Chapter 167: Karma Calls(9)

    Chapter 167: Karma Calls(9)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    Qiao Anhao's expression was gentle. From her eyes, she even released a soft and gentle radiance. When her eyes met Lin Shiyi for a second, she even shot her a friendly smile.

    As for Lin Shiyi, every time Qiao Anhao gave her a taunting or provoking smile, she would get angry and pent up with rage. Yet Qiao Anhao stayed calm, as though she didn't even see her as anybody, like she was born to lose to her.

    In that instant, Lin Shiyi felt an unspeakable humiliation creep into her heart. She forcibly balled up her fists, and her emotions fluctuated like crazy.

    For the rest of the filming, Lin Shiyi's performance worsened. "Cut! Lin Shiyi, can you still act? Such a simple scene, how can you continuously NG?"

    "Cut! Lin Shiyi, I've told you before. You have to ignore Qiao Anhao - ignore! Do you not understand the meaning of 'ignore'?"

    "Cut! Lin Shiyi, did you just say something? Your lines are muddled and unclear!"

    "Cut! Lin Shiyi, Qiao Anhao didn't even greet you, yet you looked at her and started saying your lines. Are you in a rush?"

    The worse Lin Shiyi was, the better Qiao Anhao performed. Between the two of them, their comparisons were particularly transparent. To continuously NG seven to eight times, the surrounding cast and crew couldn't help but start getting annoyed.

    "Just what's wrong with Lin Shiyi? She can't even act such a simple scene."

    "Right? From the start of theTV series, there's never been a scene with so many NGs!"

    "Right! Does she even have any acting skills? She can't even compare to a new person like Qiao Anhao..."

    "Such a simple scene and yet everyone's here wasting time for her. We're going to finish real late today for sure! Damn it!"

    The commotion in the surroundings stirred up everyone, which made Lin Shiyi feel anxious deep down. It brought her even more pressure. In her next try, she entered the scene too hastily and said the wrong lines. It made the director so mad, he immediately smashed the microphone on the floor.

    Instantly, the entire set fell silent. The director's face was livid as he stared furiously at Lin Shiyi. He moved his lips and looked as though he couldn't even be bothered to yell at her. He immediately raised his hand and gestured towards Lin Shiyi a number "1", which signaled to her that this was her last chance.

    Perhaps it was because Lin Shiyi was forced into a dead end where anyone would explode, but she didn't make any major mistakes despite her very stiff performance. Or maybe because the scene had taken up too much time and the director had lowered his standards, knowing that no matter if Lin Shiyi filmed anymore, it would be a forced pass, that, with a gloomy expression on his face, he shouted out, "Pass!"
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