivation enhancement item was the Myriad Dharma Pool's Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid. Ranked second was the Samsara Dew that sourced from Samsara.


    In the deepest depths of the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss sat a lofty figure. He had green skin and a simple fur coat was draped over him. He had four arms and three eyes. However, the third eye remained indefinitely closed.

    Even though it was closed, his third eye released the aura of Major Destruction!

    He was the Fiend Ancestor's strongest destruction body!

    "Whoosh." The void in front of the Fiend Ancestor's destruction body distorted. Far ahead, it connected to a land of mystery. There, a colorful blinding light shrouded a blurry figure who sat cross-legged.

    "Brother Black Lotus," said the blurry figure. "Why are you suddenly seeking me out?"

    "Qin Yun has left his Small World to head for the Heavenly realm," said the Fiend Ancestor. "Help me kill him."

    "Do you hate him that much?" said the blurry figure with a laugh. "Brother Black Lotus, you won't be able to last long in the Three Realms, nor can you protect those disciples and grand-disciples of yours for long. Why are you so calculative with a junior? That is unlike you."

    The Fiend Ancestor smiled. "I naturally am not being calculative with him. I'm more interested in that Qingping Sword of his."

    "Qingping Sword?" The figure was enlightened as he laughed. "Although I seldom return to the Three Realms, I do know the current situation. I know that this Qin Yun had destroyed everything you set up in the twenty-six dominions. He is augmented with great merit, and has become a hero of the Daoists and Buddhists. By attacking him, we will probably provoke Numinous Treasure and the rest."

    The Fiend Ancestor immediately said, "As long as you kill him and bring the Qingping Sword to me, I'll give you the opportunity for Dao attainment which you have always desired."

    "This..." The blurry figure warped slightly.

    "With your strength, you should be able to kill him in one strike. What's there to be afraid of? Why, are you afraid of Numinous Treasure?" The Fiend Ancestor scoffed. "As long as you kill Qin Yun and immediately return to your Great World, what can Numinous Treasure do?"

    The figure laughed. "Brother Black Lotus, the Qingping Sword is a Connate Cardinal treasure which Numinous Treasure used to gain dominance in the Chaos back then. And Qin Yun is a mere Itinerant Immortal. He can only live for about ten thousand years. Numinous Treasure will definitely not let him have the Qingping Sword to him forever... It's at most a temporary loan.

    "There must be some 'backdoor' on the Qingping Sword. I'm not afraid of Numinous Treasure in a Great World, but in the Heavenly realm... Numinous Treasure is able to release all his strength. Furthermore, how can a Connate Cardinal treasure he lends his disciple be something so easily snatched? Perhaps, I'll be trapped by Numinous Treasure's Immortal Vanquishing Sword Array before I can even grab it. Then, all my years of cultivation would be for naught."

    "Fine. If you lack the guts, forget it." The Fiend Ancestor shook his head.

    "Can my opportunity for Dao attainment be exchanged for something else?" the blurry figure's voice turned slightly hoarser.

    "You will have to pay a price for anything you want. How can you benefit without risking your life?" The Fiend Ancestor laughed. "I've already given you another method. Either you capture that monkey and bring him to me, or you kill Qin Yun. Give me the Qingping Sword and I can give you what you want. However, you are afraid of this and that, leaving me quite helpless."

    "To take advantage of an opportunity for Dao attainment, one must be alive to use it first. To live, I cannot cross their bottom lines. Brother Black Lotus, forgive me for not being able to agree." After the blurry figure said that, the communication was severed.

    The Fiend Ancestor frowned slightly. "Even he has rejected me? All of those who have survived for so long are all too careful."

    From the Chaos to this very day, many ancient existences had perished...

    How could any one of the ones who remained alive not be extremely cunning?

    "If I can devour the Qingping Sword, it would make up for the loss of the twenty-six dominions. Unfortunately, none of the old bastards are willing to take action." Fiend Ancestor's eyes were filled with covetous desire before he closed his eyes and stopped thinking about it. The ones he had attempted to request help from faced no obstruction in the Heavenly realm, but if his true body were to enter the Heavenly realm, he would suffer immense obstruction. It would alert the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor immediately.


