599 Great Dao of Earth Part 2/2

    Qin Yun very naturally sat down cross-legged and immersed himself in his newfound insights.


    It was thick and capable of holding all things, giving rise to myriad beings. On its soil, life built their cities and kingdoms, producing countless grain. It silently nourished life and, regardless if life protected the lands or destroyed them wantonly, it silently bore its treatment.

    The complete Great Dao of Earth existed in one's heart.

    The Great Dao of Heaven he figured out early on resonated with it.

    "Great Dao of Heaven, Great Dao of Earth."

    These two Great Dao made contact in Qin Yun's mind and even began generating many bonds.

    Relying on the Sword Dao he figured out in the beginning, the two Great Dao also began to fuse into his Sword Dao and became a part of it. His realm raised greatly and he became extremely close to a perfected Great Dao. It could even be said that he was just short of a sliver.

    Even if other pinnacle Golden Immortals were to figure out three pinnacle Great Dao, they might not necessarily match Qin Yun.

    This was because the Sword Dao, Great Dao of Heaven, and Great Dao of Earth had perfectly fused as one. The combination of the three had undergone a qualitative change that far exceeded the sum of its parts! Even Qin Yun's final Great Dao of Man that had reached a bottleneck joined in! Now, it was also fusing into his Sword Dao, pushing his Sword Dao asymptotically close to a perfected Great Dao.

    Back when Daoist Burning Lamp obtained the twenty-four Sea Calming Beads, he was about Qin Yun's realm despite his high stature! He was just short of a perfected Great Dao. His strength stood high above numerous pinnacle Golden Immortals and he was able to barely cross swords with perfected Great Dao existences.


    In the ancient hall deep at Mt. Three Blades' core.

    Each of Patriarch Blood Sea's expanded palms was grabbing a stone column as he slowly raised them simultaneously. The entire Mt. Three Blades' array formation was trembling from the stir. It made the other three Ancestral Fiends from the sea of blood lineage alarmed. Of course, they did not know that the array formation's eruption had catalyzed Qin Yun's Great Dao of Earth breakthrough.

    "Arise!" Patriarch Blood Sea roared loudly.

    The two stone columns were finally uprooted. With a boom, the hall's ground immediately cracked open as figures emitting Chaos auras flew out.

    "Haha, I'm finally out."

    "After all these years, I actually managed to live to see this day."

    The figures that emitted Chaos auras were extremely excited.

    Patriarch Blood Sea also watched smilingly at this scene.

    A distance away, Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian, who was concealing his aura with the Eight-Nine Arcane Art and obscuring the heavenly secrets, saw this scene. His expression changed slightly. "It's them? They were actually sealed here?"


    At the instant these ancient existences escaped-

    In a hall that suffused a blurry light sat a cross-legged Daoist. Beside him was a nine-headed lion who was sprawled on the ground, sleeping obediently.

    Suddenly the nine-headed lion woke up and looked in a direction.

    "You sensed it as well?"

    The Daoist smiled as he looked in the particular direction. "He has been sealed for so many years. He has finally been released! It's just unknown if his personality has changed after being sealed for so many years."


    Effulgent Great World.

    A linen-clothed man who was sitting on a chair inside a wooden hut was carving a wooden sculpture. He had no special features and appeared like the most ordinary mortal.

    However, he suddenly turned his head to look toward Mt. Three Blades.

    "He has finally been released?" The man's eyes released an unprecedented glint of sharpness as he muttered, "I have been waiting in the Effulgent Great World for far too long."

    The man got up and, with a step, he traversed the void to arrive at Mt. Three Blades.


    Heavenly realm. In a mortal kingdom's manor of a military general.

    The general was looking casually over the intelligence of the area that spanned 4000 kilometers, the area which he was in charge of. Suddenly, he sensed something as he looked toward Mt. Three Blades. His eyes suffused a luster as the corners of his mouth raised slightly. "Interesting. Very interesting. With him out, the Dao Ancestor and Fiend Ancestor will soon have to leave the Three Realms. Everything will become more interesting."

    "The God King from the past, a God King who had the chance of being the first to rule over the Three Realms. What would you choose to do?" The general's eyes were filled with anticipation. "The Three Realms has been boring for too long."


    Ancestral Dragon Great World.

    An ancient slumbering existence slowly opened his eyes as he looked toward the Effulgent Great World. His dragon whiskers failed as he chuckled softly, "Old Friend, you are finally out?" This was the most ancient and massive dragon in the Three Realms. He was also the originating ancestor of the dragons, giving him the name of Ancestral Dragon. He was an extremely powerful Chaos Godfiend before the Chaos developed.


    In the Chaos beyond the Three Realms, there was a cave abode.

    A stout figure emitting golden light sat cross-legged there. At that moment, he had opened his eyes and looked toward the Three Realms. "You actually lived to the day of your escape?"


    Ancient existences all over the Three Realms were alarmed. Even if they had had entered prolonged seclusion or stopped meddling with the affairs of the world, these ancient existences were all staring intently at Mt. Three Blades.

    It was because the sealed existence had once caused quite a stir. In that era, his standing was supreme.

    They wished to know...

    What would happen next?


    And on Mt. Three Blades.

    Qin Yun and that existence had no ties, so there was no karma linking them. Therefore, he did not sense it.

    He continued being immersed in his insights as he pushed his Sword Dao toward perfection. He even had thoughts of taking this opportunity to break through the Great Dao of Man's bottleneck.

    Apart from him, the rest were all feeling unease.

    "The three of you are to leave immediately." Patriarch Blood Sea sent a voice transmission to his three subordinates.


    The three Ancestral Fiends from the sea of blood lineage immediately retreated. Retreating was much faster than scouting. Referencing the paths they already took, all they needed was to find the closest path that led back to the entrance.

    And in the ancient hall, as Patriarch Blood Sea issued the order to his subordinates, he watched the figures that came out with a smile.

    These existences were very famous a long time ago.

    "I'm finally out." It was a man with disheveled red hair. He stood there and scanned the area as though he was the most dazzling existence in the world. He was even more dazzling and overbearing than the sun.

    "Congratulations, God King," the figures that suffused Chaos auras said obediently.

    However, some of the figures also looked at the man with disheveled red hair with fear and trepidation. They began to silently distance themselves away from him in retreat. Clearly, they were not from the same faction.

    "God King, they have begun escaping."

    "God King, do we kill them?" asked a Chaos Godfiend immediately.

    "There's no need." The red-haired man swept his faze across the fleeing figures.

    Patriarch Blood Sea smiled as he said, "Congratulations, Brother Zhurong. You sure are broadminded. You are even sparing Xiangliu and company."

    The red-haired man looked at Patriarch Blood Sea and smiled faintly. "It's all thanks to you, Blood Sea. If not, I don't know when I would have been released."

    This existence who had escaped was none other than the leader of the strongest faction during the Chaos Godfiend war the moment the Chaos developed, God King Zhurong. Back then, the battle between the two strongest Chaos Godfiends, God King Zhurong and God King Gonggong, was the most influential battle in the entire Three Realms ever since Pangu parted the heaven from earth. The effects were also infinitely far-reaching.

    In that battle, Gonggong had slammed in Mt. Buzhou, causing it to crumble. It was as though the world itself was collapsing. Even though Goddess Nüwa mended the heavens later, there were still tremendous and everlasting changes to the Three Realms as a result of that event.Xiangliu is a nine-headed snake monster that appears in Chinese mythology.
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