Chapter 577: Moncanton

    Chapter 577: Moncanton

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    "It was difficult to infer the secrets of heaven across distant space. Now that I'm in the Wind Encasement Great World, I'll attempt an inference again." Qin Yun cast the Seven Stars Art as he carefully inferred the secrets of heaven.

    Distance was a factor in the difficulty of inference.

    For instance, there were Skyimmortals and Skydemons who were adept at inference! But typically, they could only do so in the world they existed in, not worlds that were a distance away.

    And for someone like Qin Yun who could infer across dominions, he was still unable to get clear signals from the secrets of heaven due to the distance. Inference was much easier when closer.

    Moments later.

    "Ancestral Fiend Moxiu's true body is hidden within eighty thousand kilometers." Qin Yun frowned. "I've narrowed down the range, but there are still billions of lifeforms inside this eighty thousand kilometers. There are nearly ten thousand Skyfiends!"

    He looked around him.

    His gaze easily gleaned the regions around him for thousands of kilometers. There were cities filled with human fiendish cultivators, Water race and fiendish demons, etc. The factions they formed were rather haphazard. There were countless at the ordinary Fiendcelestial realm, with Skyfiends numbering almost ten thousand. As for Moxiu, his true body was hidden among them under a guise. There was no way to find him.

    "Ancestral Fiend Moxiu exists in an illusionary reality. To find his true body, I need to try my best at narrowing the range as much as I can," pondered Qin Yun. "I'm good at inference, and my realm is higher than Moxiu's. The best method... is to deepen the karmic ties between us! If the karmic ties are enhanced, his concealment would also turn increasingly difficult."

    For instance, by being tied by blood, even ordinary cultivators who were unable to see karmic lines could sense the kinship between their family. This was because the karmic ties from blood kinship was much greater.

    For instance, for irreconcilable grudges, ones that could even span across multiple incarnations, the karma was so immense that even a mortal's body could vaguely sense it from afar.

    Qin Yun and Moxiu's karmic ties were still too thin!

    "Moxiu's cave abode palace." Qin Yun shot a glance through the void and saw an opulent palace nearly five hundred thousand kilometers away. It was Moxiu Palace. Large numbers of Skyfiends patrolled its periphery. "The security is tight as it oversees a huge region. However, the Moxiu inside Moxiu Palace is only an avatar."

    "How do I deepen my karmic ties with him?

    "Furthermore, how do I not make him turn wary?" Qin Yun pondered.

    After some thought, he made up his mind. "I'll do that!"

    He immediately took a step and vanished.


    When Qin Yun appeared again, he was already 25,000 kilometers away. He stood in midair as he looked at a luxurious cave abode which was built on a mountain range into the distance.

    Dark winds howled across it, making the cave abode appear blurry.

    "This cave abode belongs to Ancestral Fiend Moncanton's beloved disciple, Moncanton." Qin Yun looked over. With his skill when it came to space, he could pass through the array formation restrictions of the cave abode and look in. "The fights between Skyfiends are more cruel. Skyfiends from the Mental Demon lineage torture the hearts and minds of others, causing them to have numerous enemies. Most of Ancestral Fiend Moxiu's disciples have died, leaving only eleven. Moncanton is his most beloved disciple."

    In a dark hall inside the cave abode.

    "Kill us!"

    "Moncanton, kill us if you want to!"

    "You are a Fiend King of an area. Don't you find it beneath you torturing us?"

    The five restrained prisoners were shouting angrily. There was the elderly, youths, and women.

    Sitting high on a throne was a handsome and fair-skinned man. His eyes suffused a red glow as he smiled. "I, Moncanton, am well known for being benevolent. Don't worry. As long as you listen to me obediently, all the thousands of disciples from your Wind Returning Sect who were captured alive would survive."

    "They can all survive?" The five prisoners were taken aback.

    "There were a total of twelve Wind Returning Sect Elders," said Moncanton with a narrowed smile. "You five are the only ones who survived the three rounds of torture."

    The five prisoners could not help but feel their hearts palpitate.

