Chapter 583: Severing Karma

    Chapter 583: Severing Karma

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    "Junior Brother, don't be afraid. With your sword arts, you should still be able to withstand a few more strikes," said Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain smilingly via voice transmission.

    "Eldest Senior Sister, stop pulling my leg," said Qin Yun immediately via voice transmission. The Misty Rain Array which he was proud of was indeed good at defense, but he had just expended twenty percent of his Dharmic powers after using every other means possible. A few more strikes would probably require him to consume Immortal Pills to replenish his Dharmic powers. Now that he had an Essence Soul at the pinnacle Golden Immortal stage, the Immortal Pill expenditure needed to recover his Dharmic powers would be alarming.

    While the two fellow disciples were communicating by voice transmissions, the gigantic palm that had penetrated space-time high in the sky delivered its third strike. This time, it formed the shape of a claw, and its periphery created Chaos streams as it plunged down rapidly.

    "Whoosh." Although Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain was teasing Qin Yun, she still waved the staff in her hand.

    The moment she moved it, it expanded rapidly to more than fifty thousand kilometers! Everything around the staff returned to Chaos as its obstreperous might was even stronger than that of the palm in the sky. The appearance of the staff made it seem as though the mythical Mount Buzhou 1  had appeared once again.

    "It's Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain!"

    "She's actually here?"

    The hearts of the six Ancestral Fiends who were hiding in the array formation trembled.

    Her reputation preceded her.

    Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain's fame was just too great. She was the eldest senior sister of Green Touring Palace! The Great Dao she had gained insights inro was that of the Limitless Great Dao! It was also why she was called the Limitless Mother and Heavenly Lord of Limitless.

    The strength of a perfected Great Dao existence naturally had much to do with their Dao. For instance, Patriarch Blood Sea's Blood Sea Great Dao brought the existence of the blood sea which made death impossible. Patriarch Blood Sea's ability to not die was naturally very impressive. In addition, the Blood Sea Great Dao was a Great Dao of heinous sin... His means were rather odd, and used against juniors, he could use the powers of his blood sea to repress others.

    As an ancient cultivation existence, the terror which Patriarch Blood Sea's name struck in the minds of others was extremely high as well.

    However, Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain's Limitless Great Dao was even more powerful and domineering!

    Now, and many other times, Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain took center stage when it came to matters of Green Touring Palace.


    When she struck out with her staff, the heavens seemed to be penetrated as it collided with Patriarch Blood Sea's claw.

    What followed was a resonating hum.

    The might of this collision made Qin Yun's expression change slightly. However, the Misty Rain Array protected him, preventing the remnant shock waves from affecting him.

    "It's indeed terrifying when perfected Great Dao existences clash." Qin Yun watched with his head up. "My Itinerant Immortal body is still too weak. It's incomparable to Physical Establishing Sage like Yang Jian and company... After this, I have to spend more time on studying the Qingping Sword. If I'm able to deliver more of the Qingping Sword's moves, I would be able to figure out some defensive moves at least."

    Although his Sword Dao had formed, there was still a need to separately figure out the Great Dao of Heaven, the Great Dao of Earth, and the Great Dao of Man. Only then could he combine them to form a perfected Great Dao.

    For him to engage in a few rounds of battle with perfected Great Dao existences, he temporarily had to rely on the Qingping Sword.

    In fact...

    In all of the Three Realms, pinnacle Golden Immortals had no way to battle perfected Great Dao existences if they lacked Connate Cardinal treasures! Even pinnacle Golden Immortals of the Physical Establishing Sage lineage could only last a few blows with their bodies, but they would still be trampled in the end. Those that were lucky to escape with their lives were considered rather impressive.


    In the sky.

    Accompanied by the loud boom and the strike of the staff, Patriarch Blood Sea's gigantic fingers began cracking. The staff pierced through Patriarch Blood Sea's palm, leaving a huge hole in it. The palm then dissolved into boundless sanguine light.

    Amid the sanguine line appeared a gigantic face that looked down. "Wudang, you actually came as well? From the looks of it, you really cherish this junior brother of yours."

    "Hmph." Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain took one step to appear beside Qin Yun. The Misty Rain Array had naturally allowed her entry without obstruction.

    "Junior Brother, don't bother speaking to this old fool. Let's go." Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain said as she struck out her staff. With a rumbling boom, she tore open a spatial passageway. Following that, she entered the passageway with Qin Yun and left. The worldly array was unable to seal her in at all. Even Patriarch Blood Sea was unable to stop her.

