Chapter 105: Deep, Forbidden Love (11)

    Chapter 105: Deep, Forbidden Love (11)

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    Truthfully speaking, that was when he started to think about how he could work hard to make money.

    Just like what the male broadcaster said - love can't be measured by money, but without money, love would be impossible. For him, becoming a better person was to be able to love her.

    Furthermore, he loved that version of her - the girl who didn't come from an ordinary family, but a wealthy one.

    Truthfully speaking, he wasn't much of a talker, so he didn't enjoy hanging out with classmates. But every time Xu Jiamu went out, he would call her, so he would go regardless.

    It goes to show that it was a good idea to go out, because later, he found out that she wanted to go to university in Hangzhou.

    Hangzhou was so big, and there were quite a few good universities. She didn't mention which one she wanted to go to, but even if they didn't go to the same university, at least they'd be in the same city. Hence, when the SAT scores came out, he applied for three universities in Hangzhou without any hesitation.

    Facts have proven, there's no such thing as the worst, but there's the worst of the worst. Though she said she was going to Hangzhou, she actually stayed in Beijing.

    From then on, they lived in two separate places.

    When he left for Hangzhou, Xu Jiamu asked why he didn't stay in Beijing. All he could say to brush him off was that he was scouted in Hengdian to shoot a movie.

    Back then, he was in a terrible mood up until she, Xu Jiamu, and even Qiao Anxia came to Hangzhou. That was also when he learned about the luxurious life she lived. No matter if it was what she used or what she wore, it was expensive. Back then, their stars weren't aligned in the slightest. He felt immensely pressured.

    After that, she would often go to Hangzhou, and with every trip, he would treat her to a meal.

    At the time, she never knew that there was a poor man, who scraped his wallets to pay for her bills.

    Nor did she know that, one meal of hers was a month of his pay.

    On his fourth year of university, when his acting career was picking up, he received a text from her saying that she'd lost her wallet and was alone at Hangzhou South station. At the time, it was heavily raining in Hengdian. He didn't even change out of his clothes before renting a black car and rushing over.

    That night was the first time in their lives where they shared a room.

    That night, she slept well with a smile on her face, while he had to hide in the bathroom a few times in the middle of the night.

    That night, she didn't know it, but he secretly stole a kiss. After the kiss, he said deep down that he would take responsibility for it.


    When Lu Jinnian's car entered the city, it was still raining heavily, but he no longer dared to continue reminisce about the past.

    At her birthday party, Song Xiangsi asked him who Qiao Anhao was to him.

    He hadn't replied.

    If he were to reply now...

    Qiao Anhao.. She was his deep, forbidden love.
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