Chapter 165: Karma Calls(7)

    Chapter 165: Karma Calls(7)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Lu Jinnian speed-walked over to the elevators and incessantly pushed the button to bring the elevator up. Seeing the red number gradually jump up from the first floor, he burned with anxiousness. Then it stopped on the fourth floor. Lu Jinnian angrily raised his hand and pushed the button to stop it. Then he immediately turned around and walked to the stairs.


    When Qiao Anhao finished talking to Lin Shiyi, she calmly returned to the set just as the director's ten minutes were over. They started shooting for the second time.

    Song Xiangsi maintained her best condition, as she had in the first scene. Perhaps it was because Qiao Anhao had gotten everything out of her system, so she was in good spirits and her performance was perfect in comparison to before.

    The director nodded at his monitor, satisfied with both of their performances. He gestured over at Lin Shiyi, who stood far away, to enter the scene.

    As for Lin Shiyi, who knew what she was thinking... As the director gestured her over, she didn't even react.

    The director furrowed his brows, gesturing at her again. Lin Shiyi still didn't make a move. In the end, her manager went over to her, slightly anxious, and reached out to give her a push. Then she snapped out of it and walked over to the set.

    Lin Shiyi's condition didn't seem good, but she hadn't made any big slip-ups so far. Just when the three women stood opposite one another, Lin Shiyi, like the first time, viciously stared at Qiao Anhao.

    "Cut cut cut!" The director screamed, raising the microphone. He relentlessly shouted at Lin Shiyi, "Lin Shiyi, what is wrong with you? The same mistake?! Why did you get it wrong TWICE? I told you before, you have to stare at Song Xiangsi. Song Xiangsi! She is your love rival, not Qiao Anhao. You don't have a deep grudge against her!"

    Such a simple scene had two consecutive NGs. No wonder the director was so angry, which was why his tone was a little heavy.

    Lin Shiyi was yelled at quite harshly, but because it was her fault, she didn't have a fit. All she could do was blush and awkwardly apologize. "Sorry, sorry, director, I'm so sorry."

    The director didn't care for Lin Shiyi's apology this time, immediately waving his hand to signal for the crew to reposition the props.

    The three women's make-ups weren't messed up, but the make-up artist rushed over to take a closer look just in case.

    Song Xiangsi was surrounded by a bunch of people. She let them prep her up as her eyes roamed over the grounds. Just as she expected, she saw Lu Jinnian's figure come rushing from afar.
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