Chapter 188: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(10)

    Chapter 188: The Most Beautiful Confession with Hand Signs(10)

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    The only reason why she won was because after Qiao Anhao continuously played against Lu Jinnian, she realized that he would always play the same sequence: Paper, scissors, rock.

    At the time, she had been delighted for a long while to have unintentionally learned that her crush had such a quirk. It was a secret of his that she kept in the deepest part of her heart. A little secret only she knew.

    Of course, from that moment, whenever they faced one another, she would be able to sneakily win with the sequence: Scissors, rock, paper.

    But... It's been five years without any contact between them. Who knows if he still had the same quirk?

    Though Qiao Anhao wasn't confident, she still played "Scissors", and Lu Jinnian actually played "Paper". She won.

    The second time, she played "Rock", and Lu Jinnian played "Scissors". She won again.

    The third time, she played "Paper", and Lu Jinnian played "Rock". She won every round.

    So after all these years, he still kept his quirk?

    A hint of happiness couldn't help but surface from the bottom of Qiao Anhao's heart.

    "Mr. Lu, you lost!" Song Xiangsi wore a beaming smile as she commented on the results. She pointed at the three glasses on the table. "Three glasses, down them!"

    After that, she said in front of everyone in the room, "Everybody, think! What kind of question should we ask Mr. Lu? Let's think. If Mr. Lu doesn't answer the question, then, how should we punish him?"

    Because Lu Jinnian was very cold and difficult to approach, this forfeit was made even greater. Having admitted his loss, he reached his hand out and raised a glass. Without a blink of an eye, he downed all three, completely ignoring his assistant's warning just before the party about not drinking with his back injury.

    Accurately speaking, it wasn't just the people in the room but everyone in the world who were most curious about the dating history of the lonesome Lu Jinnian.

    Perhaps it was because everyone had a little to drink that they were a little more courageous... Or perhaps it was because everyone felt a little closer to him after he joined their games... With the help of a little alcohol, someone asked, "Mr. Lu, do you have some you like? When did you start to like them?"

    The moment these questions were asked, the entire private room fell silent. Even Qiao Anhao, Qiao Anxia, and Song Xiangsi, who knew that Lu Jinnian had someone he likes, paid close attention.

    Perhaps because he had downed three glasses, Lu Jinnian looked a little out of it. The vivid colored lights shone on his extraordinarily beautiful face, making him appear particularly stunning. He paused for five seconds before slowly opening his mouth to say, "I noticed her in the first half of the third year of middle school."

    At first, she was just someone who he noticed. First time, second time, third time... Then he would pay specific attention to her. After that, it became a silent and irreplaceable deep love.

    These thoughts he had were words that could never be said to her aloud, but with this game, he could pass the message into her ears.

    Just like when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, he didn't play the sequence "Paper, scissors, rock" to just anyone. He would only play it against her.

    Paper, scissors, rock.


    This is what he gave her, the most beautiful confession with hand signs.

    It's a shame she never understood its meaning.
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