Chapter 31: Officially Entering the Crew (3)

    Chapter 31: Officially Entering the Crew (3)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    A women's voice, crisp and sweet came from the person in front of her.

    Subconsciously, Qiao Anhao tilted her head. Lin Shiyi was beside her, smiling as she shook producer Sun's hand.

    "Shiyi, it's been a long time since our last film," he replied.

    "I hope it'll be a pleasant working experience," Lin Shiyi replied.

    While she was greeting the producer, Zhao Meng seemed to have recalled something. She leaned over to Qiao Anhao and whispered, "Qiao Qiao, Lin Shiyi was the original second female lead for this show and when you became the new second lead she was relegated to the third lead. She is someone who remembers her grievances and is a wolf in a lamb's skin, especially in front of the producer and director, you had better take note..."

    Before Zhao Meng could finish her sentence, Lin Shiyi turned around. Zhao Meng immediately quietened, smiling brightly at Lin Shiyi. Similarly, the other woman smiled back, but her words were directed at Qiao Anhao, "An Hao, long time no see."

    Qiao Anhao knew Lin Shiyi quite well. She was an artist in Huan Ying Entertainment and had advanced the fastest. Even though they both come from the same company, Qiao Anhao had never spoken, much less interacted with Lin Shiyi. And Lin Shiyi had always been haughty, never interested in speaking to Qiao Anhao.

    Lin Shiyi greeted her so warmly and with such a passionate expression it seemed they were well acquainted. Qiao Anhao couldn't help having her heart shrink slightly at that facade. Remembering Zhao Meng's words, it dawned on her that Lin Shiyi must have found out that Qiao Anhao was the one that had stolen her role. Even if she hated her now, she still had to act as though they had a close relationship. It had to be difficult for her.

    Lin Shiyi could put on a facade, and so could Qiao Anhao. After all, both of them weren't willing to leave a bad impression in front of the producer.

    Qiao Anhao smiled brightly, as though she and Lin Shiyi were indeed close friends. With a warm and welcoming voice, she remarked, "Shiyi, you're much prettier than the last time I saw you!"

    Lin Shiyi was well aware of the act Qiao Anhao had on. Wearing an impeccable expression, she returned a warm smile. "No, you are the one that has blossomed."

    Shiyi turned to look at producer Sun, kindly introducing Qiao Anhao to him. "Producer Sun, this is Qiao Anhao, the second female lead. Even though she just entered the industry, her acting skills are solid."

    Qiao Anhao was well aware that this self introduction was to show producer Sun her generosity towards a newbie. As for her acting skills... Lin Shiyi had never seen them before so how could she even have a clue....
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