    The face within the boundless sanguine light looked down at this scene.

    "Before I took action, I had sealed off the Wind Encasement Great World. It could have held back a perfected Great Dao existence for a while," thought Patriarch Blood Sea. "Unfortunately, this Wudang had come to the Wind Encasement Great World ahead of time. She was ready to save Qin Yun at any time. From the looks of it, this Qin Yun is quite a careful one."


    The six Ancestral Fiends bowed reverently.

    The face within the boundless sanguine light looked down before it dissipated into nothingness. It tore through space and returned to the blood sea.


    Heavenly Courts.

    A heavenly general was on watch when his expression changed suddenly.

    "Boom!" His body and even Essence Soul suddenly exploded, producing a powerful blast.

    "What's happening?"

    "What happened?" It immediately caused a stir.


    There was a Daoist in cultivation who suddenly opened his eyes in alarm as he exploded.


    Guan River.

    A general who was leading a platoon of soldiers in an exercise revealed an alarmed look. Following that, there was an explosion. It even killed three relatively weak heavenly soldiers nearby and injured a general.

    "Oh?" Inside the manor, Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian, looked towards the practice ground and did some inference. "Qin Yun killed Moxiu?"


    There were many cultivators in the Three Realms who exploded.

    The Heavenly Courts and various places quickly learned that Qin Yun had infiltrated the fiendish dominion and killed Ancestral Fiend Moxiu of the Mental Demon lineage! The death of a Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend naturally caused all his mental demon servants to explode. They were under the complete control of a Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend, making them absolutely loyal. Just this alone determined that there were more than fifty mental demon servants.

    Thankfully, the strongest mental demon servant had the strength of a half-step Golden Immortal. The loss was nothing considerable, but it also made the various factions in the Three Realms realize the threat of the Mental Demon lineage.

    Of course, after Qin Yun's assault, there were only two Mental Demon Ancestral Fiends left in the Three Realms.

    "Nice, this Qin Yun actually dared to infiltrate a fiendish dominion."

    "I'm truly impressed."

    "Star Destruction died under his hand, and now, Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend Moxiu had succumbed. With his destruction of the twenty-six fiendish nests, the fiends must hate him to the bone!"

    "Fellow Daoist Qin is an Itinerant Immortal. He is fighting for a chance of survival, so why would he care if the fiends hate him?"

    Mighty figures discussed.


    Heavenly realm. Blackfoal Mountain.

    While walking on Blackfoal Mountain and watching the pear blossoms, the two fellow disciples were chatting.

    "Junior Brother, you must not be so rash in the future." Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain looked at Qin Yun. "The fiendish dominions are not that easy to infiltrate. There, we are discriminated against by the world itself. Our strength is repressed. The worldly array also represses your strength. It's very dangerous for pinnacle Golden Immortals to enter."

    "Eldest Senior Sister," said Qin Yun immediately. "I had to sever the karma. Every moment I didn't, the karma I owed constantly influenced my cultivation. By ending it earlier, I can cultivate in peace earlier. Therefore, I rushed to kill the Ancestral Fiend before I comprehended much of the Qingping Sword. In the future, I will naturally not do so."

    Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain nodded. "Alright. Focus on your cultivation. Do not let down Master's hopes for you."

    "I understand." Qin Yun nodded. He knew his master regarded him highly. If not, he would not have lent his personal sword to him. This temporary loan had the risk of loss. For example... the Dao Ancestor was unable to enter a Great World with his true body.

    "Every perfected Great Dao existence has reached the limits. They pose great danger to you," said Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain seriously. "The Qingping Sword can be used to gain insight for you, but it similarly brings danger unto you. Those old bastards once schemed against Junior Brother Zhao. You must learn from his mistakes."

    "Eldest Senior Sister, don't worry. I will definitely be careful," said Qin Yun.

    If he lost the Qingping Sword... how was he to answer to the trust his master had given him?

    "Alright, quickly enter seclusion," said Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain.

    "Eldest Senior Sister, I bid you farewell then." Qin Yun cupped his hands and bowed.

    Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain nodded slightly.

    Then, a blurry light descended and Qin Yun had departed to the Green Touring Palace.

    The purpose for this trip to the Green Touring Palace was to enter the Immortal Vanquishing Hall for seclusive cultivation.

    After spending more than two centuries, he had finally resolved the impending disasters of his homeworld as well as severed the karma of Moxiu. He could now finally cultivate in peace.
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