Chapter 580: Finally Attacking

    Chapter 580: Finally Attacking

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    Qin Yun continued looking down.

    City Lord Manor.


    A Skyfiend elder who was attempting divine inference while trembling, finally spewed a mouthful of blood. He helplessly opened his eyes.

    "How was it? Did you figure out anything?" pressed a thin middle-aged man.

    "City Lord," said the Skyfiend elder, "Your son is dead. I tried my best, but I failed to find the murderer. I couldn't even get any details of the murderer. It's as though the murderer doesn't exist."

    "Even you can't figure it out?" The man had an ugly expression.

    "Either the murderer has a mystical item that conceals them from the heavenly secrets, or they are extremely powerful, probably far stronger than you," said the elder.

    The man frowned in thought before saying coldly, "If the person is far stronger than me, they probably came to this area in passing... My son must have offended the person accidentally and was killed. I naturally can't do a thing about that. But there is no need for such an existence to hide when killing a third firmament fiendcelestial. That's why I believe the murderer likely has a mystical item that can hide from the heavenly secrets.

    "Investigate. Look thoroughly into any one who has a vendetta against me and my son, anyone who might be able to kill my son..." instructed the man.

    "Yes, City Lord," replied the Skyfiend elder respectfully before he took his leave.

    The man watched as the elder took his leave, his eyes filled with a hint of anticipation. "I have fifteen sons. They are scattered across the lands so that they can be honed. Although one of them has died, it's not a big deal. But what kind of treasure could it be that can conceal one from the heavenly secrets?"


    While Qin Yun was observing the massive city, the City Lord's subordinates began to investigate in secret.

    "Interesting. The City Lord's son is dead? Even that Skyfiend who's good at divine inference can't figure it out..." Qin Yun felt a sense of anticipation. "Perhaps it's related to Moxiu."

    The City Lord's subordinates mainly investigated people who were strong.

    After all, the City Lord's son was at the third firmament Fiendcelestial realm. He also had guards and life-preservation treasures! No ordinary Skyfiend could manage to kill him without leaving a trace or without leaving some sort of corpse behind.

    Therefore, the City Lord's subordinates investigated targets that were at the third firmament Fiendcelestial realm or above. They even investigated experts from the surrounding tribes outside the city. They even investigated the Skyfiends from the surrounding factions.

    No one suspected Yu Fei for the time being.

    A mere merchant's son who had just broken through to the second firmament Fiendcelestial realm was completely not worth mentioning. Furthermore, only a handful of people knew that he had reached the second firmament.

    That was an ant-like existence when placed before the City Lord Manor.

    As for vendettas?

    Even the bodyguards of the City Lord's son did not remember how many women he had slept with in the past.

    Yu Fei had always been stuck at the first firmament Fiendcelestial realm. The women engaged to him... was similarly the daughter of a merchant. She was even at the Connate realm and had yet to reach the Fiendcelestial realm. Women who could reach the Fiendcelestial realm were in high demand. They could even come under the wings of Skyfiends, so they were not something Yu Fei could dream of.

    The woman's stature was equally low, and she was simply the Young City Lord's plaything for one night.

    Who would have imagined that his death was a result of her?

    No one would have entertained the thought that a mere son of a tiny merchant would have a Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend possessing him.


    Yu family's residence.

    The plump youth was reading inside a room.

    "Young Master, Young Master!" A servant rushed in. "Something major has happened!"

    "What is it?" the plump youth shot a glance.

    "Young Master, the slut you hated and wished dead is dead! The Chang Manor beside us are in a rage. They are investigating the murderer," chuckled the servant.

    The plump youth laughed as well. "Hahaha. There are countless brawls and deaths in this city. Numerous die every day. It has finally reached this slut. It's good that she's dead. Perfect."

    "Shut up."

    A sound boomed.

    The Yu family head walked in after appearing outside the room in a flash. The curved-horn elder extended his hand and, with a quake, the servant was pulverized.

    "Dad." The youth looked alarmed.

    "The daughter of the Chang family is dead, but I just heard a piece of news." The curved-horn elder looked at his son with narrowed eyes. "The City Lord's son is dead as well!"

    "What?" The youth looked shocked.

    "The City Lord's son and the Chang family's daughter were likely killed yesterday." The elder took in his son's reaction before heaving a sigh of relief. "Old Venom Chang did not know of the death of City Lord's son in the beginning. So he ordered an investigation into his daughter's death in anger. Having just learned that the City Lord's son is dead as well, he's now afraid. He's similarly trying to conceal the news."

    "Dad... our huge city is so large. Countless people die every day. That slut was a mortal, so what if she's dead? Even if City Lord Manor learns of this news, they will likely not care about it," said the plump youth. "Furthermore, the Young City Lord had slept with numerous women. Who would care about that slut?"

    "But we care!" said the elder in a deep tone. "The Chang family's daughter was engaged to you and she had spent a night with the City Lord's son."

    "Yes, yes," replied the plump youth obediently.

    "We are weak. City Lord Manor will not likely cast its sight on us," said the elder in hope.

    The youth mumbled obsequiously, but he was scoffing deep down. "In this city that spans only five hundred kilometers, there are only a pathetic number of Skyfiends. This tiny place... can be under my avatar's control with but a bit of effort. However, I still need to make plans for the uprising of this avatar. In all of the fiendish dominions, such trivial cultivation geniuses are common. As for the City Lord, he will be eliminated as an opponent in my avatar's growth. Then, he will occupy this city. For that to happen, it should be sufficient for this avatar of mine to reach the sixth firmament Skyfiend realm."

