Chapter 163: Karma Calls (5)

    Chapter 163: Karma Calls (5)

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    This scene wasn't meant to be an important scene. The director wanted for it to be done in one take, which was why he purposefully gave everyone ten minutes to get themselves together to avoid another mishap.

    However, for Qiao Anhao, the less she saw it as an important scene, the more she wanted to mess with Lin Shiyi. Only something like this would embarrass her!

    Lin Shiyi was in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. How could she have caused an NG because she lost her cool? The director gave her ten minutes, which was just about enough time to compose herself.

    Qiao Anhao lowered her eyes and quietly contemplated for a while. Then she took a bottle of water and headed for the calm Lin Shiyi who stood under a big tree.

    "Have some water."

    Qiao Anhao unscrewed the bottle cap and handed the bottle to Lin Shiyi.

    Lin Shiyi didn't put her hand out to take the water but turned to look at Qiao Anhao, who smiled politely at her. To outsiders, she looked like she was caring for a fellow actress. However, her words were direct. "

    You took the photos and posted them up on Weibo, didn't you?" Lin Shiyi's expression grew slightly cold at the words while Qiao Anhao's smile became even brighter. "Then I need to really thank you for giving me the opportunity to become more famous."

    Lin Shiyi's hands suddenly balled into fists. Considering that she had scenes to shoot later, she convinced herself repeatedly to not bicker with Qiao Anhao for a while. It took her some time to convince herself of that until she regained her composure. She rushed over to Qiao Anhao, who was still smiling elegantly, reached a hand out and took her water with a single "Thank you."

    Then she turned to leave.

    Qiao Anhao had went over to Lin Shiyi to ruin her mood, so how could she just let her go now?

    She hurriedly caught up to her, who was staring straight at the road ahead. Qiao Anhao looked as though she was just walking with Lin Shiyi back over to the set, but she was actually speaking in a low and gentle tone.

    "Lin Shiyi, the variety show that you wanted to guest star in canceled on you, didn't they?"

    Lin Shiyi's steps slightly slowed down. She turned her head over to look at Qiao Anhao. Even though she didn't speak, her expression seemed to ask, 'How did you know?'

    Qiao Anhao smiled at Lin Shiyi before raising her hand like a good sister to brush off a leaf that had fallen on Lin Shiyi's shoulder.

    Her soft beautiful lips gently said, "Because I've replaced the guest star on the variety show." Saying this, Qiao Anhao took a step closer to Lin Shiyi with a bright, innocent smile. "That's right. Once again, I stole another one of your jobs."
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