Chapter 582: Patriarch Blood Sea

    Chapter 582: Patriarch Blood Sea

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    The six Ancestral Fiends were originally filled with confidence. They believed that the Moxiu's murderer was a pinnacle Golden Immortal! As for existences that were at the higher perfected Great Dao realm... they were almost equal to the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor. They were practically invincible in Great Worlds. There was no need for such a being to act so furtively when killing Moxiu.

    They guessed right!

    The murderer was indeed at the pinnacle Golden Immortal level, but he was a sword immortal known for destroying all Dharma with a single sword!

    Even so, these six Ancestral Fiends thought nothing of that. They had a pinnacle Ancestral Fiend among them, and they had a massive worldly array on their side. They held the absolute advantage against any existence below a perfected Great Dao!

    But Qin Yun had the Connate Cardinal treasure, the Qingping Sword! That made things different!

    That was the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure's treasured sword. Who wouldn't be afraid from seeing it?

    "All of you are to retreat to the middle of the array," instructed the pinnacle Ancestral Fiend.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    The six Ancestral Fiends quickly engaged in Void Transference.

    Instantly, they appeared in the middle of the massive array formation that spanned half a million kilometers in the sky.

    "This worldly array that protects this Great World is indeed impressive. Its lockdown of space-time is something even pinnacle Golden Immortals can't crack open," thought Qin Yun. "Furthermore, the Ancestral Fiends who are controlling the array formation are not affected by it. They are still able to engage in Void Transference."

    One side was unable to engage in Void Transference, but the other side could.

    This was the number one advantage of controlling a worldly array!

    "Set up a formation to be on full defense," ordered the pinnacle Ancestral Fiend hurriedly via voice transmission. The other five Ancestral Fiends did not hesitate at all.

    Following that, they took control of the worldly array.

    The Misty Rain Array which had suppressed the blood-colored runes also began to dissipate.

    A total of ten blood-colored runes appeared around the six Ancestral Fiends to protect them in every direction. It was like a gigantic multi-faced decahedron. It ensured an impregnable defense as the blood-colored runes was constantly moving slowly.

    "Here it comes." The hearts of the six Ancestral Fiends tightened.


    The dazzling sword wisp tore through the barriers of space-time and similarly appeared in front of the six.

    They were unable to escape the strike even with Void Transference! The Qingping Sword exceeded Qin Yun's Sword Dao in the aspect of space-time. It was at an even more brilliant stage. Space-time lockdowns were relative. Typical space-time lockdowns could suppress ordinary immortals, Buddhas, and fiendish demons. It was even possible that even ordinary Golden Immortals would be unable to crack them. However, Qin Yun could do so. Back then, he swept through the twenty-six fiendish nests easily by opening up a space-time passageway.

    As for even more brilliant space-time lockdowns, they had an extremely high setup cost.

    And worldly arrays in the Great Worlds of the fiendish dominions were as such! They could suppress pinnacle Golden Immortals, but they were unable to suppress those at the perfected Great Dao level or a powerful treasure like the Qingping Sword!


    The green sword beam slashed down.

    It easily entered the deepest depths of the massive array, shattering the omnidirectional protection of the worldly array's blood-colored runes. Even though new runes appeared immediately, they too would be shattered before they could completely take form. Furthermore, there were three alloyed metal bangles around the six Ancestral Fiends. Each bangle overlaid one another to protect the six Ancestral Fiends.

    The sword beam's remnant might cleaved down on the alloyed metal bangles, sending one flying, but the sword beam lost all its momentum after sending tremors to the second one.

    Immediately, the omnidirectional blood-colored runes shrank rapidly to protect the six Ancestral Fiends again.

    "It was so close." The six Ancestral Fiends felt a lingering fear.

    "Is this the might of the Qingping Sword?" The pinnacle Ancestral Fiend's expression changed. "If the worldly array had not fended off eighty percent of the Qingping Sword's might, I would probably have perished under the Qingping Sword if I faced it alone."

    "That Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor sure is capricious. He actually bestowed a Connate Cardinal treasure to an Itinerant Immortal."

    "I hope there will come a day when this Connate Cardinal treasure is snatched away."

    The Ancestral Fiends were both fearful and jealous.

    Connate Cardinal treasures were treasures that the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor used. Even many of the existences with a perfected Great Dao did not have Connate Cardinal treasures! They were extremely valuable. In the Three Realms, only the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure had lent a Connate Cardinal treasure to a pinnacle Golden Immortal.

    He was the only one who had ever done so.

    Back then, he had bestowed the twenty-four Sea Calming Beads to his beloved disciple, Zhao Gongming. With that item in hand, Zhao Gongming sent reverberations through the Three Realms. He produced brilliant results during the war of the three Daoist factions. But eventually, the treasure landed in the hands of Daoist Burning Lamp. He became a Buddhist and transformed the twenty-four Sea Calming Beads into the twenty-four heavens, allowing him to attain a perfected Great Dao.