    It brought back memories of the terrifying torture that they had been subjected to. It was something that so tormenting that they pleaded for death.

    "The five of you have impressed me," said Moncanton with a smile. "That is why I'm giving all of you an opportunity, an opportunity to live. Furthermore, you would regain your freedom, and even the freedom of thousands of Wind Returning Sect disciples."

    "What do you want us to do?" pressed the imprisoned elder. The other four stared at Moncanton intently, their eyes filled with a sliver of anticipation.

    Their sect could continue existing? They could also regain their freedom?

    The corners of Moncanton's lips curled up when he saw this. He thought to himself, "It's good that they desire to live. Perhaps the Wind Returning Sect can really allow me to nurture a Moncanton fiendish servant."

    "You have to do five things. Once completed, you would regain your freedom, along with the thousands of disciples." Moncanton clapped his hand and immediately, the Skyfiends under him carried in basins of meat. There were five basins of meat, each placed in front of the five prisoners.

    "The first thing is for you to finish the basin of meat," said Moncanton with a smile.

    The five prisoners were puzzled.

    Eat meat?

    Wasn't that too simple?

    "I'll tell you ahead of time. The seven Elders of your Wind Returning Sect's twelve Elders failed to survive the tortures and died," said Moncanton. "After they died, I ordered my subordinates to extract their meat and mixed them together to form these five basins of meat."

    "No, no..." The five had changes in expression.

    "Junior Sister! Junior Sister!" One of the young male prisoners stared at the basin of meat and nearly went crazy.

    "Dad! Mom!" A female prisoner wept as she looked at the basin of meat in front of her.

    Instantly, the five found it unacceptable.

    "All of you are fiendish cultivators. Why? Can't you do something as trivial as this? I'm making all of you do five tasks. This is only the first." Moncanton looked at them in excitement. On the one hand, he wished to nurture a Mental Demon fiendish servant from such tasks, but even if it failed, tormenting a person's psyche... was also something a Mental Demon Skyfiend like him enjoyed.

    "I don't have the patience. If you aren't eating, I still have other punishments waiting for you. It will make you wish you were dead. Also, none of the thousands of disciples you have will escape," said Moncanton coldly.

    "Eat! I'll eat!" a white-haired prisoner who was advanced in his age shouted with a deep voice.

    "Uncle-Master." The young male prisoner turned his head over.

    "I'll eat it as well." A cold-looking female prisoner had a deranged look in her eyes.

    "Very good. Two have agreed to eat. What about the other three?" asked Moncanton.

    The others found it unacceptable.

    They were indeed fiendish cultivators.

    Skyfiends could kill countless but they were obsessed over something. With the obsession, it prevented them from losing their way while cultivating the fiendish ways!

    Clearly, three of the five prisoners could not accept it.

    "Let the two eat first," instructed Moncanton.

    Two subordinates held a basin of meat and began feeding the two.

    When Moncanton saw this, he was filled with anticipation. "This is only the first task. Once you reach the fifth task, you will know what despair is! Hahaha. I'm looking forward to it."

    Just as the white-haired elder and cold-looking female were about to eat with bloodshot eyes-



    There was an explosion from outside.

    "Moncanton, your end is here!" An angry bellow sounded from outside.

    The white-haired elder and cold woman were taken aback. A look of anticipation flashed in their eyes as they turned to look over. The other three prisoners looked over in anticipation as well.

    Moncanton sat on his throne unperturbed. He smiled. "Many people wish me dead! Yet, I sit here fine. He- Oh? He cracked the array that quickly?"

    With that said, Moncanton stood up abruptly as he stared out the palace solemnly.

    He had long controlled the cave abode's array formation to defend against the enemy.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    Accompanied by a series of explosions, a gray-robed silver-haired youth charged in. Surrounding him were three blood-colored crescents that were filled with surging banal auras.

    The youth glared at Moncanton with eyes filled with anger and killing intent. "Moncanton, I've cultivated arduously for so many years just to kill you! You are doomed today. Prepare to die!"

    The person that had come was naturally the disguised Qin Yun!
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