Chapter 584: Lightning Beasts Bestowment

    Chapter 584: Lightning Beast's Bestowment

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    Green Touring Palace, Immortal Vanquishing Hall.

    When Qin Yun entered the Immortal Vanquishing Hall, all he saw was the formidable void. An array graph hovered in the void as four Connate Divine Swords floated at its four corners.

    "The Immortal Vanquishing Sword, Immortal Slaying Sword, Immortal Entrapment Sword, and the Immortal Peril Sword. These four divine swords are all Connate Cardinal treasures. Master obtained them and studied them, and even managed to forge this Immortal Vanquishing Sword Array, combining these four Connate Cardinal treasures into one, making it the strongest decimation array in the Three Realms." Qin Yun immediately sat cross-legged within the Immortal Vanquishing Sword Array and sensed it.

    The four divine swords were catered to decimation.

    The Immortal Vanquishing Sword was domineering like the sun in the sky. Its Sword Qi raged in an extremely formidable manner. It left one lacking the courage to resist it.

    The Immortal Slaying Sword was even more ruthless and bloodthirsty. Just a slight probe from Qin Yun made him feel appalled.

    The Immortal Entrapment Sword was mysterious with its soft characteristics. It was like a gentle breeze that would make one unknowingly fall into a spider's web. Once that happened, it was almost impossible to get out.

    As for the Immortal Peril Sword, it severed all life. Contact meant imminent death.

    "The Immortal Vanquishing Sword Array is able to perfectly fuse these four divine swords?" Qin Yun was impressed. "My Misty Rain Sword can be split into three, forming the Heaven, Earth, and Man Swords. However, the three swords were originally one, so there is no need for an array graph to perfectly fuse them together. But with these four swords, Master first obtained them before forging an array graph to fuse them together. As such, it's this array graph that is the most impressive thing here."

    Qin Yun flipped his hand and took out a black jade bottle. He pulled its stopper as a drop of Samsara Dew was carried out by his Dharmic powers. It was absorbed the moment it entered Qin Yun's mouth, spreading across his Essence Soul.

    Even as he felt a little intoxicated, ideas began to surface in his mind that he immediately ruminated on.

    He only had slightly more than ten thousand years left before the Itinerant Immortal's twelfth tribulation. He naturally had to keep using Samsara Dew for cultivation.

    Connate Cardinal treasures all contained a perfected Great Dao.

    There were four perfected Great Dao around him, allowing him to study them as he wished. There was even the array graph that fused the four perfected Great Dao together. The mystical charm contained within the graph was infinite. Qin Yun completely immersed himself in it as he made tremendous gains daily. He felt like a starving and thirsty tourist in a desert as he constantly drew on this oasis.


    Great Chang world's Qin Manor.

    "Didn't Dad say we would be moving to the Heavenly realm? Why hasn't there been any news? He doesn't answer me when I asked... All he did was instruct both Mom and I to choose a location." Qin Yiyi was feeling bored in her room. "Double Wood and Meng Huan are still in seclusive cultivation, but I have already exited seclusion! How boring. I really want to go out, but my parents forbid it."

    "Oh?" Qin Yiyi sensed something as she flicked her hand.

    The void beside her produced ripples as it connected to a distant space. She could clearly see an underwater manor on the other side. Water flowed as two Skydragon realm dragon ladies stood there.

    "Sister Yiyi," called out the two dragon ladies passionately.

    "Sister Hong, Sister Fan. Why are you suddenly looking for me?" Qin Yiyi was very happy. She was just sulking at how bored she was.

    "Sister Yiyi, we just learned of some news. Skyfiend Qin went to the fiendish dominion's Wind Encasement Great World and killed the Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend, Moxiu. That's an Ancestral Fiend of the Mental Demon lineage. I heard when that Ancestral Fiend died, it caused many of his mental demon servants to perish as well. Among those mental demon servants, two were half-step Daoist Golden Immortals. There were even more ordinary ninth firmament Skyimmortals."

    "The Mental Demon lineage has a total of three Ancestral Fiends. For Senior Qin to kill one, it's truly-"

    The two dragon ladies were reeling in excitement as they said this.

    "Wait, wait, wait," said Qin Yiyi immediately.

    The two dragon ladies were taken aback.

    "Are you you telling me that my dad killed a Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend?" Qin Yiyi widened her eyes. "When did this happen?"

    "You aren't aware of it?" The two dragon ladies were astonished.

    "Sister Yiyi, only mighty figures knew of the death of the Ancestral Fiend in the beginning. It took a few days to reach our Effulgent Great World. We dragons learned of the news a little faster, but I believe it won't take long for many Skyimmortals in the Effulgent Great World to learn of the matter."

    What the two dragon ladies said left Qin Yiyi stunned.

    She really had no idea.

    Qin Yun had only informed his wife after successfully killing the Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend before he entered seclusion. Yi Xiao was more concerned about the reaction after her husband killed an Ancestral Fiend, especially the reaction of the fiends... Hence, she was not in a hurry to tell Yiyi and Meng Huan.

    Stuck in the Great Chang world, Qin Yiyi and Meng Huan had no way to come into direct contact with this piece of news.

    "Sister Yiyi, it's definitely true. You will know of it if you try to gather more information."