    The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure had done the same thing again. He had lent the Qingping Sword which had accompanied him for many years to Qin Yun.

    Although it was said to be a temporary loan, Qin Yun was, at present, making terrifying use of it.

    Although Qin Yun was considered one of the strongest combat forces among pinnacle Golden Immortals, making him even more powerful with the Qingping Sword, he was still only able to produce a portion of the Qingping Sword's might. There was still a lot of hope to snatch the Connate Cardinal treasure from him.

    "Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure, back then, your disciple, Zhao Gongming, had his Connate Cardinal treasure snatched. I hope there will come a day when this Qin Yun has the Connate Cardinal treasure snatched as well," thought the pinnacle Ancestral Fiend.


    Although they were secretly ruminating over the matter, they still carefully hid inside the worldly array's core.

    Only existences at the perfected Great Dao could scheme against Qin Yun.

    They were incapable of doing so.

    Qin Yun looked up at the six Ancestral Fiends. "This worldly array seems to have perpetual vitality. With the array's obstruction, I can't kill them. I was still planning on killing another Ancestral Fiend or two.

    "Whatever, it's time to return."

    Qin Yun waved his hand.

    The Qingping Sword flashed and appeared in Qin Yun's hand.


    Qin Yun used the Qingping Sword again and ripped open space.

    "You wish to leave after killing one of our Ancestral Fiends?" A voice rumbled across the world. A massive hand extended from a spatial passageway and came rearing down on Qin Yun.

    The massive hand blotted out the skies, and one could see the intricate patterns on the palm. Each finger was like a heavenly column. The palm was ruddy and its surface contained Negative Karma Fire.

    "Patriarch Blood Sea!" The six Ancestral Fiends who were hiding in the array's core were delighted upon seeing this.

    "Patriarch Blood Sea?" Qin Yun was alarmed.


    Although Qin Yun was alarmed, he showed no fear. He continued maintaining the Misty Rain Array while controlling the Qingping Sword.

    The Qingping Sword transformed into a sword beam that seemed to split apart the Chaos. It was amazingly fast as it tore through the void's obstructions and met the sky-blotting palm.


    The sword beam sliced through everything it passed through.

    The sword sliced open a long crack through the gigantic palm. The skin that suffused Negative Karma Fire ruptured to reveal the infinite sanguine light within. Although a long gash was formed, the gigantic palm came to a slight pause. The wound slowly healed and simultaneously came crushing down. The Qingping Sword immediately appeared back by Qin Yun's side with a flash, leaving the palm to strike the blurry Misty Rain Array.

    With a loud boom, the infinite Negative Karma Fire burned the Misty Rain Array.

    However, the blurry Misty Rain Array only trembled slightly as it diverted and dissipated the forces.

    Although it was less mystical, the Misty Rain Array's might was approaching that of the Qingping Sword's. Furthermore, the Misty Rain Array was extremely good at defense due to being created by the Heaven Sword, Earth Sword, and Man Sword. It was a perfect defense.

    "Take another strike of mine." The hand came 'pointing' down like it was plucking a flower.

    This tap was gentle and warm.

    The massive finger tapped the Misty Rain Array while seeming to lack any oppressive force, but a strange wave penetrated the array.

    The Misty Rain Array did its best to weaken the wave.

    But it only managed to weaken a portion of the wave. When the formless wave transmitted across the Misty Rain Array, Qin Yun slashed out with the Qingping Sword in alarm. It was still the same Chaos Genesis Heaven Earth Split. The Qingping Sword's mystical beam weakened more than half the wave's might, as the remaining might entered Qin Yun's body.

    "Hmph." Qin Yun felt his Essence Soul resonate as he felt disgusted. After the strange force penetrated Qin Yun's Essence Soul, he instinctively used his Essence Soul Dharmic powers to expel the force.


    Now that his Essence Soul was at the pinnacle Golden Immortal stage, how vast were his Dharmic powers? Furthermore, how sharp were a sword immortal's Dharmic powers?

    However, it took about twenty percent of his Dharmic powers to expel the strange force.

    "Eldest Senior Sister, if you don't take action, I won't be able to last much longer," said Qin Yun through a voice transmission immediately. He had only figured out one offensive move from the Qingping Sword and had yet to figure out a defensive move. For him to dare to enter the fiendish dominions to kill an Ancestral Fiend, he naturally had precautions in place! After all, the ancient existences might not mind an Itinerant Immortal with a ten-thousand-year lifespan, but many of them coveted the Qingping Sword! He naturally had to be careful!

    In a desolate plain thousands of kilometers away from Qin Yun was an elderly woman with a staff.

    She smiled as she looked up and watched everything.
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