Chapter 162: Karma Calls(4)

    Chapter 162: Karma Calls(4)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    She originally had a stomach full of anger without a way to let off steam. Who knew that the next morning she would receive a phone call from the station saying that the variety show had changed its guest. But, to who? That was temporarily confidential information.

    One has to understand that to get on the variety show she had to sleep with the chief of the station, a fat, old man. In the end, she slept with him for nothing.

    She was already depressed enough, but now, Qiao Anhao and her assistant went as far as to stand next to her, echoing back and forth about the scandal, as they cheerfully showed off.

    Noticing how frustrated Lin Shiyi was, Qiao Anhao shot her a bright smile, as though to say "Thank you for your help".

    In that instant, Lin Shiyi felt her body sizzle with flames of anger. Just as she was ready to taunt Qiao Anhao, the director called the her name.

    Lin Shiyi's words were left stuck in her throat. She watched with pent up anger as Qiao Anhao walked onto the set and sat next to Song Xiangsi.

    Qiao Anhao and Song Xiangsi managed to share just a few words before Lin Shiyi entered the scene. The three of them didn't see each other in the cafe, and the air was peaceful. When Song Xiangsi went to the restroom, she and Lin Shiyi bumped right into each other.

    In the script, Lin Shiyi was first to fire shots, followed closely by Song Xiangsi, who would exchange light-hearted words with an angry faced Lin Shiyi. Then, at that moment, Qiao Anhao would walk over and greet Lin Shiyi, to which Lin Shiyi's eyes would sweep across to her. But she simply wasn't meant to bother with her, and continue to go toe-to-toe with Song Xiangsi.

    The three of them had performed well in previous scenes. Song Xiangsi was a seasoned actress, so it was a given that she'd have no problems, but Qiao Anhao didn't want to lose to Lin Shiyi. And, how could Lin Shiyi ever allow herself to lose to Qiao Anhao? So, both of them gave their very best, wanting to go head-to head with their acting skills.

    However, just as Qiao Anhao opened her mouth to greet Lin Shiyi, she turned to look at her with a smile.

    The smile she gave her was practically the same one Qiao Anhao had earlier on set.

    Lin Shiyi instantly thought about the words Qiao Anhao and her assistant shared just before filming. That, on top of everything else that happened in these past few days, was going to make her completely lose her cool. Subconsciously, she shot her a ruthless glare towards Qiao Anhao.

    Not long after, the director loudly screamed, "Cut"! He quickly added, "Lin Shiyi, why are you glaring at Qiao Anhao? You're meant to glare at Song Xiangsi!"

    Lin Shiyi snapped out of it, and apologized profusely.

    The director didn't blame her anymore, but threw the words out there, "Let's go again". A make-up artist came over and retouched their make-up.
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