Chapter 134: Dont Talk Nonsense (8)

    Chapter 134: Don't Talk Nonsense (8)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    "I don't remember ever giving you the impression that I was remotely interested in you..." Lu Jinnian looked into Qiao Anxia's eyes with cold, uncaring eyes. His next words were clearly apologetic but they sounded hurtful no matter how he said them. "If I really did, then I apologize to you here. I hope you can stop kidding yourself. Don't go around talking nonsense!"

    Lu Jinnian's words were too direct, overly straight and to the point. In that brief moment, Qiao Anxia was a little caught off guard. She stared at Lu Jinnian in a daze for a long while. Her face slowly grew pale and she pursed her lips tightly. She didn't talk for a long time before asking, "Did you overhear my conversation with Qiao Qiao?"

    Lu Jinnian didn't respond to Qiao Anxia's question. His eyes turned slightly cold. "The reason I'm sitting here now is very simple, it's to tell you that things I didn't want before, I won't be picking up now!"

    In that instant, Qiao Anxia's face turned extremely pale. Her body shivered slightly, her eyes became a little red, but she stubbornly took a deep breath. Pushing the bitterness deep down inside, she balled up her fists and tried hard to appear composed.

    After staring at Lu Jinnian for some time, she asked, "Why?" She didn't wait for him to reply before answering for him. "Is it because of the woman you like?"

    Qiao Anxia couldn't help but form a gentle smile. "It's been so many years now and you're still alone, which goes to show that you couldn't get together with the woman you love. It's been over ten years - over ten years! You still haven't given up?"

    Lu Jinnian's eyes were cold with a sense of determination. Every word and pause hit Qiao Anxia's heart.

    "Don't worry. Even if I did give up, I wouldn't fall for you."

    Qiao Anxia forcibly pursed her lips, gripping hard the steering wheel.

    Lu Jinnian stared at the windshield for a few seconds before speaking again. Even though he sounded cold, there was a slither of pain in his voice. "Besides, I could never imagine ever giving up on her."

    After his last words, Qiao Anxia couldn't pretend any longer.

    All these years, she'd dated many guys, but no matter if it were the guy who chased her, or if she was the one to chase the guy, she would always get with the guy she set her eyes on.

    Apart from Lu Jinnian... he was an exception.

    At first, she was young and frivolous, and had let go of all her arrogance and pride to chase him. But in the end, he was the one to give her the cold shoulder.
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