Chapter 597: Maze

    Chapter 597: Maze

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    Qin Yun was somewhat astonished.

    The attack just now had caused the surrounding rock walls to shatter. However, under the might of the Mt. Three Blades's array formation, the rock fragments on the ground silently crumbled into nothingness under Qin Yun's gaze. As for the cracks on the rock wall, new rocks had formed and returned the walls to their original state.

    Everything was done in the space of a few breaths.

    "It was actually restored so quickly?" Qin Yun was alarmed before he gave a pensive nod. "That's also right. The array's usage of the Great Dao of the Earth is beyond imagination. It is extremely heavy and has a repressive feeling. Even if a portion of the rock was destroyed, the rock would quickly be restored to its original state. My Misty Rain Domain is suppressed here and I can't even maintain my avatar. If a Skyimmortal were in this place, they would likely be so repressed that it would be difficult for them to even take a single step."

    "With the formation's presence, Mt. Three Blades will not have the number of rocks increase or decrease even by one over millions or tens of millions of years." Qin Yun understood this point.

    And then, he turned to look at the twelve forks in front of him.

    This was the first fork in the road after the entrance, so he had to make his choice.

    Qin Yun released the Misty Rain Domain which penetrated more than a hundred feet into the stone walls. He checked the array formation's veins that existed within the twelve forks.

    "There are so many forks in the road, but there's no hierarchy between the array formation veins in the twelve paths. I'll just choose one randomly." Moments after Qin Yun focused and pondered over the twelve array formation veins, he casually chose the nearest path and walked in. The passageway was clearly very long and he could even vaguely see the 'fork' deep within. However, Qin Yun was in no hurry as he proceeded slowly ahead.

    He carefully studied and tried to understand every single vein of the array.


    Qin Yun was at ease.

    As for the Ancestral Fiends from the sea of blood lineage, they were rather frantic, because they had encountered some trouble.

    "Swoosh." The Ancestral Fiends proceeded forward at high speeds. Soon, they came to more forks in the passageway. After a simple choice, they continued forward.

    Even though the Ancestral Fiends were being suppressed here, they continued flying forward at high speeds before arriving at the next fork.

    "A fork again?"

    "Another fork?"

    One fork after another!

    They had to constantly make choices. They had excellent memories and had an impeccable sense of direction. However, the constant forks they encountered made the place appear like a massive spiderweb... It left them confused.

    "Have I been here before?"

    An Ancestral Fiend came to a halt. He stared at his surroundings in puzzlement, then closed his eyes and began to carefully recall the path he took. His expression couldn't help but change. "Without even realizing it, I've ended up in this same spot?"


    "Why did I return to this fork? I just came here." Another Ancestral Fiend met with the same problem.


    "This is a maze!"


    "I'll try another path."


    The various Ancestral Fiends from the sea of blood lineage rapidly proceeded at extremely fast speeds. However, they gradually began to lose their way within the countless forks in Mt. Three Blades. Even though they had lost their way, they remained patient. They continued randomly traversing the maze and they would memorize the route that led to any spot they passed by.

    They hoped to rely on luck to encounter the sealed land.

    "Patriarch, the insides of Mt. Three Blades are a maze. I've come back to my original spot six times."

    "Patriarch, this is the most ordinary of mazes, formed by the sheer number of forks. However, there are just too many forks, and they constantly split off in every direction. Some even slant up and down. Many of the routes are just too confusing. I can definitely explore the entire area given time, but I'm afraid three to five days won't be enough."


    One by one, they reported back to Patriarch Blood Sea via a voice transmission.

    Patriarch Blood Sea frowned as he looked at the stone-walled tunnel in front of him. "A maze? We have to find the sealed land as soon as possible! The longer this drags on, the more I'm worried some unexpected development might happen.

    "Since these forks are hindering us from moving forward, I'll destroy it."

    Patriarch Blood Sea waved his hand, and his illusory palm struck the stone passageway. The extremely resilient stone wall was instantly shattered to pieces, leaving a gap that spanned more than a thousand feet long, but this was only literally scratching the surface of the stone wall. A deep, azure light swirled through the array formation veins as the array formation began its operations. The might of Patriarch Blood Sea's blow was diverted by the array formation with a slight ripple.