    After spending more than half a day meeting mighty figures, Qin Yun returned to the Great Chang world from the Heavenly realm.

    Yi Xiao was waiting for him in the garden and could not help but be delighted seeing him return.

    Qin Yun smiled. "The spoils of war from killing Star Destruction, a few Fiend Supremacies, and countless Skyfiends... have nearly been expended. All that's left is some of the array formation items from the twenty-six fiendish lairs," said Qin Yun with a smile. "However, that's still not bad. I bought all that I needed."

    "What did you buy?" asked Yi Xiao.

    "Half of the treasures were used to exchange for the Connate Numinous treasure, the Eighteen Flying Stars. Twenty percent of the treasures were used to exchange for Connate Wonders used to nurture my flying sword. The remaining thirty percent was used to exchange for Samsara Dew," explained Qin Yun.

    "If only you could exchange for Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid," said Yi Xiao. "In terms of cultivation enhancement items, it ranks first in the Three Realms while Samsara Dew only ranks second."

    Qin Yun shook his head. "In the future, when my Essence Soul breaks through to become a pinnacle Golden Immortal, my Essence Soul will be too powerful. The amount of Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid expended would also increase. A year's expenditure will match that of a Connate Numinous treasure. To have enough Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid for ten thousand years is not only something I can't afford, but an amount that all the Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid in the Three Realms combined together couldn't match."

    Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid was the rainbow-colored numinous liquid in the Myriad Dharma Pool.

    Typically, Green Touring Palace disciples entered the pool for three years. Every year's expenditure was only a hundredth of a Golden Immortal disciple's expenditure! Just a hundredth of the quantity was sufficient.

    After attaining a Golden Immortal Dao fruit, one could enter for another three years.

    "Besides, only the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor have means of collecting Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid," said Qin Yun. "It's nearly impossible to buy it. Even if it was purchasable, it will only be in extremely tiny quantities and very expensive. It's only suitable for breakthroughs at critical moments. As for Samsara Dew, it's much better. It also aids cultivation greatly."

    "Alright." Yi Xiao nodded. "Brother Yun, when do you plan to begin your seclusion?"

    "Tonight," said Qin Yiyi. "I'll cultivate with my all during this period of time. Help me watch Yiyi and Huan'er. They are not to leave the Great Chang world without my permission."

    "Don't worry. Both of them are very obedient. Besides, the Great Chang world's array formation is in place. The both of them won't be able to leave even if they wished to," said Yi Xiao with a smile.

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.


    That night, he accompanied his wife and children for dinner. After exhorting his children, he began his seclusion.

    In his chamber.

    "Samsara Dew." Qin Yun held a black jade bottle. Just this tiny bottle was worth four Connate Numinous treasures. It was about the price of Star Destruction's pair of arms.

    He pulled open the stopper.

    The dew inside surged as one drop flew out under the influence of Qin Yun's Dharmic powers. Qin Yun opened his mouth and imbibed it. The droplet quickly spread out after entering his mouth, washing over every spot of his Essence Soul.

    Despite feeling a little intoxicated, his mind could not help but generate ideas. Matters that once puzzled him were now rapidly resolved.

    Samsara Dew similarly targeted the Essence Soul's core. It had the effect of increasing one's perceptivity! It was only slightly inferior to the Myriad Dharma Essence Liquid's effects. However, it was also ranked second in the Three Realms, making it extremely precious.

    Its side effect was that it easily intoxicated the consumer!

    Even perfected Golden Immortal mighty figures would end up drunk from imbibing a mouthful.

    Qin Yun only took one drop at a time.

    "The Dao of the Heavenly Cycle." Qin Yun flipped his hand as the Eighteen Flying Stars floated around him like eighteen constellations in their natural revolution. They contained the charms of the Heavenly Cycle.

    Qin Yun pondered over it.

    After consuming Samsara Dew and being aided by the Eighteen Flying Stars, his speed at studying the Rosa Multiflora Sword Chart was naturally very fast.

    Days passed one after another.
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