603 Qin Yun and Yang Jian

    "No good! This array formation is too powerful. Just as he said, I might not even be able to last an hour. Am I really going to die in this array?" Wu Zhiqi revealed a look of horror. His body not only began to suffer damage when the Misty Rain Array increased in strength, wounds began to rupture under his green fur even as they healed.

    "Brother Wu Zhiqi, I probably won't last five minutes!" Guixun yelled frantically. "Think of a solution!"

    "I'm trying!" Wu Zhiqi snapped back nastily. Following that, he threw out the black chain which was coiled around him and Guixun. Its constant spinning formed an independent space that insulated them from the outside. However, the Misty Rain Array's might was just too strong. The pure and tainted clouds tore through space under its repeated assaults. All the black chain could do was hold back a portion of the Sword Qi, failing to stop more than half of the Sword Qi.

    "This still won't do." Wu Zhiqi's eyes were filled with a ferocious glint.

    Previously, he had not felt he was in danger of death and so managed to remain calm and composed.

    Even though he had attempted to crack the array for the sake of his subordinate, Treasure-seeking Rat, he had only delivered ordinary combat attacks. He did not use the means which he reserved to protect his life.

    "I can't hold back!" Wu Zhiqi took out a scroll from and unfurled it. Immediately, a earthly-yellow beam emitted from it, producing a protective region that spanned tens of feet.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun was somewhat astonished. "My Misty Rain Array's internal and external attacks have all been blocked? That scroll's aura... is Goddess Houtu's?"

    "This was bestowed to me by Her Majesty back when I was her subordinate." Wu Zhiqi begrudgingly watched as the powers in the scroll slowly drained. In his early days, he had been a subordinate of Goddess Houtu. Later, he became indignant about leading quiet days. The intractable and violent nature he had made him join God King Gonggong. Under Gonggong, he was able to fully express his ruthless nature as he wreaked havoc on the Three Realms. It resulted in him being tainted with grievous sins and also gave him his infamy. Even after so much time had passed, his infamy remained in the Three Realms. Negative Karma Fire burned at him all day, but a powerful Chaos Godfiend like him thought nothing of it.

    "Try out the third transformation of the Misty Rain Array. However, this third transformation has not been fully perfected," said Qin Yun.

    "Array change."

    Qin Yun directed with his mind.

    The Misty Rain Array changed once again.

    The Sword Qi within the array instantly turned a hundred times more violent. Darkness ensued and within it, Wu Zhiqi and Guixun had changes in expression.

    "No good. These Sword Qi appear to be a lot more aggressive, but the array formation's might has only been raised by about 80%." Wu Zhiqi observed the speed at which the scroll's energy was draining away. "This scroll can likely last ten minutes."

    "This third change has not been perfected," thought Qin Yun. "For this refinement move I drew inspiration from the Immortal Vanquishing Array's Return to Chaos. My Sword Dao attempts to replicate the concept of a return to Chaos by controlling the Great Dao of Heaven, Earth, and Man, but my Great Dao of Man has not been completed. Although I'm just short of a sliver, the difference in strength is like night and day. Since I can't balance the three Great Dao of Heaven, Earth, and Man, the third change's might is limited."


    The Sword Qi inside the Misty Rain Array raged in complete darkness.

    The third refinement that wore down the enemy had been given a name by Qin Yun as well. It was 'A Swath of Emptiness Between the Heaven and Earth.' Once the array was activated, the array's interior would be flooded with white light in true purity! There would not even be a speck left of the enemy!

    Of course, it was still lacking greatly at present.

    "Brother Xiangliu, please rescue me." Wu Zhiqi finally gave up his obstinance and sought help with a karmic voice transmission.


    "Hahaha, even this Wu Zhiqi has sought my help personally." In another stone tunnel, Xiangliu was advancing rapidly forward with his five Chaos Godfiend subordinates. Xiangliu was laughing quite happily.

    "Brother Xiangliu, Wu Zhiqi has already sought your help. Could the Daoist Itinerant Immortal be too powerful, an existence at the perfected Great Dao realm?" His subordinate was somewhat worried. Wu Zhiqi was one of the famous pinnacle Chaos Godfiends and his body was rather strong; yet, he was pleading for help?

    "Impossible," Xiangliu said with a laugh. "Although Treasure-seeking Rat is dead, he had sharp eyes. Since he mentioned that their opponent is an Itinerant Immortal at the pinnacle Golden Immortal level, it's likely true. Besides, if a perfected Great Dao existence were to cast an array to refine them away, why would they have allowed Wu Zhiqi to last this long? It would probably only take seconds for Wu Zhiqi to be refined to nothingness."


    "What you said makes sense, Brother Xiangliu."

    "Among pinnacle mighty figures, who is Brother Xiangliu's match?" quipped the five Chaos Godfiends.

    Xiangliu laughed confidently.

    Acknowledged by all as Gonggong's number one general, Xiangliu's strength was proven in the numerous battles he engaged in.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Tracing Guixun and Wu Zhiqi's karmic transmission through the path, Xiangliu and company flew quickly and arrived moments later.

    "Xiangliu!" Wu Zhiqi saw them from afar and immediately revealed a look of delight.

    "General Xiangliu." Guixun was excited as well.

    There was little left of the energy contained within Wu Zhiqi's scroll, but it was still able to withstand the refinement of the third Misty Rain Array.