    The array vein appeared in front of his eyes, as it suffused a repressive intent with an immense pressure.


    "Every path is an array formation vein. Unless the array vein is completely broken up, there is no way to destroy the forks." Patriarch Blood Sea looked at the array formation veins which pulsed with an azure light and frowned.

    Soon, at a speed visible to the naked eye, the scattered gravel on the ground turned into nothingness, and new stone walls appeared to close the gap, restoring it to its original state without any signs of damage.

    "Is this the difference between me and the Heavenly Dao realm?" muttered Patriarch Blood Sea.

    "The five of you, pass me information about your route." Patriarch Blood Sea quickly relayed the order via a voice transmission.


    The five subordinates provided the map of the routes they took through Mt. Three Blades to Patriarch Blood Sea via a karmic transmission.

    Patriarch Blood Sea combined his own experiences with the five maps to form a more detailed road map.

    "If we combine the maps of the five of them, perhaps this is where the sealed land is." Patriarch Blood Sea guessed as he continued proceeding forward.


    Although the Ancestral Fiends of the sea of blood lineage were extraordinarily composed, they were still rather frustrated within the maze.

    However, Qin Yun was extremely happy.

    "Wonderful, this is truly wonderful.

    "This fork should be the main branch." Qin Yun had a look of joy. "It's just like a towering tree. It has the main trunk, branches, twigs, small branches and even leaves. The leaves even have tiny veins of their own.

    "I met a small vein initially, but now it's a branch."

    Qin Yun had studied the complete array formation from the bronze token.

    He had also studied the surface of the massive array formation of Mt. Three Blades. He was now walking through the mountain, so he also had a very deep understanding of the array formation.

    He could sense that...

    The fork he was on was a main vein of the array formation.

    "It leads me deeper layer by layer? It's truly amazing how the concepts of the Great Dao of Earth can be utilized." Qin Yun's insights were constantly rising as he continued forward.

    "Why am I back in my original spot? Quick! Quick!"

    Just as Qin Yun was engrossed in one of the array veins, a beam of light rapidly flew over. It was none other than an Ancestral Fiend from the sea of blood lineage. He had frantically traversed the various routes before finally 'fortunately' bumping into Qin Yun.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun sensed him and looked over carefully.

    The beam of light came to a sudden stop, revealing himself to be a bald man in a black robe. When he saw Qin Yun, his expression could not help but turn ugly. Without any hesitation, he turned and fled.

    "The other Ancestral Fiends are seeking out a path and Patriarch instructed us to avoid Qin Yun. Why did I encounter him instead of the other Ancestral Fiends? The interior of Mt. Three Blades is like a maze. How could it be this coincidental?" The black-robed man was extremely shocked and furious as he fled frantically. "I'm just an ordinary Ancestral Fiend, I'm not his match at all."

    "The Ancestral Fiend from the sea of blood lineage, Posu? Do you think you can escape?"

    Qin Yun's cold voice echoed in the stone passageway.

    A wisp of Misty Rain had arrived alongside him!

    The flying sword was too fast!

    In an instant!

    It streaked through the black-robed man.

    In Mt. Three Blades, the Misty Rain Sword was much faster than an ordinary Ancestral Fiend like Posu. All he felt was a sharp force sweep through his body before it completely pulverized his combat body. This might even reached his Blood Sea true body via karma. Even though the might was greatly reduced, it still injured his Blood Sea true body.

    Another Ancestral Fiend of the sea of blood lineage had his battle body destroyed!

    "This Ancestral Fiend Posu sure is more generous than the previous Yuxiu. At the very least, he has a Cosmic Bag and a supreme-grade Numinous treasure." Qin Yun took it with a smile and continued moving forward slowly to contemplate the array formation.


    The Ancestral Fiends from the sea of blood lineage were frantically searching for the correct path.

    As for Qin Yun, he was studying the array formation.

    Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian, was also constantly moving forward.


    The vertical mark on Yang Jian's glabella trembled slightly. He had followed his senses to come so far when Mt. Three Blades opened. After entering the mountain, the sensation only became stronger.

    "According to what I'm sensing, the source should be approximately 150 kilometers below me diagonally," Yang Jian thought to himself. He was the only one among all the people that had entered Mt. Three Blades who could sense the source.
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