Chapter 139: You Like Rainy Days Too? (3)

    Chapter 139: You Like Rainy Days Too? (3)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian directed his attention to the coffee table. There was indeed a box of food there. His brows furrowed slightly and his gaze deepened.

    He continued to stare at the food, not moving. Qiao Anhao thought that he didn't want to eat so she struggled slightly before adding, "Your assistant mentioned that you've been working the whole afternoon, you must be tired. If you don't eat, how can you last till tomorrow?"

    Lu Jinnian continued to stay silent, his gaze falling back on Qiao Anhao.

    Her fingers tightened on the documents she held. Weakly, she added, "Besides, even if you have no appetite, you should still eat a little, it's better than not eating..."

    Qiao Anhao was almost defeated at this point.

    If she were to do away with the "married couple" title, they were practically strangers. On their marital night, she had even mentioned that she would not interfere with his life and he had told her "better remember your words." Hence, after their marriage, she had never questioned his lifestyle, not even said a simple word of care or goodnight... But now, she was insisting that he eat his meal. Was that considered breaching their agreement...

    Qiao Anhao felt increasingly more uneasy the more she pondered. But till the end, she weakly insisted, "It won't be good for your stomach if you skip meals often."

    Lu Jinnian remained silent, staring unwaveringly at her.

    Just when she was about to give up, he suddenly walked forward, sitting down on the sofa. He pointed to the box of food, asking, "What's there?"

    Qiao Anhao looked at Lu Jinnian in shock, and after a while, she still couldn't process his words.

    Lu Jinnian seemed to be amused by her slow reaction, his lips curling upwards slightly. Continuing in a calm voice with no expression, he asked, "I thought you brought me food?"

    Qiao Anhao finally understood that he was referring to the supper. Her eyes curled slightly before she placed the stack of documents on his desk. Walking back to the supper, she opened the box and reported the food she had ordered, "One box of Yanzhou fried rice, one bowl of winter melon soup, a set of chicken wings and one stir fried Kailan..."

    Lu Jinnian continued to remain silent, staring at Qiao Anhao, his expression gentle.
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