    "Another six Chaos Godfiends? Why are so many Chaos Godfiends appearing inside Mt. Three Blades?" Qin Yun was somewhat astonished. Furthermore, he is the number one general under Gonggong, Xiangliu. Apparently, he is considered to have an undying Chaos Godfiend body?"


    Xiangliu held a short halberd in each of his hands and charged straight over, stabbing the massive array. In midair, the halberds phased and transformed into a black beam of light. "Boom." It stabbed into the Misty Rain Array as Qin Yun immediately transformed the Misty Rain Array with a thought. Many of the operations of the Misty Rain Array was used to withstand external attacks! The Misty Rain Array was still very good at defense and was naturally able to withstand Xiangliu's strike.

    However, the operations of the array formation naturally had a bias.

    When the array formation spent all its energy on refining the enemy within, its defensive aspect would weaken. On the contrary, when it defended against external attacks, the refinement inside weakened.

    "It has weakened!" Wu Zhiqi could not help but reveal a look of delight when he sensed the surrounding Sword Qi thin out by more than ten times.

    "From the looks of it, I still have to use the Qingping Sword."

    Qin Yun's voice sounded as he took a step and entered the Misty Rain Array.


    A sword beam shot out from his sleeve.

    The green sword beam streaked across the air.

    It resembled the first wisp of sword beam in the Chaos that split the Heaven from Earth.

    "Pfft!" The earthly-yellow halo which protected Wu Zhiqi and Guixun immediately darkened drastically. This sharply changed Wu Zhiqi's and Guixun's expressions.

    "What's happening?" Both of them panicked.


    The green sword beam's second strike exhausted all of the scroll's energy. It then stabbed Guixun as his body instantly evaporated while letting out a shrill scream, "No!"

    Under the green sword beam, Guixun's gaseous body was rapidly annihilated.

    This strike was still Chaos Genesis Heaven Earth Split.

    However, after Qin Yun figured out the two Great Dao, the strength he delivered with the Qingping Sword was a lot stronger than back when he entered the fiendish dominion to slay Ancestral Fiend Moxiu.

    "In terms of defense, the Misty Rain Array still holds an advantage, but when it comes to killing, it's still much weaker than the Qingping Sword," thought Qin Yun.

    The green sword beam did not stop as it went straight for Wu Zhiqi.


    Xiangliu raged outside.

    Xiangliu brandished the pair of short halberds with immense might, stirring the space around him. He violently delivered one strike after another on the Misty Rain Array, but it was for naught when the Misty Rain Array was in full defense mode.

    "Puah Puah Puah..."

    The green sword beam flashed.

    Wu Zhiqi's three heads and six arms brandished the black chain to defend the impending strike while he roared angrily.

    However, it was useless!

    The green sword beam penetrated his body again and again, constantly eroding parts of him away. Even though his body was very powerful, it was left doing one last convulsion and stopping after resisting the eleventh blow.

    "I-I..." Wu Zhiqi found it unbelievable as his body silently dissipated.

    Chaos Godfiend, Wu Zhiqi, perished under Qin Yun's Qingping Sword.

    This scene left Xiangliu, who was attacking the Misty Rain Array belligerently, taken aback. He had a conflicted look in his eyes as well. "Wu Zhiqi is dead?"


    Inside a stone tunnel, God King Zhurong and a bunch of Chaos Godfiends were advancing quickly.

    God King Zhurong suddenly stopped, causing his subordinates to naturally stop as well.

    "Wu Zhiqi is dead?" Zhurong looked at a direction in surprise. He could sense karma there that implied Wu Zhiqi had vanished from the Three Realms.


    "Wu Zhiqi is dead?"

    In another stone tunnel, Patriarch Blood Sea was rushing back. He stopped and looked in a particular direction.

    "This Wu Zhiqi is plagued with heinous sins. It's unlikely the Daoists, Buddhists, and various factions would spare him. He was most suited to be taken in by us fiends," said Patriarch Blood Sea. "I never expected him to die so soon."

    Few of the released Chaos Godfiends caught Patriarch Blood Sea's eye.

    After all...

    The Chaos Godfiends in the most ancient period relied on their talent for combat and talent varied. For instance, Daoist Wen was extremely talented, allowing him to create the spirit-devouring lineage. As for Wu Zhiqi, his talent was considered good. Even among the present pinnacle Daoist and Buddhist mighty figures, he would be considered pretty good. If he learned the various Dharmic formulations of the fiends, his strength would likely improve a little.

    The state of divine powers and Dharmic spells were a lot stronger than in the past.

    Back when Gonggong and Zhurong fought for supremacy, the Daoist's Three Pure Ones were still experimenting. They had yet to reach the Heavenly Dao realm back then.


    Patriarch Blood Sea continued moving forward.

    He had found the sealed land by probing the laws governing Mt. Three Blades' array formation, so he took the easiest and fastest path. His route was even simpler than the one taken by Perfect Sovereign Erlang, Yang Jian. Although Yang Jian could sense the source, he had constantly taken detours to make progress, so his route was a little longer.

    Sou! Sou!

    Patriarch Blood Sea and another beam of light met in a stone tunnel.

    The stream of light suddenly stopped and it was none other than Yang Jian!

    "Patriarch Blood Sea." Yang Jian's expression changed.

    "What a coincidence." Under Patriarch Blood Sea's long brows, his eyes sparkled with a strange glint. "Yang Jian, I was still thinking of bumping into Qin Yun, but I never expected to bump into you first!"
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