Chapter 187: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(9)

    Chapter 187: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(9)

    Translator: Paperplane  Editor: DarkGem

    When Qiao Anhao returned to the party room, she suddenly felt the urge to escape, as soon as she heard the people say they were going to play a game Qiao Anxia suggested.

    Ever since they were young, whenever Qiao Anxia were with a lot of people, they'd play only one game - rock, paper, scissors.

    Everyone would take turns to play, the winner would be safe, but the loser would have to face the next player. According to their draw, the final loser would have to accept a punishment.

    The punishments were old fashioned as well, like truth or dare.

    The reason why Qiao Anhao wanted to escape at the last minute when she realized what was coming was because, in all those years, every time she played this game, she was the biggest loser. If it weren't because of the 'truth', then it was because people would mess with her too hard with her 'dare'.

    Though Qiao Anxia had went to the restroom, the game had already started. It was three out of two, and everybody played enthusiastically.

    The room was filled with laughter and commotion. Not long after, it was Qiao Anhao's turn.

    She summoned the tatters of her courage and played 'rock', and lost three out of three. She lost spectacularly.

    The crew knew that Lu Jinnian never liked to mingle in these kind of activities, so they never expected him to participate. They automatically excluded him. When someone was ready to heckle Qiao Anhao to choose truth or dare, Qiao Anxia coincidentally walked through the door, so the sisters, Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao, played against each other. In the end, the results were the same as before. Qiao Anhao lost three out of three. Her loss was incomparably spectacular as usual.

    "Xiao Qiao, choose, truth or dare?"

    "The loser will have to first drink three shot glasses, and then play truth or dare."

    "For truth, you have to tell us who was your first! For dare, you have to go out and kiss the first man you meet!"

    While most argued over the tasks, someone poured three shot glasses and pushed them in front of Qiao Anhao.

    Ever since Lu Jinnian had entered the party room, he was staring at his phone. But when he heard those two options, his brow furrowed and he lifted his eyes. When he saw the three shot glasses in front of Qiao Anhao, his brows furrowed even harder.

    After a slight pause, he put his phone away, sat upright, and said in an emotionless voice, "There's still me."

    Lu Jinnian's abrupt words silenced the whole room. Everyone inexplicably blinked with disbelief. Even Qiao Anxia stared at Lu Jinnian, her eyebrows gently twitching.

    Lu Jinnian turned unenthusiastically to face Qiao Anhao and said in a low voice, "Bring it."

    Qiao Anhao was dazed for a moment before she realized that Lu Jinnian had really also joined in the game. She hurriedly stuck out her arm.

    Back in junior high, Qiao Anxia loved playing this game. For Qiao Anhao, who had a hundred losses in a hundred games, the only person she could beat was Lu Jinnian.
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