602 Qin Yun“s Misty Rain Array

    Just as his voice faded-

    Qin Yun conjured the Misty Rain Array with a mere thought. In an instant, the blurry Misty Rain Array produced dense and minute Sword Qi which blew over like a breeze and enveloped Wu Zhiqi, Guixun, and Treasure-seeking Rat in the form of a fog. The trio did not dare lower their guard as the black chain on Wu Zhiqi's body flew and circled his body once in a bid to sever all the Sword Qi. However, the dense Sword Qi easily broke through the black chain's defences in an ethereal manner before penetrating Wu Zhiqi's body.

    The single-horned Godfiend, Guixun, emitted a blinding halo from his robes.

    As for Treasure-seeking Rat, he released a Connate Numinous treasure bangle to protect his body.

    However, regardless of the means he employed, the Sword Qi easily seeped into his body as though it faced no obstacles.

    There was no way to defend against the attack.

    "This is the first refined move of my Misty Rain Array. I've given it the name, Spring Wind Drizzle," said Qin Yun from outside the array. This was a move that was a natural result of fully comprehending the two Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, with his Sword Dao completely in control of space between the Heaven and Earth. It also combined the insights he had gained from his long research of the Immortal Vanquishing Sword Array. It could silently penetrate space and enter living bodies. Although it was weak, it was omnipresent and difficult to defend against.

    The Immortal Vanquishing Array was considered to be the number one killing array of the Three Realms.

    Qin Yun's Misty Rain Array had indeed drawn on many of the charms the Immortal Vanquishing Array had, and also had the killing array's vibes.

    "Brother Wu Zhiqi, I'm feeling terrible." Treasure-seeking Rat felt every bone and muscle in his body itching. Although the minute Sword Qi were weak, they were constantly eating away at his body. Blood was already seeping out of his mouth and nostrils. "I probably won't last more than five minutes."

    "Treasure-seeking Rat." Wu Zhiqi's expression changed slightly. He had the strongest body and was fully capable of withstanding the erosive force. However, his two companions had much weaker bodies. They were unable to remain unperturbed by Qin Yun's attack.

    "I'm slightly better. If it's just this move, I can still last an hour," said Guixun with a nasty expression. "However, he did just mentioned that this is the first refined move of his array formation. He definitely has a second or third move after this."

    When Wu Zhiqi heard this, he glowered at Qin Yun and bellowed angrily, "Do you think an Itinerant Immortal like you can use this crappy array to trap me? Begone!"

    Followed by a furious bellow, Wu Zhiqi's muscular arms flailed and produced a black chain that streaked through the void, ripping its surroundings apart with its trajectory and lashing at the Misty Rain Array. However, the Misty Rain Array merely trembled as it continued operating as per usual.

    "Crack, damn it!" Wu Zhiqi's body phased away and reappeared as a three-headed and six-armed behemoth. The black chain had been transformed as well. Although it was still wrapped around his body, Wu Zhiqi's every hand was holding onto an end of the chain. Instantly, six black chains seemed to dance like snakes as they lashed out with formidable might.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    The relentless barrage of attacks would have reduced a five-thousand-kilometer tall mountain to dust, but the six black chains' strikes only caused the blurry Misty Rain Array to shake gently.

    This scene left Wu Zhiqi's heart palpitating.

    "You can forget about cracking this array formation of mine even with stronger strikes," said Qin Yun nonchalantly; his tone filled with confidence.

    His Sword Dao was split into Heaven, Earth, and Man. It was best at sealing anything between the Heaven and Earth to begin with! Especially after he gained insights to the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, his Misty Rain Array had turned even more mystical! Furthermore, the array formation was powered by three flying swords-a manifestation of his Intrinsic Flying Sword. It was at present Qin Yun's strongest defensive and sealing means.

    Before he entered Mt. Three Blades, the Qingping Sword's defensive moves were considered more brilliant, but now, with him having had an epiphany with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, his Misty Rain Array's defensive and sealing capabilities were better.

    This was because Qin Yun's realm was only short of a perfected Great Dao at the moment. Furthermore, his Intrinsic Flying Sword had manifested as three, making it naturally poised to set up an array.


    Wu Zhiqi turned deranged as golden light suffused his body. The six chains flailed around as though they could destroy everything, but they failed to even perturb the Misty Rain Array.

    Qin Yun did not dare make any bold claims. Although his sword array was far inferior to the best killing array in the Three Realms, the Immortal Vanquishing Array, the three swords originated from the same source. It was already perfect without an array chart. Furthermore, it was an Intrinsic Connate Pinnacle Numinous treasure and also a Merit Numinous treasure. At the very least, his Misty Rain Array was definitely ranked in the top three of array formations among pinnacle Golden Immortals.

    Of course, the best array formation among pinnacle Golden Immortals was the massive array set up by his three Senior Sisters from Green Touring Palace.

    However, that was set up by the three Senior Sisters combined efforts, while Qin Yun powered his by himself.

    "How is it possible? How is it possible..." Wu Zhiqi stopped as his eyes were filled with disbelief. The golden halo that suffused his body also converged. "How can a Daoist Itinerant Immortal have such a powerful array formation? Have I been trapped for too long that the experts outside far exceed us?"

