Chapter 581: Its Qin Yun!

    Chapter 581: It's Qin Yun!

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    Far away in another fiendish Great World.

    A Skyfiend sat cross-legged in meditation by a lake in the wilderness. He suddenly opened his eyes, face filled with horror. "No!" He tried his best to resist the terrifying sword slash that traveled through distant space across a karmic transmission. The might of the slash had been greatly weakened after traveling through the karmic transmission, but it was not something Moxiu's Mental Demon avatar could withstand.


    Silently, the cross-legged figure was decimated into nothingness.


    The remaining four Mental Demon avatars were superficially at the Skyfiend realm, but in fact, they were one with the Mental Demon True Body! Their core vitals were intrinsically the Ancestral Fiend's, so they were unable to enter Small Worlds.

    As for Moxiu's true body, it had the means to control his Mental Demon avatars.

    Keeping the Mental Demon avatars too powerful would weaken the true body since their strength stemmed from the same source.

    The true body maintained ninety percent of his strength... weakening the Mental Demon avatars. The few Mental Demon avatars were mostly at the sixth firmament Skyfiend realm. Only one of them possessed nearly ten percent of the overall strength, maintaining the might of a half-step Ancestral Fiend.

    "Pfft." A golden-armored Skyfiend on a throne dissipated similarly.

    "Pfft." In the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss, a flying Skyfiend was decimated as well.

    Only one was left.

    He was a red-robed bald man. He stood obediently underneath a temple among many figures. They were all listening to the preachings of an elder who sat on a blood-red lotus.

    This was Moxiu's strongest avatar, possessing almost ten percent of his strength! Furthermore, it came under the tutelage of one of the powerhouses, Patriarch Blood Sea. Moxiu paid a lot of attention to this avatar. From his point of view, Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence... was an extremely safe place. And even karmic attacks would be greatly weakened due to the interference from Patriarch Blood Sea's cave abode.

    "No good." The red-robed baldy revealed a furious look.

    He did not even have the time to speak.

    The might of the strike had arrived through a karmic transmission.

    "This is Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence. This avatar of mine has the strength of a half-step Ancestral Fiend. It's much stronger when it comes to resistance! I definitely can survive the strike!" The red-robed baldy had this thought surface in his mind while feeling anticipation.

    "I see it!"

    The red-robed baldy was able to see the strike unlike his other three avatars. Furthermore, he was the strongest Mental Demon avatar and he was positioned inside Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence!

    He saw the strike!

    The sword beam slashed across the boundless Chaos!

    As such, heaven and earth were split...

    The sword beam that sliced through the Chaos, splitting heaven and earth apart struck his body and soul.

    Even Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence only managed to weaken the sword beam slightly.

    "Pfft." Without a sound, the red-robed baldy was decimated both body and soul. Only a wisp of his True Spirit returned to Samsara.

    Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend Moxiu had been wiped out from the Three Realms!

    "This... This..."

    "Who is so daring?"

    "To think he killed Junior Brother Chan."

    The fiendish cultivators around him who were listening to the preachings were horrified. This was Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence!


    Sitting high on a blood-colored lotus, the elder looked down. His eyes were cold. "Moxiu?"


    Wind Encasement Great World.

    The plump youth sent thousands of figures frantically flying in every direction, its terrifying might permeating the entire city. When the gray-robed man slashed out with his sword, all the thousands of figures were decimated. The plump youth's body was vanquished as well.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun held the Qingping Sword and sensed the outcomes.

    The might of that one strike had reached the four Mental Demon avatars.

    The other three were easily killed.

    Only the red-robed baldy in Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence had put up some bit of resistance. The strike had less than ten percent of its original might after its karmic transmission. It was later affected by the Dao residence, weakening it further. However, the disparity in strength was extremely great, so he still managed to forcibly kill Moxiu's final Mental Demon avatar.

    With all Mental Demon avatars dead, Moxiu had truly perished!

    Massive amounts of merit began descending upon him! The havoc that Mental Demon Ancestral Fiends wreaked on the Three Realms were similarly massive. There were only three Ancestral Fiends of the Mental Demon lineage, including Patriarch Mental Demon! They had long made the Three Realms tremble in fear, but now, one of them had perished.

    "Thankfully I used all my strength as well as the Qingping Sword," thought Qin Yun. "If I had used my Intrinsic Flying Sword, it might have matched the strength of the Qingping Sword, but in terms of mystical charm, it's intrinsically different. I might not have been able to kill the Mental Demon avatar inside Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence."

    If he used his Intrinsic Flying Sword, he was using a pinnacle Great Dao.

    But if he used the Qingping Sword, Qin Yun was using the means of a perfected Great Dao.

    All these years, he had been carrying the Qingping Sword with him. His master had lent it to him to study the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and it was indeed most suitable. The skill which Qin Yun had come up that he was most pleased with over the years was the Chaos Genesis Heaven Earth Split! But strictly speaking, what Qin Yun used was only a catalyst. It catalyzed the perfected Great Dao contained within the Connate Cardinal treasure Qingping Sword and released its strength. It was to date, Qin Yun's strongest strike.

