Chapter 596: Storming In

    Chapter 596: Storming In

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    Patriarch Blood Sea led his six subordinates as they proceeded deep into the mountain's belly. Along the mountainside's passageway, they could still see array formation patterns surfacing. The terrifying array formation's aura emanated from every direction in a suppressive manner.

    "Patriarch, who set up this array formation? The suppressive effect it has on the surroundings is potent. Not only can we not release our psyche, but even our Dharmic powers cannot be released," inquired an Ancestral Fiend.


    Patriarch Blood Sea frowned slightly as well. "There's no way to release Dharmic powers, so that means no avatar can be released! The original plan was to use avatars to rapidly explore the area... From the looks of it, that plan won't work."

    The other Ancestral Fiends were puzzled as well.

    "Who was it that set up this array formation? What is sealed in this sealed land as deemed by Patriarch? We tried asking, but he doesn't tell us."

    "Just looking at this array formation is enough to tell how terrifying it is. It feels even more terrifying than the array formations set up at Patriarch's residence."

    "We can only obediently follow orders."

    The six Ancestral Fiends were secretly communicating via voice transmission.

    Although they were here under orders, they had no idea what was happening. All they knew was at the core of Mt. Three Blades, there was a sealed land. They had no clue otherwise.


    At the end of the passageway was a set of crossroads. There were a total of twelve passageways that branched off from there.

    "Twelve passageways?" Patriarch Blood Sea frowned slightly. A glint surfaced in his eyes as he carefully studied the twelve passageways. "These passageways go deep and they seem to split off further? These passageways are the veins of the array formation in Mt. Three Blades! Countless passageways... make it seem like a massive maze. It won't be easy finding the sealed land."

    Patriarch Blood Sea waved his hand and threw out six array flags, making them float in midair.

    "Yuxiu, preside over the array formation here and seal off that passageway. Prevent any outsiders from entering," instructed Patriarch Blood Sea.

    "If I can't stop them?" Yuxiu was a handsome, bald man with beautiful features. He was the most handsome among the six Ancestral Fiends.

    "Try you best. There aren't many in the Three Realms who can crack this array formation," said Patriarch Blood Sea lightly. Following that, he instructed the other five. "The five of you are to randomly select a passageway to explore. Be quick and carefully search for the core of the array formation. It will be where the sealed land is! Once you discover it, inform me immediately."


    The Ancestral Fiends acknowledged the order.

    "Set off." Patriarch Blood Sea chose a passageway first and went straight in. The other five Ancestral Fiends immediately chose different passageways and set off.

    Yuxiu was left there as he held the six array flags in hand. He rapidly refined them and threw them out, embedding them into the walls of the passageway. A blood-colored array formation then appeared to seal off the passageway.

    "I was chosen to preside over the array formation because my Dharmic powers are needed to raise the array formation's strength, right?" The corners of Yuxiu's mouth curled up. "I'm the weakest to begin with. I'll at least be of some use by providing Dharmic powers to power the array formation. Regardless, since I'm here, it doesn't matter if I lose this body. Patriarch will make it up to me.

    "Compared to those five, perhaps staying guard here is safer."

    Yuxiu looked at the twelve passageways and immediately sat down to maintain the array formation.


    Qin Yun proceeded along the passageway. The moment he entered, he sensed the terrifying suppression everywhere.

    "This array formation's suppression sure is powerful," exclaimed Qin Yun. "Even Dharmic powers cannot be released."


    With a thought, he conjured the Misty Rain domain.

    The Misty Rain Sword's Misty Rain domain could barely penetrate about a hundred feet under the suppression of the terrifying array formation.

    "My Misty Rain domain can span fifty thousand kilometers in the outside world, but it has been suppressed to about a hundred feet in here?" Although Qin Yun was alarmed, the area his domain spanned was enough to penetrate deep into the stone walls. He was able to come into contact with the intricate array formation veins. In fact, the array formation veins inside the mountain's belly were densely ordered. Some of them could even be seen on the surface of the walls.

    Through the Misty Rain domain's penetration of the surrounding walls, Qin Yun carefully studied the array formation's veins.


    Although Qin Yun was proud of his own accomplishments, he was increasingly amazed by what he saw.

    He stood in his spot, and only after taking in all that was within a hundred plus feet did he proceed forward. He walked very slowly as he engrossed himself in what he saw. He constantly gained new insights as the ideas in him accumulated. He knew he was getting closer to the attainment of a Great Dao of Earth. Even if he stopped and returned to Mt. Lightning Roar now, it was likely he could breakthrough in a few centuries.

    However, as he continued seeing more of the massive array formation, his improvement only sped up. Perhaps, he could break through in a day or two!

    Qin Yun walked very slowly. Just getting through the entrance took him five minutes.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun suddenly saw a blood-colored array formation seal at the end of the passageway ahead of him. Seated at the other end of the array formation was a figure. Qin Yun recognized him to be one of the seven figures from before.

    "A fiendish array formation? And it's from the sea of blood lineage?" Qin Yun could clearly sense the rich fiendish auras from the blood-colored array formation.

