Chapter 590: Quick Passage Of Time

    Chapter 590: Quick Passage Of Time

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    Qin Yun traversed the void and returned to Mt. Lightning Roar.

    "Dad." Qin Yiyi immediately came forward while carrying a child.

    "Haha, it took you and Han Lin so many years to have a child because both of you are Skyimmortals. Come, let me carry my dear granddaughter," Qin Yun said smilingly as he took hold of the toddler.

    There were servants from the Qin family a distance away.

    A small number of these servants were puppet Guardians and a small number of them had been in service since the Great Chang world. The rest were people who had some intent to cultivate, and since becoming a servant or subordinate of the Qin Manor was the dream of countless cultivators in the Heavenly realm, many cultivators were recruited over the years in the Heavenly realm. After all, even being a guard of a mighty figure was a huge opportunity.

    "Brother Tiger, you must learn where the best place to reincarnate is. Look, this young mistress of ours was reincarnated into Qin Manor. She was born with massive amounts of rare treasures for her use, and countless cultivation manuals that she can read freely. Furthermore, she has a pinnacle Golden Immortal as a grandfather!" a middle-aged male servant said with a voice transmission. He was a sixth firmament Skyimmortal.

    "Why? Are you envious? If you are that envious, go in front of Master and kneel down and call him Grandfather. Let's see if Master is willing to accept you as his grandson," replied a demon with a tiger's head and a human body via voice transmission. This tiger demon was an eighth firmament Skydemon. He was one of the many demons that had come under Qin Yun. Qin Yun did not ostracize demons, they only needed to abide by his rules and they could serve him.

    "If Master is willing to recognize me as a grandson, I'll immediately kneel down and call him Grandfather."

    The two servants continued via voice transmission.



    The Heavenly general, Bai Fu, had returned to the Heavenly Courts.

    "Brother, you returned!"

    "That's great, Brother!" A group of Heavenly troops quickly rushed over to receive him in excitement.

    "I was lucky and bumped into a mighty figure who helped. That allowed me to return safely," said Bai Fu with a smile. "Let's go and have drinks at my place."

    "Let's drink!"

    The Heavenly troops happily followed Bai Fu home for some drinks.

    Although Bai Fu was the lowest ninth-grade Heavenly general, he was still an immortal official with a grade! It was not easy to earn a grade in the Heavenly Courts since it had countless Heavenly troops and innumerable people who handled the miscellaneous work. They were all without a grade. As for graded immortal officials, they were given independent immortal abodes.

    Several days later.

    In front of the Heavenly Courts' North Star Palace, several generals were watching over the Three Realms.

    "Brother Bai Fu, you are finally here."

    "I heard you nearly died at the hands of a wolf demon a few days ago?"

    A few generals in charge of standing guard quipped jokingly.

    Bai Fu walked over and smiled. "It's only been a few days, but it appears everyone in North Star Palace knows about what happened to me."

    "Our North Star Palace is responsible for monitoring the Three Realms. It's easy to know about what happened to you. Brother Bai Fu, you sure were lucky to meet Sword Immortal Qin. Sword Immortal Qin has the Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor backing him, and he can disregard the status of Sagedemons. Although that wolf demon had a backer, Sword Immortal Qin could still kill as he wished. If it were another mighty figure, they might have turned a blind eye to your predicament."

    "Sword Immortal Qin abhors evil. Back when he swept through the twenty-six dominions' fiendish lairs, the Fiend Ancestor's female form came to him; yet, Sword Immortal Qin ignored her!"

    The Heavenly generals chatted with passion.

    Bai Fu smiled as he walked over to replace one of the generals.

    The generals who watched over the Three Realms were on a shift, and now, it was Bai Fu's turn to take over.

    "Whoosh." As Bai Fu chatted with his partners, he opened the third eye at his glabella and began his watch of the Three Realms.

    He very naturally started looking in one direction.

    It was his homeworld.

    It was a Small World, and soon he saw what he was looking for.

    A female general was standing high in a city building, gazing far into the distance.

    "Qing'er." Bai Fu stood in front of North Star Palace wielding a spear. The Heavenly Eye at his glabella was locked onto his wife.

