Chapter 122: In and Out of Filming(8)

    Chapter 122: In and Out of Filming(8)

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    As though Qiao Anhao had received a big shock, she looked at the director in disbelief.

    "A real kiss?"

    "Yes, a real kiss!" The director looked straight at Qiao Anhao, aggravatingly insisting, "Xiao Qiao, when you became an actress, I believe someone would have told you that an actor's most basic skill is professionalism, so when we shoot later, don't be nervous, and don't hold back. Try your best to get into it. Just one kiss. It's fine."

    When the director finished and turned to leave, he was in high spirits. He went straight to the set and ordered the staff to slightly rearrange it.

    Since the director was aggravated just now, his voice was kind of loud. Everyone had already assumed that Lu Jinnian was going to have to shoot a real kiss scene with Qiao Anhao, so now that the time finally came, the audience instantly erupted.

    Most of the actresses and female crew members were talking. Their voices carried hints of jealousy and hatred.

    "God.. Mr. Lu will actually shoot a kiss scene."

    "Qiao Anhao really has the luck of eight previous lifetimes to actually get the chance to kiss Mr. Lu."

    "Yeah, right..? A real-life kiss... with tongue..."


    There was chatter all around, but Qiao Anhao didn't pay attention to what everyone had to say in the slightest. All she could think about was the French kiss she was going to have with Lu Jinnian in a moment...

    Actually, it wasn't like they hadn't kissed before. But a french kiss... That would be the first...

    The more Qiao Anhao thought about it, the more nervous she got.

    Lu Jinnian quickly returned to the set. Compared to Qiao Anhao's nervousness, he appeared way more calm and composed. As though the next scene was no different from any other scene.

    Following the director's instructions, the two of them got into their positions. In an instant, the entire set fell so quiet you could hear a pin dropping. All eyes were transfixed on Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian.

    They filmed from the start to when Lu Jinnian grabbed onto Qiao Anhao's arm and pressed her up against the sofa. Even though Qiao Anhao was nervous deep down, there weren't any problems during the shoot, but when Lu Jinnian looked at her, ready to kiss her, she felt overwhelmingly nervous. She closed her eyes out of discomfort.

    When Lu Jinnian's lips neared Qiao Anhao, hovering only a centimeter away, the director screamed, "Cut!"

    Lu Jinnian froze on the spot.

    Since the start of filming, this was Qiao Anhao's first NG. The director was quite forgiving in his tone. "Xiao Qiao, you closed your eyes a little too early just then. You have to wait until both of you kiss, then you close your eyes."

    Qiao Anhao nodded and said, "Sorry". They then started from the beginning again.

    This time, she didn't close her eyes too soon, but when her lips touched Lu Jinnian's, she instantly became abnormally stiff.
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