Chapter 588: Great Dao of Heaven

    Chapter 588: Great Dao of Heaven

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    "Brothers, let us part ways here." A silver-armored general rode a cloud with a woman in a red bridal gown as he spoke to the other Heavenly troops beside him.


    "We will live and die together."

    "We are no cowards that fear for our lives."

    The Heavenly troops were burning with anxiety. Even if a few of their eyes twinkled, they did not object verbally.

    The silver-armored general roared with laughter. "For me, Bai Fu, to have a bunch of brothers like you is my good luck. However, saving this tiny nation's princess was my call. Besides, if we separate... I can fly much faster alone! Also, when you return to the Heavenly Courts, try to think of means to gather reinforcements."

    "A day in heaven is a year in the mortal world. It would be too late by the time reinforcements arrive."

    "Brother..." None of these Heavenly troops wished to abandon their elder brother-in-arms.

    They shared deep camaraderie after spending years together.

    "Alright. That is my order. All of you are to split up and escape. I believe that Demon King is only targeting me. He will not chase all of you."

    With that said, the silver-armored general left with the bridal-gowned woman, breaking away from the military formation. He also flew much faster.

    The Heavenly troops dropped in speed without the military formation. All of them exchanged looks.

    "With the Heavenly troops formation's power, Brother could still exchange a few blows with the Demon King. Now in order to let us live, he has abandoned the military formation?"

    "Forget it. Without Brother presiding over the military formation, our speed is far inferior to his. We won't be able to catch up to him. It's best we scatter and return to the Heavenly Courts to seek reinforcements."

    "Let's go. Let's call for reinforcements."

    These Heavenly troops separately immediately as they fled at full speed.

    Five thousand kilometers of the surrounding void was sealed, preventing escape via Void Transference.

    Soon, a black flame chased up from behind.

    "Hahaha... That lesser general from the Heavenly Courts sure upholds the code of brotherhood. He separated from his subordinates." Inside the black flame was a wolf demon. He looked fiercely at the separating Heavenly troops, but did not pursue them. Instead, he focused on the silver-armored general and chased after him.

    The pursuit continued.

    The Demon King had sealed the area and he flew quickly. As for the Heavenly Courts general, his speed was only slightly slower. Whenever he was about to be caught, he would immediately use some life-preservation item to try his best to widen the gap.

    "General, you don't have to bother over me." The woman in a red bridal gown said with tears welling in her eyes. "I can't let you come to harm for my sake."

    "There's no need to say any more. I'm definitely involving myself in this!" the general said decisively.

    Many years ago...

    Before he was recruited by the Heavenly Courts to become a member of the Heavenly troops, he was a general of a nation in a Small World. In order to deal with the demon horde, he could only bid farewell to the wife he recently wedded. That farewell turned into eternity... He gave up his life to suppress the demon horde for his Small World, but as a result, gained immense merit. He did not end up reincarnating in the netherworld, but ended up being recruited into the Heavenly Courts as a Heavenly soldier.

    But that also meant eternal separation from his wife! Even though he was now the lowest ranking ninth-grade Heavenly general, he could not freely enter the lower realm to seek out his wife in a Small World.

    This woman in a red bridal gown reminded him of his former wife.

    "Haha, you won't escape!" The wolf demon rapidly closed in.


    There was a gray humanoid statue on the summit of a nameless mountain. Gradually, the surface of the statue flaked off, revealing fair and lustrous skin, as well as a pair of eyes.

    The eyes slowly opened.

    "Only by watching the world beneath the heavens can you know how huge the world is," said Qin Yun lightly with a smile.

    He had accumulated a lot of insights into the Great Dao of Heaven and could probably break through after a few thousand years of arduous cultivation. What he lacked was a chance. Of course, motion and stillness was an orthodox path. On his journeys, he viewed the world from different vantage points-that of an immortal's, an avian beast's, a mortal's...

    He naturally found and grasped that sliver of a chance.

    After sitting cross-legged in meditation for nine months, everything came naturally.

    He had finally attained the Great Dao of Heaven!

    This Great Dao of Heaven was also a pinnacle Great Dao! Just this alone gave him the strength of a pinnacle Golden Immortal.

    As for Qin Yun's Sword Dao, it was also a pinnacle Great Dao, which contained the three Great Dao of Heaven, Earth, and Man... Now that he had naturally fused it with the Great Dao of Heaven, Qin Yun's realm improved drastically once more!

    "After fusing the Great Dao of Heaven into my Sword Dao, my Sword Dao has turned more potent," thought Qin Yun. "With this, my Misty Rain Array will become even stronger. If I gain further insights into the Qingping Sword, I believe I can produce even more potent might."

    The higher his realm was, the more he could draw upon the strength of the Qingping Sword.


    Qin Yun stood up as the dust layer over him dissipated. He emerged clean and untainted.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun looked into the distance.

