Chapter 595: Mt. Three Blades

    Chapter 595: Mt. Three Blades

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    Bolts of lightning blasted amid a storm.

    Qin Yun stood on a mountaintop, but the downpour which came down in waves and even the bolts of lightning that flashed failed to get close to him. An invisible domain had insulated him from everything.

    "Mt. Three Blades." Qin Yun looked at the massive and lofty mountain before him. "This is my first time here at Mt. Three Blades. It surely looks grand."

    Mt. Three Blades had three peaks that resembled three sharp blades stabbing through the firmaments.

    The lofty mountains had stood there since time immemorial.

    "According to the information I received, Mt. Three Blades has a massive array within that can only be opened with the bronze token?" With a thought, Qin Yun sent potent Dharmic powers into the mountain to thoroughly probe it.

    The moment the outermost layer of rock was penetrated, Qin Yun discovered that there was indeed a complex and mystical array formation hidden within the mountain. Strictly speaking, the array formation was in the form of a mountain, as though its 'skeleton' was the veins of the mountain! The array formation was not only limited to the external layer, but Qin Yun was able to sense countless veins that led deep into the mountain.

    "I have never seen such a complex array formation." Qin Yun was somewhat shocked. "The Immortal Vanquishing Array is as massive at the heavens, allowing the powers of four Connate Cardinal treasure to combine as one. As for this array formation, it's even more complex and dense. It's like the countless veins of the massive world itself...

    "They differ in completely different directions.

    "But I can determine that this array formation is on the same level as the Immortal Vanquishing Array."

    Qin Yun's eyes were sharp.

    He had been studying the Qingping Sword for quite some time, having already figured out many moves for the Qingping Sword over the past three millennia.

    He had also studied the Immortal Vanquishing Array graph, so he quickly determined that Mt. Three Blades' array was on the same level as the Immortal Vanquishing Array's.

    This made him even more astonished. "What realm does Master have? Could the person who created the array formation in Mt. Three Blades be Master's equal? However, the Dao Ancestors or Buddhist Ancestor are unable to descend into the Effulgent Great World with their real bodies. Furthermore, this array formation clearly does not rely on external objects like array disks or array flags. It is formed by massive amounts of Dharmic powers to the point of materializing as a mountain!"

    "Back then, the Buddhist Ancestor, Gautama, used his five fingers as a mountain to suppress that monkey. Mt. Three Blades is the same or even more brilliant." Qin Yun was shocked once again as he tried to penetrate deeper.

    Previously, the tiny array on the bronze token's surface had already left him infatuated.

    The massive array of Mt. Three Blades only left him more intrigued.

    "What a pity. All I can do is study the massive array's surface. There are countless veins in the array that goes deep into the mountain which I can't see." Qin Yun shook his head gently.

    With one stride, Qin Yun flew down the mountaintop and chose a forest at the foot of the mountain. He built a wooden shack and temporarily resided within.


    By staying there, he could frequently study Mt. Three Blades' massive array. The stirrings he received also intensified. It was a stirring of the land and of the myriad things in the world.

    Just two days later.

    Cold winds howled as the sky turned very dark.

    A linen-clothed elder secretly came to Mt. Three Blades.

    "It has been so many years. It's time to open it." The elder smiled as he came to the mountainside. With a wave of his hand, he threw out a complete bronze token.

    The squarish token flew out and fused with a boulder on the mountainside as it silently became one with the array within.


    A passageway opened at that spot.

    The elder immediately took a step forward and disappeared into the passageway.


    At the forest beneath the mountain, Qin Yun stood in front of his wooden shack while looking up at Mt. Three Blades. He saw the elder enter.

    "Who is that elder? I actually can't tell who he is. His aura and karma cannot be inspected at all," thought Qin Yun. "Is he the owner of the other two incomplete bronze tokens? He was the one who got Magus Xian to seek me?"

    This mysterious existence made Qin Yun somewhat alarmed.

    He was in no hurry to enter.

    After all, the allure of treasure was of lower priority. Cultivation was what mattered the most.


    In the deepest depths of the Tenebrous Fiend Abyss, the Fiend Ancestor's destruction body sat cross-legged.

    Suddenly, the closed third eye at his glabella quaked gently. The Fiend Ancestor looked in a direction upon sensing something.

