Chapter 104: Deep, Forbidden Love (10)

    Chapter 104: Deep, Forbidden Love (10)

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    Later, he heard that they would be splitting the class depending on their results in Science and Arts. When it came time for the end of term examination, he left the last big question at the end of the math paper completely blank.

    There was no helping it, that was what he got for falling for a girl with bad grades.

    All in all, the idea was there, but the results were terrible. Who knew that out of nowhere, she would turn into a black horse getting into Class 1. He, on the other hand, ended up in Class 3.

    That day when the class was divided, he was in an awful mood. He laid in bed that night tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

    With a headache from the lack of sleep, he entered the classroom the next day to find a pink envelope in his drawer. It made his mood worse.

    A week later during break, he and a few guys went to the school's snack shop where he bumped into her. However, she didn't notice him.

    She carried a lot of snacks. Just as she was going to pay, she suddenly blurted, "I forgot to get a small bun."

    When he heard those words, he walked straight up to the food section. He stood in front of a selection of different buns, until she would come over like they'd met by chance.

    At the time, he stared at the bread but from the corner of his eye, he paid close attention to her. Who knew that when she clearly said small bun, she actually ran off to the sanitary goods section. She stared at the flowery packages for a good long time before grabbing a sanitary towel and leaving.

    Sanitary towel meant small bun? Till now, he still didn't get the correlation.

    The longest time that they had ever spent alone was when he left the washroom once. He caught her resting on the wall, pale-faced, clutching her stomach. She looked like she was really in pain, and so he sent her to the school's nurse room.

    As a whole, that was the most perfect afternoon of his life.

    It was a bright sunny day. She lay there on the bed not too far from him. He looked like he was reading but all he was thinking about was her.

    Later, a female classmate came over. After that, Qiao Anhao said a few words to him. Just as she was going to leave, she actually asked him if that girl before was his girlfriend.

    Did she misunderstand him?

    He hurriedly cleared things up. For someone who rarely spoke, after he cleared things up, he further explained why he was speaking to her in the first place. Secretly, deep down, he thought that after the class event finished, it would be best if he and this female classmate never spoke again. Truth be told, he never could be bothered by that female student.

    That afternoon, although it was the most perfect afternoon, at the same time, it was his most shameful afternoon.

    Because when it came time to paying for the medical fees, the bill came to twenty eight bucks. He reached out for thirty. He'd earned that thirty that weekend under the bright sun handing out leaflets. But she casually opened her wallet to reveal a thick pile of hundreds. That was a year of his wages and more.
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