601 Daoist Itinerant Immortal“s

    Although Qin Yun became alert, he continued sitting cross-legged on the surface. Aside from the Qingping Sword in his sleeve, his Intrinsic Flying Sword was ready to be released at any moment.

    "I just broke through and my strength is extremely close to that of the perfected Great Dao. I'm just short of a sliver and even have the Misty Rain Sword and Qingping Sword on hand... I happen to be seeking an opponent to try out my newfound strength." The Qingping Sword was now filled with valor. Compared to the time when he infiltrated the fiendish dominion to slay Ancestral Fiend Moxiu, his realm had increased tremendously. It gave him a lot more confidence.

    "My Intrinsic Flying Sword has warned me. According to the flying sword's senses, there are three unfamiliar opponents. Who would they be?" Qin Yun was somewhat puzzled. "Did more experts enter after I entered Mt. Three Blades?"


    Wu Zhiqi and the single-horned Godfiend took the front while the gray-furred Godfiend took the rear. All of them saw the Daoist Itinerant Immortal sitting cross-legged.

    "Guixun, attack." Wu Zhiqi sent a voice transmission. He knew the strengths of his two companions very well. Treasure-seeking Rat was good at non-combat techniques such as seeking treasure and inferring the heavenly secrets. In terms of strength, he was only at the ordinary mighty figure level. As for the single-horned Godfiend, Guixun, he was a lot stronger. He was most adept at dealing sneak attacks in a most unpredictable manner.

    In terms of sneak attacks and assassinations, he was ranked among the best of pinnacle mighty figures. He was only ordinary when it came to frontal assaults, so he followed Wu Zhiqi.

    "Brother Wu Zhiqi, haha. Leave it to me. I'll squash him to death with a single claw of mine." Guixun was extremely confident.


    He swooshed forward silently and closed in on Qin Yun without producing so much as a stir.

    In the meantime, he also waved his arm, turning it into smoke. Only the green claw appeared silently in front of Qin Yun instantaneously. Qin Yun so happened to open his eyes at that exact moment. It was only due to the numerous suppressions in Mt. Three Blades that the claw's speed was greatly reduced. Outside, it would have easily penetrated the void and stabbed straight into the enemy's body.

    Of course, Qin Yun would have discovered the enemy from a great distance away outside. He would not have allowed them to come this close.

    When Qin Yun opened his eyes, he saw a green claw which was taller than a person appear in front of him. The claw was mottled and resembled a wild beast's claws, but it exuded the aura of Chaos. Instantly, it attacked with an indomitable force, and the surrounding void was covered with a dark halo. The dark halo was, in fact, the near-range collapse of the void.

    Guixun had a look of anticipation in his eyes. He was expecting to see the Daoist Itinerant Immortal unwittingly get squashed by his claw.


    Qin Yun remained in his spot as he sat cross-legged. All he did was raise his hand and send out a wisp of misty rain.

    The wisp of misty rain was gorgeous. It flew out without causing much of a stir like a gentle breeze. It simply struck the claw with what seemed to be the utmost gentleness.

    But when the collision really took place!

    The Misty Rain Sword released its true might! Its might had been converged to the extremum and was now released completely!

    "Boom!" The intense clash released a humming and ear-piercing boom. The terrifying collision released blasts that swept through the stone walls, causing them to crumble.

    The instant the violent collision happened, the green claw that was extremely mighty was forcibly repressed and sent flying back. The Misty Rain Sword flashed and slashed at Guixun's body.

    "What?" Guixun was alarmed. He was extremely confident when it came to sneak attacks; yet, he was completely repelled? Furthermore, the Misty Rain Sword flash which was more terrifying than his killer blow was already right in front of him?

    The Misty Rain Sword flash felt cold and lonely.

    It sent a chill down Guixun's back.

    He sensed the terrifying sharpness contained within the sword flash!

    He did not hesitate to transform into a fog as the sword flash slashed through his incorporeal body. The endless sword intent it contained constantly slew every bit of energy the incorporeal body had. This caused Guixun's incorporeal body to rapidly retreat as he exclaimed for help, "Brother Wu Zhiqi, save me!"

    Not only was he alarmed.

    Even Wu Zhiqi and Treasure-seeking Rat behind him were confounded. A seemingly easy to deal with Daoist Itinerant Immortal had overwhelmed a Chaos Godfiend with one strike? Furthermore, it was an utter annihilation!

    "Boom!" Although alarmed, Wu Zhiqi quickly joined in the fray.

    He had a black chain wound around his body. It was a long chain that he grabbed and lashed out. As it was released, it expanded immediately and tore open the void. Its might was clearly more oppressive than Guixun's sneak attack. Of course, Wu Zhiqi was adept at frontal assaults and not sneak attacks.

    This chain collided with the Misty Rain Sword in midair.

