Chapter 586: Goddess Houtu

    Chapter 586: Goddess Houtu

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    After a discussion with Yi Xiao, Mt. Lightning Wolf's name was restored to its original-Mt. Lightning Roar. This was the most ancient name. Mt. Lightning Wolf was the name Lightning Wolf Demon King gave it after he occupied it.

    Yi Xiao, Qin Yiyi, Meng Huan, and company naturally began to passionately begin constructing and perfecting the new Qin Manor!

    As for Qin Yun, he was setting up the array formations. On the one hand, he had to guide the lightning towards the Connate Lightning Fruit Tree, and on the other hand, he had to ensure that Qin Manor was safe. Setting up array formations in the Heavenly realm was much easier. As array formations in Small Worlds could only be powered by Skyimmortal Dharmic powers, it was naturally very difficult to withstand someone like Star Destruction.

    But in the Heavenly realm? Not only could Golden Immortal Dharmic powers be used, even the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor could appear there with their true bodies.

    Therefore, the array formations were naturally much more potent. Qin Yun's Sword Dao was good for array formations, and he spared no expense, so once he set them all up, ordinary pinnacle Golden Immortals had no means of breaking through his defenses.

    "That's enough."

    Qin Yun stood in midair as he looked at the cave abode in front of him.

    He saw lightning constantly striking down from the sky, forming a lightning column that reached the new Qin Manor's backyard. The Connate Lightning Fruit Tree stood there with its thick trunk and luxuriant leaves. Small fruits could be seen amid the leaves and they were covered in blinding bolts of lightning while effusing the auras of Chaos Lightning. Such a Connate Spirit Root was enough to make many immortals and Buddhas covet it, but of course, with Qin Yun's current strength, he was fully capable of owning such a Connate Spirit Root. As for the Lightning Beast Bai Xiao, he had to plant it inside a Small World.

    Qin Manor also appeared indistinct amid the array formations, as though a mist enveloped it.

    Mt. Lightning Roar was thirty thousand feet tall, and although it was still spring at the foot of the mountain, it was often covered in snow at its peak.

    "Brother Yun, this will be our home in the future." Yi Xiao looked at it very happily. After several days of perfection, Qin Manor turned more lively.

    "The Heavenly realm has many wonderlands and opportunities. It's also suitable for Yiyi and Huan'er." Qin Yun nodded. "Setting up a manor is ultimately something important. Tomorrow, I will invite several good friends. Xiaoxiao, you will have to take care of some of the preparations."

    "Oh? Who will come?" asked Yi Xiao.

    "Mainly friends I'm familiar with, fellow disciples of my Green Touring Palace," said Qin Yun. "There's no need to make it a big hooha."

    He was an Itinerant Immortal.

    Perhaps, he might truly be pulverized roughly ten thousand from now. Why make a big hooha about it?


    That day, Qin Yun went to Green Touring Palace to meet his master.

    At Green Touring Palace, ordinary disciples had no right to meet their master as they wished. Many disciples would only meet their master once in their lives. Even if they attained a Golden Immortal Dao fruit, the number of times they could meet him was limited. Only the most beloved disciples of Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor could easily meet him... Clearly, Qin Yun was one of them.

    "Master." Qin Yun bowed.

    "You have moved to the Heavenly realm?" The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure sat cross-legged on a bed of clouds as he waved his hand with a smile, throwing out a green columnar stone. "This is a Holding Down Stone which I refined simply. It can hold down a manor and also gather Heaven and Earth spiritual energies."

    "Thank you, Master." Qin Yun happily received it. With the stone, his manor's array formation's powers would be raised by fifty percent. It was a treasure that could hardly be bought.

    "Go ahead, why did you come to me?" Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure looked at his disciple smilingly. It was only when Qin Yun wasted two centuries seeking out the source of his homeworld's calamity that the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure was frustrated with him. Usually, he was still very fond of Qin Yun. Among the Three Pure Ones... only the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure was most responsible and acted as he wished.

    He recruited disciples as he wished. As for giving his disciples treasures? The fondness he had for his eldest disciple went as far as allowing his eldest disciple to use the Immortal Vanquishing Array.

    He also lent his Qingping Sword to Qin Yun as he wished.

    The other Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor, as well as Goddess Nüwa, would not have done something like that.

    "My cultivation requires Samsara Dew," said Qin Yun reverently. "If it's just small quantities of Samsara Dew, I would be able to purchase them. But for ten thousand years of cultivation, the amount of Samsara Dew needed for continual use is just too much... I'm afraid I won't be able to buy such a quantity, so I have thickened my skin to seek your help, Master."

    With that said, Qin Yun took out a yellow-skinned calabash. "Inside this is a Connate Wonder, the Stellar Stone. It can be used to purchase Samsara Dew."

    The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure took a glance and said in surprise, "You have that big a Stellar Stone?"

    After he saw that, he did a simple inference.

    The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure looked at Qin Yun. "So this Stellar Stone was the source of your Great Chang world's calamity?"

    "Yes," said Qin Yun with a nod. "Patriarch Bojia sent numerous fiends to occupy the Great Chang world for this Stellar Stone. Inside the calabash is about half of my homeworld's Stellar Stone."

    The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure laughed. "Samsara Dew comes from Samsara. It's extremely rare, rarer than most anything. By using so much of a Stellar Stone to exchange for it, are you planning to wipe out all of the Samsara Dew in the Three Realms?"

