Chapter 136: Dont Talk Nonsense (10)

    Chapter 136: Don't Talk Nonsense (10)

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    Qiao Anxia sat in the car. Through her mirror, she saw the faint figure of Lu Jinnian from afar. Her eyes finally couldn't help but become red.


    When the elevator reached the top floor, Lu Jinnian walked out.

    His assistant was hugging a few documents, waiting for him at his door. He said, "Mr. Lu, in the afternoon, the company's vice president sent someone to give us a few documents. They said they were urgent. Please look over them. If there aren't any questions, please sign them as soon as possible and send them back to the company."

    Lu Jinnian nodded lightly and pulled out the key card to his room. He removed his blazer and handed it over to the assistant. He took the documents over to the sofa, sat down, and examined them.

    There were seven documents. Lu Jinnian looked through them all and signed them. By then, it was dark outside.

    Lu Jinnian handed the documents over to the assistant and signaled for him to send them off to the company.

    Seeing that it was already eight and Lu Jinnian still hadn't eaten, the assistant asked, "Mr. Lu, do you want me to call the kitchen for supper?"

    Perhaps it was because he had read through all the documents in the afternoon, exhaustion came over Lu Jinnian. He waved at the assistant, hinting that it wasn't necessary.

    The assistant got the hint. Hugging the documents, he said in a low voice, "Then, Mr. Lu, if there's nothing else, I'll be off."

    Lu Jinnian raised his hand to between his brows and massaged it, nodding slightly.

    As the assistant turned away, Lu Jinnian suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Later, drop by Miss Qiao's room and ask her to stop by."

    "Yes," replied the assistant in a low voice. He gently opened the door and left.

    Instantly, all that was left in the huge suite was Lu Jinnian. He laid down on the sofa, staring out at the starry sky beyond the window. His mind subconsciously thought about the words he'd said to Qiao Anxia in the farm-to-table restaurant.

    When Qiao Anxia was younger and had failed to get with him, he had to still seen her because of Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu. But he tried his best not to interact too much with her.

    Up until over four years ago. Back then, it had been seven whole months since he hadn't seen Qiao Anhao. Nor had he heard any news about her.

    That night, Xu Jiamu's friends went singing at The Royal Palace. He turned up a little late. When he rushed in, there were hardly any seats left apart from the one next to Qiao Anxia. He went over and sat down.

    At first, Qiao Anxia didn't initiate a conversation with him, nor did he want to talk to her. It was later, when everyone was playing a game, that she handed him a sieve and said something.

    Compared to his usual self who never replied, this time, he said something to her.

    The two of them chatted for a bit until he pretended to casually ask, "What happened to Qiao Anhao? How come she didn't come?"

    Qiao Anxia didn't think much of it and replied, "Qiao Qiao caught a cold. She's not feeling too good, so she didn't want to come out."

    He nodded calmly as though it was nothing, but his heart clenched in pain.
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