    There was a huge battle happening not far from him.

    A silver-armored Heavenly general was embroiled in a battle with a Demon King. To be precise, the Heavenly general was completely repressed by the Demon King. It was unlikely he could last long.

    "Merit Glow?" Qin Yun could tell at a glance that there was Merit Glow on the Heavenly general's body. As for his opponent, the Demon King's body was covered in thick sinful black auras that suffused a sanguine glow.


    "Hahaha, to think a lesser Heavenly general like you isn't afraid of death. And yet she's still mine, and you will still die. And it will be a pointless death!" Bathed in black flames, the wolf demon acted willfully. He slammed his pole at the Heavenly general, inflicting him with serious injuries. The Heavenly general was only barely holding on, but it was unlikely he could do so much longer.

    "Pfft." A mouthful of blood spewed out while his body was already covered in blood.

    Far away in midair, the woman who had been bound there was crying her eyes out. The nation she came from had been subjugated by the Demon King and she was about to be taken by him. She was already lost in despair as she awaited her death. Instead, this Heavenly general appeared and tried his best to save her.

    "Let him go. I'm willing to obey you," shouted the woman. "If not, I'd rather die."

    "You won't die... Only after we engage in matrimonial bliss will I eat you. Don't worry, my wife," said the wolf demon with a laugh. "As for now, it's best you shut up, my wife."

    The woman opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out of it.


    The pole struck open the protective Dharma spell on the Heavenly general's body as blood spilled once again.

    "Demon King, I can tolerate it if you force a marriage, but to eat every one of them after marriage? What does this mean? You have married twenty-two wives one after another and have eaten all twenty-two of them. Today, I will definitely stop you. And if you kill me... the Heavenly Courts will definitely not let the matter rest," said the general through gritted teeth.

    "So what? All I did was eat a few dozen people to satisfy my cravings. As for a lowly Heavenly general like you, there are countless of them in the Heavenly Courts. What will the Heavenly Courts do to me if I kill you? My Uncle-Master ate a hundred thousand Heavenly troops in one go, but didn't the Heavenly Courts have to tolerate that as well?" laughed the wolf demon.

    The general turned more anxious.

    "You are quite resistant having cultivated your body. To last this long, you must be about at your limit." The wolf demon smashed his pole at the general's head with a sinister look.

    The general also felt his lifeblood weakened. As he watched the pole smash down, he knew that there was no way he could fend it off.

    "Day after day, year after year... All I could do was monitor the Three Realms in North Star Palace to watch my wife in the Small World, never to meet her. Perhaps with death, I might still have a chance to meet her again after reincarnating." The general closed his eyes.


    The general was taken aback. Why hadn't the pole hit him?

    He opened his eyes, perplexed. The wolf demon that had raised his pole had carefully put away his pole as he smiled fawningly in a particular direction.

    Only then did the general realize that a youth with a dark green sword on his back had appeared beside him. His gaze was converged, but when he swept it over, it made the general's heart palpitate in fear.

    "Greetings Sword Immortal Qin," said the wolf demon obsequiously.

    "It's Sword Immortal Qin." The general was alarmed.

    He also recognized him.

    This was now the best Itinerant Immortal, Sword Immortal Qin. He was well-known throughout the Three Realms, a ruthless character who dared to infiltrate the fiendish dominion to kill a Mental Demon Ancestral Fiend! With the Qingping Sword on his back... everyone knew how highly Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure thought of him. Even the Heavenly Courts feared him. Such a ruthless character had a bigger background than the Sagedemon who had devoured a hundred thousand Heavenly troops! He was also much stronger!

    "To marry twenty-two wives one after another and eat all twenty-two of them?" Qin Yun looked at the wolf demon.

    The wolf demon immediately said, "I was unable to change my habits. Ever since I was recruited under Old Master Yang Cong, I have been working hard to change this habit of mine. I have also stopped my wanton killings. I have even begun to accumulate merit! Now, my sins will soon reduce to the level of a Sinful Sanguine Halo. I have killed fewer than a hundred lives ever since I secretly left the sect.

    "I know I was in the wrong this time. I will immediately return to the sect," said the wolf demon hurriedly.

    "Jade Void Palace's Yang Cong?" Qin Yun nodded slightly. "To think you are a disciple of a mighty figure. It's no wonder you have the guts to kill a Heavenly general of the Heavenly Courts."

    "I didn't kill him. I was only trying to scare him," said the wolf demon with a smile immediately. "It was just to give him a fright."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    A wisp of Sword Qi shot out and tore through the wolf demon's glabella. He widened his eyes in disbelief that Qin Yun would actually kill him. He had a mighty figure from the Jade Void Palace backing him!

    "Sword Immortal Qin." Bai Fu was alarmed.

    "It's nothing," said Qin Yun with a smile. "It's just me squishing a stinking worm to death."
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