    He had died in combat years ago and because of the huge merit he accrued, he did not go to the netherworld. He was directly recruited into the Heavenly Courts as a Heavenly soldier. During his days as a Heavenly soldier, he missed his wife more than anything. Therefore, when he learned that North Star Palace were able to monitor the Three Realms, he cultivated with all he had! He cultivated a Heavenly Eye divine power and employed various means to befriend people. Finally, he was transferred to North Star Palace.

    With the increase of his strength, and his numerous skirmishes with fiendish demons, he was finally given the rank of a ninth-grade Heavenly general. He could then borrow the North Star Palace's powers to monitor the Three Realms.

    If not for the North Star Palace's powers, how could these Heavenly generals who were not mighty figures be able to monitor the Three Realms?

    The first time he looked down from North Star Palace and saw his wife, he could not help but cry when he saw his wife in a daze while carrying the jade hairpin he gave her.

    "Qing'er, it has been six thousand years; yet, I remain in your heart." Bai Fu looked down. The city building was where he previously perished in combat.

    Every time he was stationed at North Star Palace, he would silently watch over his wife, and that was also his most blissful period in the Heavenly Courts.


    Time quickly passed as cultivation knew not the passage of time. In a blink of an eye, Qin Yun had already been an Itinerant Immortal for nearly three thousand years.

    Green Touring Palace, Immortal Vanquishing Hall.

    "I've been an Itinerant Immortal for nearly three thousand years. However, I have yet to make any breakthroughs in my Great Dao of Earth and Great Dao of Man." Seated above the massive Immortal Vanquishing Sword Array, Qin Yun opened his eyes and felt a little despondent. "Over these past years, I have frequently traveled the Three Realms. Master said that I have huge merit and immense light that shines from providence, so it's possible for me to encounter huge opportunities by traveling more often. But to date, I have yet to encounter any."

    "As such, I have not found a chance to break through my Great Dao of Earth and Great Dao of Man," pondered Qin Yun.

    "There's nothing I can do. All I can do is take it slow.

    "I have to accumulate more insights before I seek out opportunities outside." Qin Yun stood up. "My third Itinerant Immortal tribulation is coming soon. It's time to return."

    Qin Yun returned to Mt. Lightning Roar Qin Manor and prepared to face the third Itinerant Immortal tribulation.

    Of course, only the eleventh and twelfth Itinerant Immortal tribulations posed any threat to him. As for the early Itinerant Immortal tribulations? They were nothing worth mentioning.


    Heavenly Courts.

    "Brother Bai Fu, you returned?"

    "I heard you captured a Skyfiend that was ridden with heinous sins."

    "Brother Bai Fu, you sure work hard."

    Bai Fu was having a simple chat with his old friends. He also laughed very happily. "Haha, with me leading the Heavenly troops, that Skyfiend naturally couldn't escape. Let's go, I just received my reward. Let's have drinks at my place."

    After calling a bunch of his good friends, he began drinking at his immortal abode in celebration.

    Soon, his friends left, leaving him alone in his immortal abode. After all, he was a mere ninth-grade. He did not have any servants.

    "Whoosh." Bai Fu waved his hand and produced a pile of treasures.

    They were the treasures obtained from searching the Skyfiend's body. Heavenly troops and Heavenly general were allowed to keep the spoils of war when fighting outside.

    "There's quite a lot of spoils of war." Only now did Bai Fu had the time and mood to carefully check through the treasures.

    Moments later.

    Bai Fu held a long bronze token. There were patterns on it that made it looked unparalleled. However, the bronze token was incomplete! Some of its patterns were cut off midway.

    "An incomplete bronze token?" Bai Fu was somewhat puzzled. "From the patterns, I can sense that it's very profound even though it's incomplete. It should be the work of a mighty figure. However, it's not a Dharma treasure, and neither does it seem to have any heritage in it. What is its use?"

    Bai Fu injected a little of his psyche in it.


    There was a terrifying aura hidden within the bronze tablet that left Bai Fu's face white.

    "What is it? With my strength, even a wisp of the aura is enough to make me feel horror." Bai Fu was alarmed as he revealed a look of glee. "A huge treasure! A huge one! Although it's incomplete, it clearly is extraordinary. I should keep it for myself first."
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