    "Mt. Three Blades has been opened?" muttered the Fiend Ancestor.

    He looked into the void ahead of him.

    Space warped as it connected to another region.

    There, an elder was sitting cross-legged on a blood-colored lotus flower. He was smiling in his direction as he immediately stood up and bowed. "Fiend Ancestor."

    "Brother Blood Sea." A smile suffused the Fiend Ancestor's face. "I have something I need your help with."

    Patriarch Blood Sea listened carefully.

    "Mt. Three Blades has just been opened," said the Fiend Ancestor. "That place has deep karmic ties with me, so I sensed it as soon as it opened. I wish for you to head there as soon as possible with your subordinates! You should know of my goals."

    "Mt. Three Blades?" Patriarch Blood Sea was astonished. "It was sealed a long time ago. Why would it be opened? Is there a conspiracy?"

    "That's also why I'm seeking your help," said the Fiend Ancestor with a smile. "Even if you were to suffer any losses, I will make it up to you."

    Patriarch Blood Sea nodded slightly. "Fiend Ancestor, rest assured. I will lead my subordinates there right now."

    The Fiend Ancestor nodded.

    The warped void returned to normal.

    "Mt. Three Blades actually opened during this period of time? Perhaps there really is a conspiracy, but I can't bother with it. As long as the blood sea is not destroyed, the members of the sea of blood lineage would not die. Even if they lose their bodies... their bodies can be cultivated again after some time." The Fiend Ancestor looked in the direction of the distant Mt. Three Blades.


    Heavenly realm. Guan River.

    Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian, who was cultivating in his own cave abode, suddenly felt the vertical mark on his glabella distort slightly.

    "Oh?" Yang Jian could not help but be alarmed as he looked far in a particular direction.

    Through distance space, he saw the Effulgent Great World and Mt. Three Blades.

    "Mt. Three Blades?" Yang Jian frowned slightly. "Why would I sense that area? I have never felt anything from it previously. This Mt. Three Blades is not famous either, so why would I sense something from it?"

    "I'll go take a look."

    As the number one combat general of the Jade Void Palace and the Heavenly Courts, Yang Jian naturally had confidence in his ability to survive any danger he encountered.

    Immediately, he took a step forward and rushed over very quickly.


    In the forest at the foot of Mt. Three Blades, Qin Yun was watching all of this in silence.

    Shortly after the linen-clothed elder entered, Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian appeared.

    "Yang Jian?" Qin Yun was somewhat astonished.

    Qin Yun's realm was extremely high and he was adept with the Seven Stars Art. If he intended to hide from the heavenly secrets, even perfected Great Dao existences would fail to discover him.

    Yang Jian similarly did not notice Qin Yun. He came to Mt. Three Blades and, with a simple probe, he discovered the terrifying array contained within. Furthermore, the entrance into the array had been opened.

    As the saying goes, the talented are truly bolder.

    Yang Jian similarly walked into the entrance.

    "How does Yang Jian know about the opening of Mt. Three Blades' array formation?" Qin Yun was puzzled.

    About ten minutes later, seven more figures descended upon Mt. Three Blades. They also hid themselves from the heavenly secrets and were none other than the Ancestral Fiends from the sea of blood lineage led by Patriarch Blood Sea. The sea of blood lineage was one of the most flourishing lineages of the fiends and was unlike the spirit-devouring lineage which had only recently rose to prominence. The sea of blood lineage had a longer history having come into being shortly after Pang Gu separated the heaven and earth.

    This lineage had relatively more Ancestral Fiends, and this time, Patriarch Blood Sea was leading six of them.

    The Ancestral Fiends from the sea of blood lineage were well known for being unafraid of death!

    "Let's enter." Patriarch Blood Sea swept the area and immediately found the entrance to the array formation. He then led his subordinates into the entrance.

    "Who are these seven? They have hidden themselves from the heavenly secrets as well. Even I can't identify them." Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. "More and more people are entering."

    Qin Yun also had plans on entering.

    However, he only wished to enter to observe the array from within and use the opportunity to make a cultivation breakthrough.

    He was in no hurry since he did not care for the treasures.

    After another hour, no one else entered.

    "I'll enter to take a look." Only then did Qin Yun take a step forward to arrive by the mountainside. Similarly, he entered the array formation.
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