    Fiendcelestial realm? It had to face the tribulations.

    Therefore a Mental Demon avatar would typically be raised to the Skyfiend realm. The first three firmaments of the Skyfiend realm were just too weak. The sixth firmament was most suitable. It was not too conspicuous, but it was sufficient for taking and keeping control of a city.

    To Ancestral Fiend Moxiu...

    Everything was very simple. He needed to perfectly fuse with the body's soul while presenting a normal cultivation trajectory on the surface.

    "Eh, what are you reading?" The elder suddenly noticed the book in the youth's hands.

    "Dad," whispered the youth. "This is a cultivation manual I happened to chance upon."

    "What's the highest realm you can cultivate to with it?" pressed the elder.

    "It can reach the Skyfiend realm."

    "It peaks at the Skyfiend realm? Our Yu family has manuals in our collection. Two of them reach the sixth firmament Skyfiend realm. As for just the Skyfiend realm, there are dozens of those." The elder thought nothing of it. In the Wind Encasement Great World, there were numerous Skyfiends. A manual that peaked at the Skyfiend realm was just too common.

    "No, this cultivation manual suits me very well. After I read through it, I very quickly broke through to the second firmament Fiendcelestial realm," said the youth. "I keep feeling that by studying this manual, my cultivation speed becomes really fast. I improve more than what it used to take me ten years in a day."


    The elder was delighted. "Great. It's best if it suits you. It looks like my son has obtained a cultivation manual that suits him best."

    Every cultivator had their talent.

    Those who were not cut out for cultivation would find it a torture.

    But if they found something most suitable to them, it was like adding wings to a tiger. Cultivation would feel like bliss.

    "Yes, it suits me very well." The youth nodded.

    "Don't leave home in the days to come. We should monitor the situation," instructed the elder. "You can also use this time to cultivate properly."

    "Got it." The youth nodded.


    Qin Yun watched all of this from above.

    "The City Lord's son and a woman are both connected to this Yu Fei?" Qin Yun pricked up his brows. "He suddenly found a cultivation manual that suits him very well? His strength rapidly broke through to the second firmament Fiendcelestial realm?

    "City Lord Manor's divine inference failed to find the murderer?

    "How can everything be such a coincidence?"

    Qin Yun was already rather confident on this matter. "Furthermore, his father is terrified and uneasy. In contrast, Yu Fei appears obsequious, but in fact, he's not at all flustered."


    Although he was confident, he continued waiting for five days.

    "There are really a lot of suspicious points.

    "He says he is cultivating diligently in front of his father and he says that he has learned a mystic art. But in fact, he does not cultivate at all while alone." Qin Yun smiled. "He probably... didn't imagine that someone whose attainments in space-time are higher than his would be secretly spying on him."

    Moxiu was ultimately an Ancestral Fiend.

    To secretly spy on him without his detection required an extremely high attainment in space-time. Even among pinnacle Ancestral Fiends, there were many who cultivated their bodies or array formations. Their attainments in space-time were not necessarily very high. Qin Yun's Sword Dao contained Heaven, Earth, and Man. His grasp of space-time was impressive... which gave him the courage and confidence to spy on Moxiu.

    "Three thousand plus targets."

    "In terms of possibilities, ranked first is this Yu Fei. It's 99% him!"

    "Once I take action, I'll alarm the Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend. I only have one chance. It's him!" Qin Yun believed that there were too many coincidences. It ranged from the target's incongruous behavior while being alone as well as how his strength increased without cultivating.

    Qin Yun could say nothing if he had really found the wrong target.


    "Young Master."

    Two beautiful slaves were waiting on the youth.

    The youth was laying half-slumped with the manual in hand. He looked carefree.

    "Sigh. This so-called dad of mine has forbidden me from going out. All I can do is bear with it." The youth appeared rather indignant. However, he was a Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend. Coming from the Mental Demon lineage, he loved toying with one's mind. He enjoyed stirring up something out of nothing. How could he be willing to stay put in an ordinary setting?

    "Oh, the both of you are good. Serve me well and you would be rewarded." The youth said with a smile.

    "Thank you, Young Master." The two beautiful slaves worked harder at fawning over him.

    And at that moment.


    A silver-haired gray-robed man appeared beside the youth without any warning. Meanwhile, he held a sheathed sword in his left hand. The scabbard was dark green in color and his right hand was on the sword's hilt.

    At the instant he appeared, the plump youth saw the gray-robed man's eyes which were filled with cold killing intent.

    "No good." The youth was alarmed. Even as a Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend, he was feeling horror at the moment.



    Thousands of figures flew out from the youth's body. The aura released by multitude of figures seemed to make the entire city freeze. This was the aura of an Ancestral Fiend! The Skyfiends and the other fiendish cultivators in the city were scared stiff. The fear was so innate they were powerless!

    "Poof!" The figures flew out from the body, but before they could get far out, sword flashes appeared!

    The gray-robed man slashed at the youth's body with the sword in his right hand.

    "Die!" shouted Qin Yun lightly.

    He struck out with one strike!

    It was a strike that had its might converged, preventing any fluctuations. It was unlike Moxiu's fervent release of the terrifying aura. The thousands of figures froze instantly as they silently decimated.

    Furthermore, this strike propagated down the karmic lines and slashed at Moxiu's other four Mental Demon avatars.
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