    "Brother Wu Zhiqi." Guixun and Treasure-seeking Rat were already reeling in anxiety.

    "Brother Wu Zhiqi, even you can't crack it?" Treasure-seeking Rat's nostrils and mouth were filled with blood. He looked panic-stricken.

    "I can't."

    Wu Zhiqi shook his head. "I can't even quake it. Even if I'm 100% stronger, I still wouldn't crack it open."

    Treasure-seeking Rat and Guixun's expressions changed, turning even nastier.

    "Treasure-seeking Rat, it's all your fault. It was you who said that he has treasures on him and urged us to attack him," said Guixun angrily.

    "The three of us agreed to attack him. I also mentioned that he was a Daoist Itinerant Immortal at the pinnacle Golden Immortal level," growled Treasure-seeking Rat softly. "The two of you have always been the ones delivering the attacks. Faced with an enemy you can't beat, I'm now the first one to perish. Yet, you are blaming me? Guixun, didn't you say you were good at sneak attacks? That you could squish to death that Daoist Itinerant Immortal with one claw? Clearly your sneak attacks are still greatly lacking. You were discovered by him early on."

    The two of them were also anxious and furious.

    After being imprisoned for so long, the first thing they faced after escaping was a life-threatening calamity? Guixun and Treasure-seeking Rat were reeling in despair.

    "Pu! Pu..." Treasure-seeking Rat's body began seeping out blood as he laughed tragically, "I never expected that Goddess Nüwa would finally give us a chance to live, only for me to die just moments after escaping the seal."

    "Brother Wu Zhiqi," said Guixun immediately. "Quickly seek help. Get Xiangliu to save us. He can definitely rescue us with his strength."

    Xiangliu was the undisputed number one general under God King Gonggong back then. Wu Zhiqi also admitted that Xiangliu was stronger than him.

    "Seek Xiangliu's help?" Wu Zhiqi hesitated.

    He was extremely prideful deep down. He was unimpressed with anyone except Gonggong. As for this Daoist Itinerant Immortal's array formation? Although he could not crack it, the dense Sword Qi were unable to injure him at all. He had the patience to play the waiting game.

    "Brother!" Guixun urged in panic. "If you make the request, Xiangliu will definitely do it on your account."

    "The countless forks make this place like a maze. Even if Xiangliu comes to save us, I wouldn't be able to wait till then," muttered Treasure-seeking Rat as his breathing began weakening. "What my elder brother said was right. I should shun greed while seeking treasures, if not I would one day succumb to my greed. It has indeed happened... Greed is truly my downfall."

    Treasure-seeking Rat's aura dissipated completely as his body pulverized, leaving only his artifacts behind. After having sought treasure for so many years, his treasures remained, but his life was gone.

    Although the first move of Qin Yun's Misty Rain Array, Spring Wind Drizzle, appeared gentle, it was, in fact, capable of destruction at the deepest levels.

    Even Chaos Godfiend Treasure-seeking Rat had succumbed to this!

    "Brother, are we not seeking help? Are you going to just watch me die?" Guixun yelled in a fluster. "Fine, I'll seek Xiangliu's help myself."

    Guixun was actually under Wu Zhiqi. Under normal circumstances, it was not right for him to skip the chain of command to seek Xiangliu's help!

    But faced with the threat of death...

    Wu Zhiqi was still hesitating, but Guixun could not be bothered. He immediately sent a karmic voice transmission.

    "General Xiangliu, I'm Guixun. Treasure-seeking Rat and I left with Brother Wu Zhiqi but bumped into a Daoist Itinerant Immortal. He's at the pinnacle Golden Immortal level, but he was able to set up an extremely powerful sword array to trap the three of us. Treasure-seeking Rat is already dead and I can't last much longer. Please save us."

    Wu Zhiqi's ferocious golden pupils watched without a word.

    "The first refined move is indeed weaker," said Qin Yun as he accessed the situation with a nod. He was also only testing out the Misty Rain Array. After all, how often would he get a chance to get powerful opponents to let him test out his attacks until their deaths?

    "It can only kill a Chaos Godfiend at the ordinary mighty figure level in a short period of time. It poses no threat to you, Wu Zhiqi. But I said that you wouldn't last more than an hour. I'll let you try the stronger second refinement move. I've also given it a name, Wind Cloud Mirage!"

    Just as his voice faded-

    The interior of the Misty Rain Array changed again.

    The minute Sword Qi that was gentle like a spring breeze continued blowing in every direction, but countless Sword Qi began to condense as a cloud above Wu Zhiqi and Guixun. They suffused a pure aura and, beneath their feet, countless Sword Qi condensed into a cloud that suffused tainted aura.

    The pure and tainted clouds spun as they slowly closed in. When the Sword Qi crossed each other, they relentlessly slashed at Wu Zhiqi and Guixun.

    The wind inside was penetrating their bodies, while the pure and tainted clouds outside were lacerating their bodies.

    The two combined was truly like a mirage of wind and cloud. It was a higher level move of the Misty Rain Array, and its prowess had greatly increased as well.
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