    Following a loud bang, the Misty Rain Sword slowed down as well. The chain was sent retreating from the collision. As for Godfiend, he immediately escaped to a spot behind Wu Zhiqi. Only then did his fog-like body turn corporeal. His face was pale as there were gnarly wounds all over his body that were slowly healing.

    "This Daoist Itinerant Immortal is too powerful. He heavily injured me with one strike. He will likely be able to kill me with three," said Guixun immediately.

    Treasure-seeking Rat retreated further.


    Having paused for a moment, the Misty Rain Sword transformed into three flying swords. They separated and instantly surrounded Wu Zhiqi and his two companions.

    Immediately, a blurry Misty Rain Array trapped the three Chaos Godfiends.

    Wu Zhiqi narrowed his eyes and looked fiercely at Qin Yun with his golden eyes, sending a voice transmission, "Treasure-seeking Rat, are you sure that he's only a Daoist Itinerant Immortal at the pinnacle Golden Immortal level?"

    "Absolutely," said the gray-furred Godfiend immediately. He was already regretting his actions. He had been blinded by the treasure aura on Qin Yun and had never expected a Daoist Itinerant Immortal to be that powerful.

    "Could it be that after all these years, Daoist Itinerant Immortals are this powerful?" Wu Zhiqi found it unbelievable.

    "The three of you?"

    Qin Yun got up and walked over as he looked at the three Chaos Godfiends in the Misty Rain Array. From Wu Zhiqi's appearance, with the chain binding his body, his green fur and white-furred head, golden eyes, and the Connate Numinous treasure chain weapon... he easily determined his identity.

    After all, Green Touring Palace had information regarding Chaos Godfiends.

    "Wu Zhiqi, Guixun, and Treasure-seeking Rat? The three of you are actually still alive?" commented Qin Yun.

    "Haha, it seems the Three Realms still remembers us after all these years." Wu Zhiqi laughed oddly as he swept his eyes across the blurry Misty Rain Array. "Punk, you sure are bold to use a sword array to deal with the three of us. You plan on fighting the three of us alone?"

    "Wu Zhiqi."

    Qin Yun sneered. "Back when God King Gonggong stirred the flood and wreaked havoc across the Three Realms, you, Wu Zhiqi, were the one who performed many of the meritorious deeds. I never expected that with God King Gonggong dead, minions like you are still alive. Wu Zhiqi... your foul reputation is still remembered by the Three Realms even after all these years. The sins on the three of your are stunningly rich, especially Wu Zhiqi. Your body is constantly being burned by Negative Karma Fire."

    "Negative Karma Fire? The burning is quite comfortable." Wu Zhiqi was rather smug. "We are Chaos Godfiends, the original rulers of the Three Realms. The Three Realms were originally our fief, so any slaughtering was within our privilege. Is there anything wrong with that? As for the Heavenly Dao? What crap does it matter? God King Gonggong struck it and the heavens nearly collapsed. If not for Goddess Nüwa, the Three Realms might have been destroyed. Even if the Three Realms were destroyed, we would still live well in the Chaos!"

    "Do you know that Chaos Godfiends these days keep a much lower profile?" asked Qin Yun.

    Wu Zhiqi revealed a puzzled look. A much lower profile?

    In his memories, Chaos Godfiends ruled over the Three Realms. Wars were engaged between Chaos Godfiends that would rend the world asunder.

    There was no race in the Three Realms which could vie for supremacy against the Chaos Godfiends.

    "Now, humans are the rulers of the Three Realms," said Qin Yun coldly. Although existences like the Dao Ancestors and Buddhist Ancestor had immense power, their real bodies were unable to enter Great or Small Worlds. In these worlds... it was true that humans ruled over them. Even the demons were secondary.

    "Humans?" Wu Zhiqi and company exchanged looks.

    "Where did humans appear from?" asked Wu Zhiqi, puzzled.

    "Don't know. Never heard of them." Guixun shook his head as well.

    Wu Zhiqi smiled nastily. "We will know once we are out. Let me crack this puny array formation first!"

    With that said, he kicked.


    His toes contained immense power as they struck the blurry Misty Rain Array, but it only shook gently and withstood the blow. In response, the array's Sword Qi returned the blow and caused Wu Zhiqi's toes to be sliced open, splattering his blood.

    "What array formation is this?" Wu Zhiqi was somewhat alarmed.

    "Brother Wu Zhiqi, can you crack the array?" Guixun asked. By the side, Treasure-seeking Rat had turned flustered as well. He could not help but look at the Daoist Itinerant Immortal outside the array.

    Qin Yun looked in. "I recently had a breakthrough in strength. This Misty Rain Array has also undergone even more changes. I can take this opportunity to test its strength. I'm guessing that the three of you will be reduced to ashes in less than an hour."
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