Chapter 147: You Like Rainy Days Too? (11)

    Chapter 147: You Like Rainy Days Too? (11)

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    Tonight, she had no idea which sentence had infuriated Lu Jinnian.

    She knew that he didn't like her, so she was always careful with her words in front of him, afraid that she would say something wrong, exposing her love for him.

    Never would she have expected that the random excuse she had sprouted to hide her feelings for him could give him the power to hurt her so many times. She had wanted to stop their deal, but that had only infuriated him further. He said that only when he was sick of her would he let her off, or he would personally end her career in the entertainment industry if she refused.

    She could stop acting, could give up the right to entangle herself with him, could get used to living with her one-sided love forever, but she could not abandon Xu Jiamu.

    Xu Jiamu was a childhood friend. Due to to her own selfish reasons, she had agreed to Han Ruchu's suggestion. If she were to pull out, the Xu family would sink into jeopardy.

    Tonight, he had mentioned that he didn't like Qiao Anxia...

    The worries that had burdened her the entire afternoon started to relax a little. But soon after, she started worrying about Qiao Anxia's feelings.


    Qiao Anhao had a scene the next day, so she rushed to the set at 8 am. After she changed and got her makeup done, the filming began.

    On set, she didn't interact with Lu Jinnian other than during filming. Due to the previous night, Qiao Anhao stopped stealing glances at him, unlike what she would do on a normal day.


    Lu Jinnian seemed to be in a horrid mood. During filming, he would loosen up a bit when the scene required, but every time the director shouted "Cut", his frosty mask would come back on, casting a pressuring atmosphere on the entire set.

    The lunch for that day was still a buffet at the hotel's restaurant.

    Since Qiao Anhao didn't have any shows in the afternoon, she removed her make up and went straight to the restaurant with Zhao Meng. When they reached it, there weren't many people left in the hotel.

    Qiao Anhao filled her plate with food before finding a corner to sit with Zhao Meng. They passed a table of eight chairs with seven of them filled. Of those seven, three of them were third rated actors and the rest were filming crew. They seemed to be gossiping, and the moment Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng came close, they stopped talking instantly.

    Once Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng were seated, they resumed talking but in hushed tones. From time to time, they would stick their heads to the middle of the table, seemingly sharing a secret. They would also take peaks at Qiao Anhao and Zhao Meng.
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