    "Rumor has it that Senior Qin used the Qingping Sword, causing the collective efforts of all the Ancestral Fiends in the Wind Encasement Great World to be fruitless against him. Even the fiendish worldly array was useless. Later, Senior Qin managed to easily return."

    "The mighty figures of the Three Realms would not enter a fiendish dominion so easily. Yet, Senior Qin entered to kill a Ancestral Fiend, and sent the numerous Ancestral Fiends into retreat, as well as left easily. It's truly impressive," explained the two dragon ladies.

    The account that spread had not included Patriarch Blood Sea and Old Mother of Blackfoal Mountain.

    Much of the news that spread in the Three Realms typically would not mention existences with a perfected Great Dao! It was as though it was taboo; therefore, even mighty figures would know very little about perfected Great Dao existences. They might not even know of them at all. For example, the Three Realms only knew of Patriarch Bodhi due to his part in the Daoist-Fiend war.

    Before that, many mighty figures had not even heard of him.

    These existences were mostly born out of the Chaos. They were neither Daoists or Buddhists. Regardless of the faction-the three Daoist lineages, Heavenly Courts, Buddhism-no one would cross them easily. If any of them was willing to join a faction, they would immediately become a region's supreme ruler.

    For instance, the Heavenly Courts' Emperor Polestar, and the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity and Salvation, as well as Buddhism's Dīpankara Buddha.

    All factions would try their best to rope in these existences, and even if it was impossible, none of them would wish to cross them.

    "Whoosh." The void returned to normal.

    Qin Yiyi was still feeling astounded.

    "Dad accomplished such a massive task, but he didn't tell us? He sure can keep things to himself." Qin Yiyi could not help but mutter softly before leaving the room immediately.

    Soon she found Yi Xiao, who was drawing talismans in a garden.

    The garden was filled with fragrant blooming flowers as Yi Xiao leisurely drew her talismans among them.

    "Mom." Qin Yiyi shouted immediately.

    Yi Xiao continued drawing her talisman, stopping only when she was done. She then looked up at her daughter.

    "Whoosh." However, a ten-foot tall Guardian General dressed in golden armor with runes plastered across his face suddenly appeared. He bowed reverently. "Madam Master, there is a Lightning Beast Manor ambassador outside who wishes to seek an audience."

    "Lightning Beast Manor ambassador?" Yi Xiao was astonished.

    "It is also a Guardian General," said the Guardian General with a smile. "However, it has the strength of a pinnacle Skyimmortal."

    "Summon it in," Yi Xiao instructed with a nod. The Great Chang world's array formation was very powerful. Only ordinary mighty figures might be able to withstand it. Even if Star Destruction came back to life, it was unlikely for him to tear through its defenses. As for a Guardian General with the strength of a pinnacle Skyimmortal? They could be easily taken to task.


    Moments later.

    Yi Xiao came to a chamber before she knocked on the door.

    Qin Yun's avatar, which was sitting cross-legged inside, opened his eyes slowly. As his true body was completely immersed in cultivation in the Green Touring Palace's Immortal Vanquishing Hall, having an avatar act meant that some focus had to be diverted! Although such a slight diversion had little effect, it was naturally best to be fully focused.

    "Xiaoxiao." Qin Yun got up and opened the door only to see his wife.

    "I know you are in seclusion, but there's something that requires your decision, Brother Yun," said Yi Xiao.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun was surprised.

    Yi Xiao brought Qin Yun to a garden, and standing there was a black-robed elder.

    "It's you? The Guardian General from the Lightning Beast Manor?" Qin Yun recognized him.

    The black-robed elder bowed respectfully as he said in excitement, "Thank you, Sword Immortal Qin, for killing that Ancestral Fiend Moxiu. This was something my master wished to do even at the cost of his life. Although it was not able to happen during the Daoist-Fiend war, Sword Immortal Qin has finally managed to help my master accomplish it."

    "It was agreed upon that receiving your Lightning Fruits meant that I had to kill Moxiu once I attained the strength of a pinnacle Golden Immortal," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "How can those few Lightning Fruits be comparable to the debt of killing Moxiu?" The black-robed elder said respectfully. "The continued existence of the Lightning Beast Manor was to attract generations of cultivators. There was a wish that a powerhouse would be born out of them so that they could kill Moxiu! My master had done this back then out of no choice, which was why he created this contingency plan. In fact, my master knew that the chances were slim... after all, an Ancestral Fiend of the Mental Demon lineage is extremely hard to kill.

    "And now, Sword Immortal Qin, you have accomplished it," said the black-robed gratefully. "My master also instructed that anyone who succeeds in doing so will gain full possession of everything in Lightning Beast Manor."

    As the black-robed spoke, he flipped his hand, producing a miniature cave abode.

    "This is the cave abode my master went to great lengths to refine in order to transplant the Connate Lightning Fruit Tree," said the black-robed elder. "Now, the Connate Lightning Fruit Tree is within. All the treasures of the Lightning Beast Manor are inside as well. Sword Immortal Qin, please accept it."

    Qin Yun was surprised.

    Everything in Lightning Beast Manor was bestowed to him after killing Moxiu?

    Even though he had many treasures at the moment, apart from the Qingping Sword and his Intrinsic Flying Sword, the only treasure he had that could compare with the Lightning Beast Manor was his thousand-foot-long Stellar Stone.

    "Alright. I'll accept it." Qin Yun immediately extended his hand to receive it without hesitation.
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