Chapter 141: You Like Rainy Days Too (5)

    Chapter 141: You Like Rainy Days Too (5)

    Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem

    Subconsciously, Qiao Anhao tried to find an excuse to hide from Lu Jinnian to calm herself down. But when she turned towards the window, she stopped in her tracks and, unconsciously, exclaimed, "It's raining!"

    As she exclaimed, she stood up, walking to the window.

    Lu Jinnian froze when he heard her, slowly turning towards the window. Indeed, big droplets were splattering onto the window, drenching it in rainwater. In front of the window, Qiao Anhao stood transfixed.

    Lu Jinnian glanced over for a brief moment before averting his gaze. He finished off all the food that Qiao Anhao had bought and set his chopsticks down.

    He wiped his mouth with a piece of tissue then tossed it into the bin nearby. Hesitating for a bit, he took large strides to the window where Qiao Anhao stood.

    Lu Jinnian was much taller than her. Since it was late into the night, the window was like a mirror. He could clearly see that Qiao Anhao was transfixed, focusing all her attention on the rain outside. Her eyes were shinning and he couldn't help asking, "You like rainy days too?"

    Qiao Anhao was about to reach out her hand to caress the window, along with the droplets that streamed downwards. Only when she heard his question did she realize that unknowingly he had appeared beside her. Her fingers paused on the window for several seconds before she nodded her head lightly.

    "Yes, I like them."

    Lu Jinnian remained silent, but right then, he had on a gentle and warm expression.

    For some time, Qiao Anhao continued to randomly caress the window. She only realized afterwards that Lu Jinnian had asked if she liked rainy days too. She turned her head and looked at Lu Jinnian, throwing his question back at him, "You like rainy days too?"

    "Yes, I like them too," Lu Jinnian replied in an usually gentle tone, as though there was a deeper meaning to his words.

    So they both liked rainy days... maybe that was what carrying a torch was like, when both of them had a something in common, it was as though they were much closer.

    A sweet sensation spread through Qiao Anhao's heart.

    She liked rainy days because that was how they had first met, seeking shelter on a rainy day.

    That day, she had fallen head over heels for him.

    But what about him?

    Just when Qiao Anhao was hesitating whether to ask him why he liked rainy days, the man beside her who rarely spoke said, "Initially, I didn't really like them."

    He paused, seemingly in deep thought, then continued in a light tone, "Afterwards, because of an incident, I started liking rainy days."
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