Chapter 109: The Secret that Cannot Be Told (3)

    Chapter 109: The Secret that Cannot Be Told (3)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    The real reason he had decided to leave the dinner earlier was because Song Xiangsi, the mad woman, had come over to gossip about his feelings.

    At that time, he was already in a foul mood, and when he left, it suddenly started to rain, causing him to remember the past, further affecting him. Subconsciously, he was on his way to Mian Xiu Garden.

    Ever since five years ago, Lu Jinnian had never dared to show any signs of his feelings. However, he didn't feel like not replying to her second question as talking to her had always been a blessing to him.

    He hesitated, finding a conventional answer. "I have something on later so I came back earlier."

    Lu Jinnian's second sentence came about a minute after the first one so when he suddenly continued, Qiao Anhao had a doubtful expression. Turning to look at him, she realized that he was replying to her second question, so she nodded hurriedly, acknowledging his response. After awhile, she replied with a "oh" sound.

    The road that Lu Jinnian took was the road that she had always taken, so when she saw Bai Sheng shopping mall, she knew that there would be a train station one hundred meters ahead. It was currently 10 pm at night so the train was still operating. Lu Jinnian must have an emergency matter to attend to since he came back in such a heavy rain, even skipping out on Song Xiangsi's dinner. It was only a short distance from Mian Xiu Garden, and if he were to go after sending her back, it would be quite late....

    Qiao Anhao struggled for a bit before finally saying, "There's a train station a hundred meters ahead, you can let me off there. I can take the train, you should go attend to your matter."

    Lu Jinnian's eyes dimmed instantly. Was she being considerate or trying to avoid him?

    He tighten his grip on the steering wheel, not reacting to her words, as though she hadn't spoken.

    Often enough, he would choose to ignore whatever she said that hinted of avoiding him.

    Qiao Anhao was aware that Lu Jinnian often ignored her, so she couldn't tell if he had agreed to her proposal or not. When the car was about to reach the train station, she pointed it out once more.

    "The train station is here..."

    When she spoke, the car didn't stop. It sped up instead, zooming past the train station.
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