    "It's Qin Yun?"

    Yuxiu saw a green-robed man walk over through the blood-colored array formation. Although Qin Yun did not carry the Qingping Sword on his back, Yuxiu managed to identify him. This left his heart palpitating.

    He was only an ordinary Ancestral Fiend.

    Qin Yun was an Itinerant Immortal, but he was a pinnacle Golden Immortal. Even more, he was a sword immortal!

    "I should be able to fend him off with Patriarch's array formation, right?" Yuxiu lacked the confidence, but that was the only way he could convince himself.

    Simultaneously, he immediately sent a karmic voice transmission to Patriarch Blood Sea. "Patriarch, Qin Yun is here."

    "Qin Yun?"

    Deep in the belly of Mt. Three Blades, Patriarch Blood Sea was somewhat astonished. "He has only cultivated for a few millennia. It's quite unlikely he knows the secret of Mt. Three Blades. Numinous Treasure does know, but this matter should be a secret."

    "Yuxiu, try your best to fend him off. If you can't, escape," instructed Patriarch Blood Sea.


    "Sword Immortal Qin, halt." Yuxiu stood behind the array formation.

    Qin Yun's eyes were cold. Most fiends committed heinous sins. The spirit-devouring lineage and the sea of blood lineage were considered fiends among fiends. By cultivating these Dharmic formulations, these two lineages were destined to be fraught with heinous sins. Those that could become Ancestral Fiends? Their sins were enough to form a sea of blood. Naturally, Qin Yun felt immense killing intent, but unfortunately, he knew that the real bodies of sea of blood lineage experts were blood seas. The figure before him was only a body created for combat.

    "Halt? Hmph!" Qin Yun grunted coldly. Without even bothering to say another word, he waved his hand.

    A wisp of misty rain flew out.

    This wisp was extremely inconspicuous, but it was very corporeal. When it stabbed into the blood-colored array formation, it left the array formation trembling. A crack even appeared.

    This left Yuxiu alarmed.

    "No good. Escape!" Yuxiu did not hesitate to transform into a blood-colored beam of light as he fled.


    The corporeal sword beam stabbed forward once again.

    The misty second strike made the six array flags quake so much that the walls cracked. The entire blood-colored array formation collapsed as the sword beam streaked across the air and rapidly chased up to the fleeing Yuxiu. The strike easily penetrated Yuxiu's body. In terms of speed... he was far inferior to Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword!

    "Whoosh." Yuxiu's body silently reduced to pieces. While his body was reduced to pieces, he was in disbelief. "He cracked the array without using the Qingping Sword?"

    Yuxiu's combat body was killed!

    To cultivate a new combat body from the beginning would require a hefty price and time.


    Qin Yun waved his hand and retrieved the Misty Rain Sword.

    The Misty Rain Sword was now a Intrinsic Connate Pinnacle Numinous treasure and also a Merit Numinous treasure. Qin Yun had also infused the Great Dao of Heaven into his original Sword Dao. Therefore, with his improved realm, how could an ordinary Ancestral Fiend be his match?

    "Unfortunately, this strike would have less than ten percent of its strength if it was transmitted by karma. It will at best injure his blood sea." Qin Yun shook his head gently. "I wonder when these sea of blood lineage fiends will be wiped clean by experts.

    "Their survival only spells trouble for the Three Realms."

    A cold glint flashed in Qin Yun's eyes.

    If given a chance, he wished to kill the Ancestral Fiends of the sea of blood lineage and spirit-devouring lineage the most!

    "A total of seven figures. To have Yuxiu guard the passageway, it likely means that it was a team made up of fiends. The leader is Patriarch Blood Sea?" Qin Yun guessed. Immediately, he waved his hand to grab the six array flags. After a cursory glance, he put them away. He took a look at where Yuxiu had died. "This Yuxiu did not even bring a single treasure. There's no Cosmic Bag at all either. Was he prepared to die here on Mt. Three Blades?"


    "Patriarch, he cracked the array formation and destroyed my combat body. All he needed was two strikes. Furthermore, he did not even use the Qingping Sword." Yuxiu's blood sea true body sent a karmic voice transmission to Patriarch Blood Sea.

    Patriarch Blood Sea was rapidly forging forward deep in a passageway while observing his surroundings carefully. When he heard the voice transmission, he smiled. "That Qin Yun's strength sure rises quickly. However, it's good that he came in. If I bump into him, I can kill him and snatch his Qingping Sword! Even if Wudang wants to save this little junior brother of hers, it is unlikely she can make it in time considering Mt. Three Blades' environment. But now, it is of urgent importance that I find the sealed land!

    "The five of you, be careful."

    Patriarch Blood Sea instructed via voice transmission, "Qin Yun has entered. Yuxiu's combat body has been killed. If you encounter him, try to avoid him as best as you can!"


    The five subordinates that were scattered across Mt. Three Blades' belly acknowledged the order. Although a number of them were pinnacle Ancestral Fiends, they were no match for the Qingping Sword-wielding Sword Immortal Qin Yun.
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