Chapter 121: In and Out of Filming (7)

    Chapter 121: In and Out of Filming (7)

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    Lu Jinnian's face sunk and after he had his makeup done, he seemed to have come to a decision. He told the director beside him, "For the kissing scene, I'm going to really kiss her."

    His frosty voice wasn't loud but it still reached the ears of the crew nearby. Everyone was originally moody due to Lu Jinnian's performance, but now, they were stunned.

    For the kissing scene, I'm going to really kiss her... What did that mean? Did it mean...

    It was clear what he wanted, but no one dared to believe their ears. They simultaneously looked at each other before their gazes fell onto Lu Jinnian and the director.

    The director had heard Lu Jinnian's words clearly, but yet he could not believe what he had heard.

    Kissing was a clear no-no for Lu Jinnian. Previously, a producer had insisted for him to do it, but in the end, Lu Jinnian broke the contract for the drama, got sued, and even paid a huge sum for breaching the contract.

    The director struggled for a long time before asking Lu Jinnian, "Mr Lu, what do you mean?"

    Lu Jinnian stared ahead unwaveringly, remaining silent. Only after the makeup crew was done with his hair did he stand up to look at the director. In a frosty voice, he replied, "For the next scene, it'll be a real kiss."

    He then turned his head and, without even looking at his assistant, said "I'm going to the bathroom" and took large strides out.

    Sitting elegantly at the side to observe the filming, Song Xiangsi suddenly smiled after hearing Lu Jinnian's words, choking onto the water she was holding. The water flowed into her nose and she spat the remaining water in her mouth. In the midst of her coughing fit, she couldn't help scolding Lu Jinnian inside. Even though he's the best screen actor and clearly wants to take advantage of Qiao Anhao, he acts as though he's the one losing out.

    Song Xiangsi's coughing fit attracted Lu Jinnian's attention, and when he turned, he looked straight into her eyes. The moment they caught each other's attention, Song Xiangsi gave him a teasing glance.

    The moment Lu Jinnian saw that glance, his eyes dimmed and he walked away at a faster pace.

    Lu Jinnian had actually requested for an real kiss scene. To the director, it was an event worthy of a celebration. If people were to get word of it, the impact would be sensational.

    The minute he heard the news, the director ran to Qiao Anhao's dressing room and, without even waiting for her approval, he barged in shouting, "Xiao Qiao, later for the filming with Mr. Lu, it'll be A REAL KISS SCENE."
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