    It was a strike that could leave the Three Realms in fear.

    As the strike contained a perfected Great Dao's strength-making it equal Patriarch Blood Sea-the influence Patriarch Blood Sea's Dao residence had on it was extremely low.


    At the instant Moxiu perished-

    All the Ancestral Fiends who were cultivating in the Wind Encasement Great World immediately sensed it. They all knew that the Three Realms no longer had Moxiu among its inhabitants.

    "How audacious!"

    "How dare someone enter our fiendish dominion to kill Moxiu?"

    "Who is that arrogant?"

    These Ancestral Fiends were fuming. With a mere thought, they immediately activated the protective array of the Wind Encasement Great World.

    Qin Yun immediately sensed these changes when he killed Moxiu.

    "Space-time has been sealed." Qin Yun looked up into the sky. "The fiends sure reacted quickly."

    "Rumble!" A massive array spanning half a million kilometers appeared in the sky. There were blood runes dotting the array.

    Not only that, deep beneath the Wind Encasement Great World, there was also an ancient array formation which had been activated.

    "What happened?"

    "What's happening?"

    In the city Qin Yun was in, the City Lord and the numerous Skyfiends, as well as the Yu family head, the other Fiendcelestials, and mortals, all looked at the massive array that appeared in midair in horror.

    This was the world array of the Wind Encasement Great World! They had never seen it their entire lives. Its might left their hearts palpitating in despair.


    Qin Yun flew up into the sky and when he reached a high altitude, his gaze swept the area.

    Ancestral Fiends appeared one after another from every corner of the world. There were a total of six Ancestral Fiends. Five of them were ordinary Ancestral Fiends, with one of them being a pinnacle Ancestral Fiend.

    The fiends had ruled over ten dominions without any instabilities. The ten Great Worlds were perennially presided over by Ancestral Fiends. If there were any conflicts, even stronger Ancestral Fiends would rush over from the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss to reinforce them! Therefore, Qin Yun knew very well that the six Ancestral Fiends in front of him were only just the beginning.

    "You changed your looks and concealed yourself from the secrets of heaven. This act of furtiveness. Who exactly are you?" bellowed an Ancestral Fiend angrily. At that moment, Qin Yun was still in the guise of a silver-haired gray-robed man. He concealed himself from the secrets of heaven and had put away the Qingping Sword. These Ancestral Fiends had no means to recognize him.

    "Which mighty figure from the Three Realms are you?"

    "Why? Do you dare to it, but do not dare to admit to your identity?"

    These Ancestral Fiends spoke.

    Meanwhile, they activated the might of the worldly array and instantly, a massive blood rune descended upon Qin Yun.

    "Worldly array?" Qin Yun looked up, and with a wave of his hand, his Intrinsic Flying Sword flew out and split into three. It scattered in different directions and formed the Misty Rain Array! Qin Yun's casting of the Misty Rain Array with his Intrinsic Flying Sword was his strongest defensive move. As for the Qingping Sword? He had yet to figure out a way to catalyze a defensive move from the Qingping Sword's perfected Great Dao.

    "Three flying swords? Who is he?" The Ancestral Fiends still could not recognize him.

    Among the experts in the Three Realms, they knew nobody who used three flying swords.

    Ever since Qin Yun nurtured his Intrinsic Flying Sword to a Connate Pinnacle Numinous treasure, he had never really used it in battle.


    The blood runes descended in suppression as they attempted to erode the array, but they were completely fended off by the hazy Misty Rain Array.

    The Misty Rain Sword was an Intrinsic Connate Pinnacle Numinous treasure, and it was augmented with great merit. It had split into three-the Heaven Sword, the Earth Sword, and the Man Sword-allowing it to form the Misty Rain Array! It was naturally very formidable when it came to defense.

    "What a powerful array."

    "He managed to defend against the world array." The Ancestral Fiends were alarmed at the sword array's might.

    Qin Yun extended his right hand and produced another sword in his hand. It was dark green in color, and there were carvings of lotus leaves on it. It no longer converged its might since Qin Yun was releasing all of it.

    "Chaos Genesis Heaven Earth Split! Kill!"

    The Qingping Sword flew out of Qin Yun's hand and transformed into a blinding and resplendent green sword beam.

    The green sword beam was dazzling. It was like first light at the dawn of the universe! Instantly, all the Ancestral Fiends were mesmerized by it, as though they were watching how the heaven and earth split apart for the first time. At that instant, there was nothing in the world but that dazzling sword.

    It was indefensible!

    Death was certain if anyone attempted to block it!

    The few ordinary Ancestral Fiends also realized this.

    "He's Qin Yun!"

    "That's the Qingping Sword, a Connate Cardinal treasure!" The Ancestral Fiends had great changes in expressions.

    "All of you, listen to my command." The only pinnacle Ancestral Fiend remained composed as he bellowed an angry order.
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