    "It wouldn't be to such an extent, right?" said Qin Yun ashamed.

    "No, but it will be most of it." The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure nodded slightly. "With your stature, it's unlikely you can buy that much. Alright, I will help you."

    "Yes." Qin Yun nodded.

    He was an Itinerant Immortal. In terms of stature, many pinnacle Golden Immortals would respect him.

    But in terms of lacking stature... the perfected Great Dao existences would think little of a junior like him! And the two figures that had the most amount of Samsara Dew in the Three Realms were perfected Great Dao existences. Ranked first was Goddess Houtu who helmed all mountains and rivers. Second was the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Unity and Salvation. Qin Yun himself could buy up to a thousand years worth of Samsara Dew by himself by seeking out about ten mighty figures.

    But to get enough for ten thousand years? That was too difficult.

    Moments later-

    The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure held the yellow-skinned calabash and gently threw it out as it tunneled to another spot in the void.

    "Whoosh." The void rippled, as the indiscernible figure of a beautiful woman smiled. Similarly, she threw out a jade bottle.

    "Goddess Houtu." Qin Yun immediately bowed to express his gratitude.

    "Keep it well." The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure said as he waved his hand, sending the jade bottle towards Qin Yun. After Qin Yun caught it and sensed it, he was delighted. Such an amount of Samsara Dew was sufficient!

    "Houtu is easier to negotiate with, but you have to remember this favor. After all, she has personally produced all the Samsara Dew she has," said the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure.

    "Yes," said Qin Yun eagerly.

    Although the amount of Stellar Stone he had given was sufficient in amount, the amount of Stellar Stone in the Three Realms was considered quite sizable while Samsara Dew was rare. The reason why Samsara Dew's price was not relatively high was firstly because demand was low and secondly, with time, Samsara would constantly produce Samsara Dew. However, Qin Yun's purchase was enough to inflate the prices of Samsara Dew in the Three Realms.

    "Next, although seclusive cultivation is important, you should travel the Three Realms more. Motion and Stillness is what's orthodox," said the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure.

    "I understand, Master," replied Qin Yun.

    "Furthermore, you have great merit on you, naturally increasing the light providence shines on you," said the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure. "Travel more through the Three Realms and under the light, there will be greater chances of encountering some opportunities."

    Qin Yun's eyes lit up.

    "But if I were to travel through the cosmos, wouldn't the Fiend Ancestor attack with complete disregard of his status..." Qin Yun was slightly worried. The Fiend Ancestor had previously sneaked up on the monkey from Flowers and Fruit Mountain, causing many experts in the Three Realms to click their tongues. In the past, the Fiend Ancestor still cared about his reputation, but that sneak attack showed complete disregard. If Qin Yun had agreed to abandon his destruction of the twenty-six nests, the Fiend Ancestor would likely have pulverized his soul in Samsara ten thousand plus years later!

    "Don't worry. All you need is to bring the Qingping Sword along with you," said the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure with a smile.

    Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

    He had long guessed that his master had left some precautions on the Qingping Sword. If not, a Connate Cardinal treasure was not that easily lent out!

    However, even if there were precautions, the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure was only able to interfere in the cosmos and Heavenly realm. The Dao Ancestor was unable to interfere in Great Worlds, which was how Senior Brother Zhao had his twenty-four Sea Calming Beads snatched away. This was something Qin Yun had to pay heed to so as to not follow in his footsteps.

    "I understand. Then, I bid you farewell." Qin Yun bowed respectfully.

    "Go on." The Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure nodded slightly as he watched Qin Yun leave.


    The next day, guests from all over came to the Heavenly realm's Mt. Lightning Roar to join in Qin Yun's housewarming celebrations.

    Apart from the three Firmament Fairies, Immortal Sa Xu, Ancestral Master Zhang, and several fellow disciples, Qin Yun also invited Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian. Back when Star Destruction appeared, Yang Jian had appeared to help Qin Yun and company leave. This gratitude was something Qin Yun remembered. Yang Jian actually did turn up. It surprised many guests for they knew Yang Jian was quite a loner.

    Of course, there were many Qin Yun did not invite who came with gifts when they learned of his event.

    All of the Three Realms also knew of it...

    Qin Yun had set up a manor in the Heavenly realm's Mt. Lightning Roar and would be staying there from then on.

    The cave abode array formation spanned fifteen hundred kilometers and enveloped Crescent Bay within. To simply span fifteen hundred kilometers was considered very small for a mighty figure's cave abode.

    If someone unfated accidentally entered the fifteen hundred kilometers, they would easily be able to leave, but to arrive at Qin Manor's entrance would not be easy.


    After Qin Yiyi's and Han Lin's marriage, Qin Yiyi began his seclusive cultivation on Mt. Lightning Roar.

    The process of snow gathering and melting on the peak of Mt. Lightning Roar repeated as the years passed.

    After four centuries passed, the first Itinerant Immortal Heavenly Tribulation descended upon Qin Yun. It was only a Wind Tribulation made of formless wind. It silently attempted to infiltrate his body, but with the existence of his Sword Dao domain, the invisible wind was easily destroyed. As such, the first Itinerant Immortal Heavenly Tribulation passed by without causing so much as a stir.

    Unknowingly, Qin Yun cultivated more than a thousand years on Mt. Lightning Roar.
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